Hi there! I’m an average person like anybody else. I entered this world in the early 50’s as a difficult butt-breach birth that was a stressful event for both my mom and me.

Sharon Quinn Relates to AudiencesYet, today, I write these words, reaching out to you, as someone who has stumbled into the elusive TRUTH most people seek, whether their search is privately forged in the angst of their heart, or more openly sought through a trail of religious and philosophical pursuits that end up failing to meet with TRUTH except, in the best of circumstances, in meager bits and pieces.

The common outcome is ultimately a shared sense of futility and disappointment, no matter how promising the teachings originally sounded & despite the sincerity of the seeker, namely, YOU, right?  I’m guessing this is so because you’ve landed HERE looking for answers.  I, too, once wandered through the teachings of the many sages, religions, and teachers desiring to know what was TRUE from what was not true, or was only partially true, and ended up putting my search “on the shelf” when I had a breakdown from my overwhelm of burn-out & pain fatiguing me to the point of uselessness.

The Speaker Anthology Vol 1I contributed my journey from this desolate state of striving to the inspiring outcome of attaining my HOMECOMING in the book, The Speaker Anthology, Vol 1: 101 Stories That Have Inspired and Motivated Audiences from Coast to Coast. What is best  thing about my spiritual HOMECOMING is that it opens the door for your HOMECOMING!  It also makes apparent the fact that ordinary people have the same ability, meaning anyone can  do it; it’s not just for the ‘especially blessed’.

Today, immersed in The TRUTH of what many still pursue, I proffer how and what I’ve been healed from as a Spiritual Rehabilitation and Renaissance Program for the benefit of, hopefully, many.

This SELFGnosis® process spontaneously landed me back into life with a cogent awareness of Who I Am, MAI* dual purpose, life, its Principles, our shared transcendent reality, and a mastery of intrinsic skills I am now able to pass onward.  Actually, I Am obligated.  My personal transition has laid before me a holy response-ability that I cannot keep to myself, yes?  From this healed place, there is no desire to possess and keep it to myself either. 

And so, many roles merge as ONE for me: benefactor, progenitor, steward and they all express the gifts from my current level of mastery which evolves daily as an exemplar teacher/mentor.  I continually face the teaching challenge of relating our purely abstract wholism existence into a linear presentation for ease of understanding.  My Montessori training is proving to be quite useful in rising to meet this sequencing task.

If a consciously aware relationship reunion with the Creator and your Higher Spirit SELF is your hope and passion, the relentless drive of your Soul to find the answers and reclaim lost abilities/skills which will actually fill the hole in your Soul, and fulfill your heart’s satisfaction, then you, too, have stumbled to an aright* place.

I  offer you a warm smile and welcome.  I hope you will be able to recognize the TRUTH for what it IS, even if it doesn’t exactly match-up with your hopes and expectations.  Quite frankly, the TRUTH of Who I AM and how to redeem yourself is more speculative and theory and not readily accessible on this planet. This void has been the cause of a great deal of suffering and striving, too.

Original TRUTH teachings have been distorted enough to not be functional.  Sad, and disturbing, but also, the current state of affairs. 

Can you honestly answer what it means, looks like, or feels like to be in communion with your Creator? 

MOST UNFORTUNATELY, I dare say, a paltry few do.  Also, they’re not the biggies or really popular spiritual teachers either. Even the most famous teachers don’t have a clue of what this experience is like, albeit there are plenty of teachings about it that are way off the mark.  What  a pity for HUmanity* and travesty for God-Spirit!

SELFGnosis® is where such TRUTH is laid bare for whomever is willing to meet-up with TRUTH/Spirit/God/Creator/Higher SELF… My job in translating the wholisms of Spirit-God into words that accurately reflect the nature and messages of Spirit-God-TRUTH is a big one, albeit nothing gives me greater pleasure to share. This is why I’ve named this site The TRUTH ZONE of SELFGnosis®.

All to Love,

is to be resonant and aligned with Principle or TRUTH as opposed to ‘being right’ which is an ego need.

*MAI* is “I AM” in reverse and indicates ‘my’ is being served and willed from the ground of  Christos-Spirit rather than from my personal ego mind filters.

*HU-manity*  This spelling convention draws our attention to the fact we are HU, Greek for breath which implies Spirit, in man.  Thus, HU-in-man = Spirit-in-man.


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