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Have You Ever

Shot Yourself in the Foot and Thought,

“What Was I Thinking?!”

Will, Dave, and I took a pleasant trip to Waaco, Texas last weekend.  I’m sure we each sought an opportunity dear to us, and garnered different lessons and insights from our experience.  While we had a shared experience, we perceived it from different levels of our beingness, and our varying objectives steered our energetic foci to absorb different lessons &/or opportunities.

I can only speak to my intention for embracing this trip and what I hoped to connect with for reasons that inspire and motivate me into doing “things:”  

I was moving toward a meetup with, at least one other Soul for an meaningful conversation regarding Spiritual matters of the heart & mind. 

Even though my intention was clear enough, in hindsight, I realize how I may have been able to urge a deeper connection, but I’m still learning how to be public and relate outwardly without being overly energetic & excitable (fiery), overly effluent (flowing info outwardly too fast), too assertive, or too passive.

It’s a delicate balance of harmonizing my inner complimentary forces that I’m actively in the process of gaining as a stable ability.

What many people don’t realize, I know I didn’t have a proper mature perspective on this, is that after you come into complete communion with your Higher SELF, you enter a process whereby your Higher SELF  learns to be comfortable in your outward manifesting energy vehicles of limitation. 

It takes some trial and error as you gradually master your unique Flow of at-one-ment of body-mind-Spirit. 

To me, it sounds a bit goofy when I have to use terms that imply Higher SELF is not the personal self of you, but that’s because our HUman language (Tower of Babel) is separation oriented & dependent making it awkward. 

Making up a new language is not an option.  Why?  To do so would be to create another isolated language adding unto separation, not closing the gaps, and that would be counter productive from a Divine perspective, in-deed!

After all, I’m currently emerging from a 25+ year Hermit phase of growth, communion, healing, and absorption of TRUTH into a phase whereby I now feel the Spiritual obligation to share onward along with the “push” to “get out there”

In other words I’m learning to move from a decidedly yin state of consciousness into a thrusting forward yang state that  is proving to be a dramatic shift of relating in both style and purpose for outcome.  Even in an active state of communion (Higher SELF of Pure Aware Perspective), the outer personal & relative relating mind (ego mind of separation awareness perception) has to continually process Infinity Principle into finite concepts because that is how we are made to function as HUman Beings.

Spiritually, this is well spoken of as moving from consistently and reliably being a Pure Receptive Vehicle which is mastering The Divine Mother Principle within our collective and individually expressing Soul, to being comfortable with, as well as understanding the shift in dynamics of, continually wedding female reception with male thrust, with consistency and reliability, of being Pure Projective Vehicle mastering the Divine Father Principle, most notably acknowledged as, “The Father & I are One.”

Back to what I learned.

I was responding and choosing back to an earlier connection with charming Souls (We are all charming in our own ways, yes?) in which an invitation to meetup in Waaco was proffered since our initial meetup was playing second fiddle to agendas and commitments of time and space already in motion.  “Yea,” I thought, “We can make time for amazing conversations not conducive in the moment,” so I accepted the looked forward to such an opportunity of pregnant possibilities only engagement would reveal.

I trust Spirit to expand Goodness at every juncture of life meeting within consciousness if we are willing to give it Up to what can be rather than what we want it to be… from my perspective & experience, Spirit always “plays a better hand”, however, Spirit or Divine Intention must deal with what each Soul’s free will “dishes out,” and that’s generally quite unpredictable. 

Thus, I’m learning, how you have be present (time & space of NOW) bearing your Presence (Who I Am – Spirit) with its inherent present/gift ( Divine God-Good Potential or grace), and let the “cards fall where they may.”  This means that the highest potential of any given moment  may or may not be what happens or what “pans out.”

Even when you behold and prepare for the most dynamic and amazing things to happen, they may slip through the cracks and have to await another day for their blossom to have its day.  

The amazing and enlightening conversation you bring pregnant within your heart for immediate delivery, may not enjoy its birth at that time.

For me, the extraordinary conversation I came prepared to share didn’t happen, and today I learn how to not lament, but rather to be patient, as I feel how The Father receives these belayed moments that delay the Divine Intention & gifts thereof, of a given moment, for yet another day…

I’m currently having deep pensive moments of reflection as I’m being given an unfolding & reflecting Awareness of how, upon the collective plane of our collaborative and unified mind, our Souls jumped through many hoops in time and space to arrange for us meet, communicate, and have a profound life changing Spiritual conversation only Spirit-God  knew the “details” thereof.  Yet, in relativity, all is idle potential till chosen/acted upon.

I’ve been feeling the heart of our Creator as this experience is being lived through me, and I am feeling how it’s being processed Inwardly, making my outer mind aware of the inherent difficulty Spirit-God endures in re-connecting the vast gaps of separation from our SOURCE, person by person.  For now, I think I’m going to call it “love-pain.”

I don’t know how well or how much I fall short of sharing with you my subjective experience over the past few days, along with how it has been impacting my varying levels of consciousness.  In re-reading this through though, I suspect, not very well, but alas, that is the nature of words, is it not?  Ah, MAI heart, our collective heart, longs for the day we rise to our Spiritual perspective skills, largely idle, whereby we will close so many communication gaps… much like the ET touch!

Till then, may this article stand in witness of the grand day when, our seed, germinating in the crack, finds the light of day and BLOSSOMS. 

We like to coin a phrase, “Better late than never,” yet, I dare to say, “The sooner the better!”  Why?  Because ‘sooner’ always means less striving, insecurity, fear, pain, sorrow, suffering, separation, and ‘sooner’ always translates into love, genuine enthusiasm, prosperity (flow of Divine), meaningfulness that engenders bliss, and the peace of  Spirit reunion made conscious!

All to Love,







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