Reviewed by Sharon Quinn - Rating: 4.5

I found this wonderful and expressive in many useful ways.

There is hope that the virtual is being seen for what it is.

Life is a virtual reality, thus, the continual reiterations from sages the world over, consistently through time, instructing us to understand we need to wake up from a dream.

Sadly, in our ignorance, we’ve created a mess of this dream. This dream has become a nightmare filled with pain and suffering.  Sure, there is a beauty, but the struggle , diseases, inhumanity to man, wars, hate, bills, working to make ends meet, and so on at the core of most people’s lives, is a living hell, not sheer enjoyment!

The fact of life as virtuality not actuality as our experience of life, well, this alone holds tremendous potential because once it is massively recognized and accepted, it will accelerate the  evolving or our consciousness.

Peace on earth becomes possible only as be become our Spirit SELF Who is capable and ONLY willing to be ONE, and ONE is not in conflict with itself, yes?!

Please, enjoy this video and ponder its meaning. Share with us how it impacted you. I’m sure many insights and epiphanies are potentially seeded herein.

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