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Vibrational awareness is in its infancy of HUman development.  We don’t possess an affinity for the highly rarefied and subtle nature of our Higher SELF.  This realm of  consciousness is our  Higher Mind wherein our Christos-Spirit exists emanating its I Spiritual safety is a vibrational awareness compassAM Presence  – a vibration of Pure Awareness.  We lack the required sensitivity and attunement to perceive these subtle energies because our attentions and authority are so externalized.  In being devoted to serving and relating to life paradigms, our informing compass vibrates  more  from our ego affinities, as well as from our sensory perceptions for verification of what’s valid and real.  Such a guidance system is not vibrationally honed to our Spirit SELF.

Our comfort zone is more cozy with separation than with Oneness which feels foreign.   Herein lies our Achilles Heel when dealing with astral forces, entities, gifts, and other psychic phenomena of the lower mind’s realm of consciousness.

Unfortunately, too few are honest/mature about this gap of knowledge.  Most people rather blithely assume  they have understandings and control over things they don’t posses as believed.  Assuming without investigating leaves them wide open to false understandings, and sometimes even dangers.

Over time, they may discover that the cost of relying on their assumptions was far more than they were willing to pay because they assumed facts not in evidence and had to deal with the consequences of that void.

We don’t have the training and expertise to know enough about vibrational quality and markers to be as safe as we’d like to think we are.  And, we won’t be safe/wise in this arena either, until we’re experientially and sufficiently exposed to the Unity of Oneness realm again as our innate comfort zone.  This reunion in consciousness is the only TRUE reliable state of mind a person can have connection with in order to be safe and TRUTHFULLY informed without the taint of ‘agendas’ or ‘things not being what they appear or seem to be.’

One’s communicating connection with their Higher SELF must be appropriately aware, stable, accurately understood, and conscious in order to reestablish their natural, but forgotten, recognition of what constitutes the “signature vibration” emanating from TRUTH itself.

Thus, HOME is where your Heart of Hearts is and an At-One-ment of attunement  is required to give you the only reliable yardstick by which to measure other vibes against its clarity and clearness.

Till then, you don’t’ have a reliable standard as your plumb line to ensure your safety when dealing with vibrations.

Sure, you can play and all may seem to be well and you may even be doing some good, but you’re engaging a territory more unknown than known and you’re playing with fires you don’t have mastery of yet.   Interestingly, the astral loses its appeal the more you hone in on the Higher Mind because it transcends all astral force vibrations for a level of communication with TRUTH that cannot be ‘messed with.’


All to Love,





*HU-manity*  This spelling convention draws our attention to the fact we are HU, Greek for breath which implies Spirit, in man.  Thus, HU-in-man = Spirit-in-man.



Discerning Delusions, Illusions, & Confusions


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