(The Kind Best Not Cast Before Swine)

1st Everlasting PEARL:
Check back the Pearls and Golden Keys in the Tags from time to time to enjoy the “ripening effect” wisdom imparts over time.  Each revisit of the information/pearl has the potential power to expand your insights of its meaning as well as how it connects other info into a widening of wholism from expanded viewpoints evolving over time.  (This is the perennial effect of sitting at the Edge of TRUTH)…

As the TOP Pearls of Wisdom begin the process of deepening in their meanings as GOLDEN KEYS, they’ll be unlocking newer understandings and opening many doors within your mind.   As you mature, and connect more dots, you’ll be absorbing and internally constructing a PURE foundation that’s being freed-up of misconceptions, as well as igniting the dynamic of releasing more of your Divine Intelligence as actively thinking your mind, (an integral outcome of SELFGnosis).  This means you will be continually informing your personal self with insights, intuition, and  enhanced recognition abilities of a higher order.

In other words, more en-LIGHTening will be cast upon your creating and relating.  Principles governing how harmony with your Creator exists, maintains cohesion & connection are the essence Wisdom you will come to understand as absolute TRUTH begins to make common sense to you and begins to guide your relative truths to be congruent and consistent.  This is reclaiming YOUR Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, so to speak.

In other words, each PEARL absorbed gradually, prepares you to receive more PEARLS, turning more GOLDEN KEYS that will be unlocking closed/blocked/befuddled areas within your consciousness.   As your mind is opening and growing in acceptance of your Indwelling Spirit as your sole “go to guy” for reliable TRUTH informing, you’ll be freer from ego influences, and more naturally, you will  emanate a relate-able Presence of your Higher SELF Awareness  in your daily affairs.  Is this not the way of Enlightenment? 

In summary, absolute TRUTH is organized as universal Principles, which are concentrated as Pearls of Wisdom, and when absorbed, accepted and are determining your behavior/choices, are wielded as Golden Keys, unlocking your amnesic consciousness doors, thereby opening your mind to its original  Pure Awareness.

Pearls that translate into valuable Keys are best savored over time...pondered…digested…applied…recognized as awesome, clarifying, unifying, and consistent in an elegant Simplicity that’s simply Divine!   “Of all thy getting, get understanding,” because Principle (expressed in concentrated form as Pearls of Wisdom & Golden Keys) determines how you awaken, how you transcend death, how you return to your Infinite SELFGnosis.

Let’s SEE how many Spirit has so Lovingly Prepared for YOU!  I shall be adding to this section as precious time & space come together enabling me to do so.  To make keeping afresh easy, you can RSS, or you choose to join the email list, & I’ll send you a link whenever I update.  Easy enough?


All to Love,






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