nutshell growth summaryProgram in a Nutshell:

HOW-To do anything,

especially with proficiency, always takes Time, Practice and your diligent Application in order for it to be of Value and Serve you as a well earned skillful ability.

Therefore, the SELFGnosis® Spiritual Rehabilitation & Renaissance Program is a comprehensive apprenticeship between you, your Higher SELF, the exemplar teacher, community and class members, and your life shifting perspectives and behavior changes. The wholism is complete, and dovetails into the longevity required in reforging relationships on all levels of your being (PEEMS) *. Also, woven into the weave of this wholism is your skill mastery of you lost abilities, and memory retrieval of your I AM Presence and all that entails.

You have come to the doors of a school and healing center and have found a complete system, not a little/another philosophy to digest that you can be done with it in about 4-6 month; it is something to really sink your teeth into and learn how- to – not about speculating, but DOING.

SELFGnosis® Rehab is as ongoing as you are in your Being. It is designed to provide you with continual support all the way till you complete your HOMECOMING relationship, and your are abiding securely and stably in the Peace of our Creator. Also, the support you need shifts as your needs change while you’re ascending in your consciousness and accessing more and more of your innate Pure Awareness. Thus, the program is as alive as your Essence is.

The honest and core idea of mastery, really, has always been about experiential ability honed to an art form, and not that of becoming a showboat, “look at me, see how special I am with my ‘powers,'” that so much ‘couch expertise’ has degraded into in modern times. Mastery has always been about respect for adept ability and integrity. This same sense of accountability and response-ability applies to your SELFGnosis® as a functionality you are re-learning. It is not to just acquire some mental accumulation nor an ability to jump through philosophical hoops with your mind – it is far from this type of approach. Anything less would be incomplete and not realistic.

Here’s what you can expect when pursuing your SELFGnosis®:

In a most bottom line sense, you will…

  1. Re-learn how-to talk directly to your HS. This requires fluency in how the Christos-Spirit part of you thinks and communicates as well as understanding the subtext, implications, and Principles underscoring the wholism perspectives of absolute thinking and feeling. It also means redeveloping your love for TRUTH and its power to expose all we avoid to deal with. Higher SELF NEVER channels or tells you what to do, ever. It is a vibrationally sensitive communication and points the way for you to embrace. You choose to be responsive or resistive to this guidance/counsel. Several components of the curriculum weave your preparation for learning this as a skillful ability.
  2. Re-learn your native Spiritual tongue of Symbol language for direct dialogs that will make sense as intended by your Higher SELF.
  3. Intern to awaken and nurture how-to develop your lost Sacred Intentional Listening Communication™ (SILC) ability back to its original proficiency. This high level ability is vibrational talk tuned-in to the ‘heart beat of the universe’ and requires direct hands on learning for its precision and nuances. It cannot be learned out of a box.
  4. Train and heal yourself to be in your natural pure receptive state so ego-mind interference is not blocking, skewing, and resisting your information, transitions and transformations. This training is required so you can receive the fire of Alchemy, solely in the hands of your Higher SELF, that is the power of transmutation by which, in conscious collaboration with your Christos-Spirit, you will be transmuting your unified energy field’s resonance back into harmony and balance with SOURCE.This requires not only a context that you will learn in the BASICS Courses, but also clinical practicums so you can become skillful at facilitating others in order to eventually solo and facilitate yourself.The alchemy of energy transmutation at Pure Cause level of Being is accessed in proportion to your InDefusion™ processing skills. Your InDefusions™ are the heart and core responsible for accelerating your ability to elevate your consciousness, merging your personal and Higher SELVES into a Oneness relationship that is your HOMECOMING (alias Enlightenment). This aspect of your training cannot be learned out of a box, yet learning the BASICS will assist you in attaining a clear understanding of what this is before you ‘dive in’ for the intensives.
  5. Learn the BASICS courses that provide you with a well organized track for clarity thinking and feeling in order to recognize and be mindful of Golden Thread of TRUTH and Principle. Also, BASICs will give you the comprehension you need to sincerely desire submitting your free will to be willfully at-One with TRUTH. This translates into your being fully accountable and response-able because you understand Who you are, how you create, how orientation matters, and how to create critical mass that resonates with SOURCE/Creator and not ego values.
  6. Learn how-to have Prime Fraction thinking™ for clarity stripped of tangents, misinformation, etc. and honed to Principles and Structure-Function (S/F).
  7. Re-learn your Spirit into a Body-Mind Anatomy. You must know how your Divine Essence moved from an Infinity nature into the limits of a mortal body-mind. This information has been lost to your amnesia making you ignorant of being your I AM Presence and its dynamics. All this must be re-connected with because Pure Aware Intelligence is your Essence and existence.

Clearly, the program is a reconciliation of your duality by virtue of education and healing that is flowing from your personal Christos-Spirit side into your life. This is about reconnecting to your Higher SELF by healing your consciousness, and not trying to heal others or Mother Earth while your feet are still stuck in the ‘mud’ of consciousness. You first, the planet second. In the meantime, you will become a more responsible citizen with each shift in your consciousness.

*PEEMS* – These letters stand for your 4 major vehicle/bodies: Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and your Indwelling Christos-Spirit Who is your abiding I AM Presence identified as your “me”, your Intelligence and very existence.



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