This blog & spiritual learning website is written for people who have lost their zeal for the maddening pace of life and the mindless habit of trusting “everything they have been told”. 

One thing being proffered here is a website manual that’s being written in present time as a powerful and organized resource for evolved Souls Who have matured to the point of, “Enough!” and who want to be about reforging a consciously aware, healing, TRUTH-fully informing, and intimate relationship with their Indwelling Spirit-God SELF, determined to trust their Higher SELF implicitly and be fully En-Lightened again.

IF you are ready to get serious about committing to awakening to your Highest Spiritual  purpose & functioning as a HUman Being, then you may be ready to make the SELFGnosis choices, & to follow through with Simple, yet demanding, disciplines and choices an ensouled Spirit is ready & willing to make happen

SELFGnosis is the sobering business of Spiritual Rehabilitation because it  actually rehabilitates your personal ego and Soul selves within your consciousness, thereby setting your Spirit-SELF free.

Commitment is key to all enduring changes, and no one finds their way Back HOME (some call it heaven) without having to “put their ego back into its proper perspective” as a vehicle of consciousness – a vehicle best & most safely “driven” in a state that is totally transparent, like crystal clear, & passively receptive to its Indwelling Spirit, like an open empty cup/chalice.

(Note: You cannot “get rid of” your ego and remain in embodiement, that’s a structure/function impossibility, thus, a false notion that is commonly misunderstood by Spiritual seekers of TRUTH; our ego vehicle must be made transparent & translucent for Christ Mind to function without interference.)

Our Indwelling Spirit is that Holy and precious part of God Indwelling You & me, individually and collectively at once, known by many as Holy Spirit, Higher SELF/Power, Christ, et al.

Yeah, we may “sin” (make errors in choices), but it is more about being drunk on separation in our consciousness vehicles than it is due to the false proclamation by religions that we are inherently evil.  This is patently false; NO Enlightened teacher EVER taught that either.

We are Indwelling Spirits of God, and evil is not part of our Essential Essence.  That would mean God is evil??? Are you kidding me??!!

Well, to many, this issue has been so convoluted that my mere words sound like nothing more than a wild claim. Test it out, give it serious thought for much will be presented for you to think deeply about its implications.

You see, I recognize you’re a Spirit-God, and I honor that you have an innate intelligence that reasons its way through ego mind territory via Mindful weighing of info against Principles or Spirit-God qualities to determine whether it is TRUTH or made-up “stuff” that is not True (even though such “stuff” may “sound” great, it won’t survive the Divine Light of discernment cast upon it, alias, you’re conscious ‘thinking it over’ for how it fits, or not, with a list of probing/dissecting questions).

And, believe it or not, sometimes the utmost SIMPLICITY is so elegant that we are perplexed by its profoundness & awed by its sheer elegance!!  It now makes me laugh or smile with delight!   Hint (such elegance is found in Spiritual Bottom Lines)

 Corrupted “Truth” and TRUTH

Corrupted "Truth" and TRUTH


Yet, I write The TRUTH (as it Indwells & speaks me from Pure Awareness), and this entire website is dedicated to Simplifying the Divine Complex while Unraveling the complicated & contradictory teachingsof what we’ve been told” that make God/Spirit seem mysterious & “beyond our comprehension”.  God is easily understood IF you are dealing with unfiltered TRUTH.

In this case the “beyond comprehension” is contrived; it’s due to corrupt “knowledge” that has been twisted and knotted into what-is no longer Pure – “As IS”.  Rather, it is confused and confounded gobbeldy gook parading as something valuable to figure out when the pieces won’t ever match up.  Now, that is deceit and confusion wearing a cloak of mystery offered by a wolf in sheep’s clothing

So, it is propaganda that serves up disinformation that undermines clarity thinking as it feeds off of the fear of what is unknown, with the  distinct purpose of gaining negative control over people with blind obedience to dogmatic injunctions/rules.

We are more intoxicated on life & dedicated to living, over being our immortal reality, meaning we are drunken fools.  (We don’t need to live & fret over dying, be-cause we exist forevermore!)  We need sobriety, and the confusions (of our personality and Souls) will CLEAR UP when we are no longer drunk, dazed, & hypnotized by the illusions of life as “real“, more REAL than our Spiritual Presence.

This you will one day discover, if you haven’t already, is sheer folly.  With SELFGnosis, the more you heal (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually), the more obvious this becomes to you.

