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What You Want to KNOW about Ego Mind, but Don’t Know How-to Ask
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Airdate   Nov. 13, 2011

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Know how your Ego Mind functions and its relationship to your Higher SELF and personal self. We can buy into all kinds of theories about this relationship, but don’t you want to know from someone who is awake to Spirit and sharing a direct Spirit point of view?


Benefit from what is Pure Aware Insight despite our beliefs and theories. Knowing is not guess work, is it?! Don’t waste another minute of your precious life on spiritual theories, get it spot on.
Sharon will answer any questions you have about this relationship without intellectualizing or making it sound mysterious. Enough with all the mysterious stuff anyway!


Understanding Ego Mind from PURE Awareness

In this week’s show we continue the process of  laying a bread crumb trail from presupposed beliefs and guesses about the mystery of life into a cogent comprehension of our intimate relationship to God-Spirit.

So far in this series of visuals clarifying and simplifying how our Spiritual SELF makes its descent into a dense Physical Anatomy, we have donned our energy garment best known as the Christ Mind SELF.

Today’s show continues our energetic descent as our Spirit SELF penetrates more deeply into the layering process of  interlacing consciousness vehicles whereby our energy continues to be governed downward vibrationally in order to accumulate mass.

This  is a gradual process of  gently acquiring a sense of density.  It’s purpose is  preparing and moving our awareness in consciousness, away from At-Onement & our Infinity, into relating to the limiting  aspects of  life, whereby we’ll be pretending to be separate from SOURCE, so we can play with sensations, challenges, and experiences this unique virtuality game will present.

 As our Spirit continues the descent toward FORM, we pass through another portal or dimensional transition that is a Smoke & Mirrors Veil. We start to get confused as our awareness shifts and takes on a filtering and translating process.

Info input becomes  perceptions in consciousness that also gets “turned upside down”.  Thus, our PURE Awareness is tainted by separation impressions & feelings as  “real”/legitimate.   Once our Spirit SELF has completely transitioned the Smoke & Mirrors, we land into, or don, our next garment or vehicle better known as ego mind and realm.

As a garment, ego mind is designed to believe what it sees and to identify with separation, not with an oneness idea.  It turns our attention around to focus and identify with our individual uniqueness.

As a realm of experience, ego is known as astral.  This is a realm of altered perceptions that favors a sense of separation, illusions,  delusions, and intoxication of our senses that is hypnotic/entrancing.

Here, for the first time, we sense fear as the FEELING of losing connection with Light & Love, and, initially, we do not understand this disturbing FEELING because we were not prepared for it; God as Spirit never encountered such a sense before.

Ego identity turned out to be more hypnotic and intoxicating than imagined from SOURCE, and this specialness is what we  NOW endure blindly as a narcissistic disease that ever craves to be on pedestal, seeking to do, get and have “things” as our primary motivation.  This compelling drive can be honed to either positive or negative goals, but the goals are life oriented, not Infinity informed!

Essentially, our Spirit as a Soul (en-souled in a layers of consciousness vehicles) becomes drunk on specialness,  and senses a God awful fear that generates from FEELING the break from Love & Light.

Frankly, this is an unknown terrible FEELING for Spirit. Since we’re FEELING we’re not at-ONE anymore, we want to  medicate/numb that pain, and our perceptions begin to distort, making us fall in consciousness into an amnesic condition forgetting Who I AM.  Thus, our awareness degrades and we lose control of our minds, getting lost  & distracted in the game.

This degrading is the 5 “D’s”.

Ego mind sets us up to accept identification with separation as “more real” than our REALNESS preparing us for entry into a physical body.  And, so our heaven becomes a hell that we live out in perpetual cycles of suffering and death  until we sober up and re-member our TRUE nature is Spirit, not mortal man.

Next week we shall complete our descent into life as we think of it.

Sincerely, Will and Sharon




Legend accompanying the above diagrams of Supernal Realm of HUman Existence into Ego Mind and Astral Realm:
1. The Smoke and Mirrors veil clouding the ego mind that simulates a convincing sense of separation as “real”, causing confusion, amnesia, etc.
2. The second downward facing triangle is our Ego Vehicle.  It’s the ego energy field of Spirit filtering attention on a sense of separation from SOURCE FEELS “real”  in terms of individualization and specialness, and it causes us to go amnesic.

  • It mirrors/reflects a second reversal, thus it also points downward because it’s creating a gap in Awareness and no longer beholds the union of ONE WILL as “my will.”  Rather, we get drunk on separation and develop an obsession with FREE WILL that degrades into Who I Am = me, myself, and nobody else – narcissism.
  • Many information labels fit this realm/vehicle:
    mask, ego, evil, devil, hell, bliss, purgatory, miasmic, virtuality, astral energy/plane, gives choice ”real meat”, separation sense as “real”, intellect (NOT INTELLIGENCE), identification with external realities, trance, cast under a spell, lost & can’t find our way HOME,  collective unconsciousness of  HUmanity.It filters awareness to conditions of separation/pain/fear/loss/striving/suffering and unworthiness rooted in shame FEELINGS.

3. Notice how we have 2 descending triangles comprising our consciousness or mind?  This is resonant and consistent with the duality S/F of TAO and manifests as a bicameral brain with left & right brain functioning mediated by a corpus callosum.



The Metaphor of Parsing out ONE Energy Field into Form
Is a Multifaceted Brilliant Diamond:

(In ego mind, our facets become individualized personalities conceptualizing independence over our inherent Unity of Oneness.  Thus, the diamond is no longer Pure in awareness, it is tainted, flawed, ad nauseam & while its inherent  Oneness remains intact, the functioning form changes to a grid as a “collective unconscious mind”.  This allows a sense of separation and uniqueness to be experienced, both in lower consciousness & in physicality.)

Unity of Oneness as a Brillliant Diamond     Our Unity of Oneness (diamond) Now Becomes a Separation Collectively Unified Via a Networking Grid…      


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2 Responses to “YOU Need to Know This about YOUR Ego”
Read them below or add one

  1. Start to create new habits that strengthen your connection to Spirit. Meditate, exercise, go to a spiritual growth center or church, listen to peaceful music, spend time in nature, listen to inspirational speakers, hire a spiritual life coach, read inspirational books and articles like this one. The stronger your connection to Spirit, the more control you have with your Ego and the more you are able to shower your Ego with unconditional love.

    • Sharon Quinn says:

      Thank you for your comment Isabelle and wise counsel that we intentionally “set our sail” toward Spirit. It is so TRUE that we must live by making choices that become habits ever deepening our relationship with our Inner Spirit SELF, or else we live in separation from our very own BELOVED, yes?

      I agree that the stronger and more conscious our connection to Spirit the more control we will have over our ego mind, too. However, I recognize the ego as a mind vehicle that is best tamed by making it transparent, that is energetically healed of all that perceives and idealizes separation from Spirit.

      Our Spirit SELF IS the very Flow of unconditional Love itself. And when our ego mind is totally transparent , when our Spirit “passes through” from its its abiding in Higher Mind, in order to express and experience through ourselves in HU-man bodies, there will no longer be any “motes in our eye” existing to taint or condition that beautiful Love Flow.

      Thank you for patience with my response, I’ve been quite busy lately, yet, getting back with you is important communication to me.
      I wish you and your project prosperity.

      All to Love, Sharon

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