All drunks are saved by being rehabilitated and leaving the poison (beliefs, liquors, drugs, etc.) that intoxicates them behind, yes?

The same clarity holds TRUE for the whole “external God we imagined into being” thing. Beliefs have replaced TRUTH, and you must fast off of their influence so you can think for your self. Enough!

Ego needs beliefs & proofs, while Spirit is Knowingness that flows from Pure Awareness and has NO need for beliefs or proof.

Religions have this fact skewed many different ways. Most have been denying our stability & sanity is made permanent when we return our consciousness vehicles back to our Inner Divinity as our informer.

Rather, religions surmise all sorts of imaginings about an external God we need to worship, adore, obey, appease, beg, fear, ad nauseam, who is punishing, angry, partial, demanding, commanding, and metes out god-awful fiery damnation punishments, in the name of mercy, love and justice!??!   Really??  Such teachings present outright contradictions of irreconcilable differences, thus, are superstitious nonsense or babel!

It has taken some time, but religions have generally come to betray the purpose they wereoriginally formed to serve – that of acting as a loci of TRUTH that would be unadulterated or PURE.  Ah, time has it ways of diluting, distorting, distracting words and meanings, doesn’t it?! (Needing an external place & objects to connect with Spirit-God is extremely good for business and makes for a lucrative career.)

And, here we are in Present time, victims to a long deluded history of false teachings about Who I AM, and Who God is.  Thus, the same questions still prevail and linger silently & relentlessly in the hearts of HUmans:

“Who Am I???
Why Am I here?
What is my Soul purpose?”
“How can I know God?”
“How do I end all this striving and suffering?”
“What is the meaning of pain, death, and life?”
“What is Divine Intention?”

If you are ready to be awakened to TRUTH without filters, ready to face your gaps/disconnects from Spirit-God-Creator, and ready to do the work of healing back into your Divine nature, you have found a Great Place for such a work, epiphanies, realizations, awakenings and behavior changes that will delight your Soul.

Your Soul is a conscious conglomeration of all your integrally interrelated bodies functioning as a single vehicle for your Indwelling Spirit to abide as it traverses life.

MAI God, Beloved Spirit, how Great thou Art! Why not heal into this experiential understanding & humble reality??

You will find many different angles of entry into untying the big fat wad of beliefs and lies about Who I am, God’s TRUE nature, Spirit reality, etc. that may be your baggage as they were once my baggage, too.

Free Will is your baby to tame, I can show you The Way; I cannot do the work for you I can comfort you through your dark nights and rejoice in your growing awareness and behavior changes.

I can help you stay the course because I recognize AND understand the signs.  I’m able to teach you to be proficient in Symbol language because I’ve become comfortable with it again.  Having a pal who has “been there & back” is useful, is it not?

Insights are a beautiful thing, and you have landed before a TRUE PEARL of unfolding wisdom amidst a plethora of baubles pretending to be “truth” while they prove to be nothing more than “more of the same,” — revolving confusions, mocking TRUTH, and sparkling like diamonds when they are nothing but glorified paste! Enough, eh?!

If it is TRUTH, it has to be about you, not about me, right?? Yet, only YOU can see your rehab through to its completion.  Only you can enter your rehabilitation, & it must be done freely, willingly, or it will be a snafu.  It must be YOUR Priority #1: You want your enlightenment, all else follows that choice. 

Yet, even if you have kids, how can awakening Spirit-God, your Christ SELF in you, not be the best choice for #1 positioning?  Everyone and everything will be influenced by your gradual awakening… win-win with NO losers!  Spirit-God at your helm is NEVER a bad idea…

Your personal self and Soul aspect must sober up from its addiction to separation/life, so your Indwelling Spirit SELF of SELFGnosis will be free, and will be the Who I Am, you solely identify with as your Being.

I know you know this is TRUE within your Heart of Hearts. Have you cleared enough debris away to hear your Inner Affirmation of how TRUE this all IS?

Welcome.  “I am another you!”  Ready? Hit the Contact Page and Make It Happen!

Your questions & participation will influence how this information unfolds for you, and finds its way into print, dialog, healings, et al.

Now, isn’t that the way TRUTH should be… alive, responsive, unfolding/revealing, open, not dogmatic/rather pragmatic, not on a pedestal/rather available to all, et al?

PS: for Insight on the “red if’s” & their inherent relationship to free will,  Go to this article, “Is God Within You or Is God External to You?


All to Love,







Updated: 9-17, 2011
Original: 01/30/10 01:39:58 pm

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