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Why Do I Use Them?  

What Purpose Do They Serve for YOU, Dear Reader?

The Info herein will acquaint you with unique approaches I use in writing in an attempt to simplify & clarify what I am saying

Communication is how The Divine closes the gaps of separation created by our ego minds in order to reestablish our Unity of Oneness.  

We recognize the value of  everyone “being on the same page”  and how misunderstanding can take on a painful life of their own.   

Intention drives the messages, so you need to have the opportunity to know what I mean, and not what I might mean.  

I do my best to be mindful and close communication gaps, thereby ensuring  no meaning falls through the cracks, and that you don’t have to carry the burden of unanswered questions!  

To this end, I’ve made COMMENTING as easy as possible without opening this site to spam attacks

1. I’ve included a Glossary that is woven behind the scenes of these pages and posts LINKING you to the definition of words and phrases being used so that you can immediately “get on the same page” with what I’m saying. At times you will get a tool-tip, but not always and that is a mystery to me.

However, you can CLICK on the LINK and it will take you directly to the full definition. Once you’ve read it, simply hit your BACK BUTTON on your browser.

It is my desire for that CLICK to open a new mini window leaving you on the page you’re reading, but as of yet, that option is not available. As soon as it is available, I will make it happen, okay?

(Should you have any thoughts and preferences, I’d love to hear about them in the COMMENT area below. Your input will influence my choices because this site is here to serve your needs with pleasure! Thanks.)

I’ve noticed in some places that the program handling this GLOSSARY acts inconsistently, and I’ve come to Accept my finicky technical assistant because of how important it is to keep the GLOSSARY available to you.

I have great gratitude for the amazing abilities this program does handle. Kindly, I ask you to PLEASE Accept my finicky technical assistant as I do. However, if there are any maddening aspects that are “just too much to bear”, email me from the CONTACT US tab, and I will get on it right away, assuming, of course I can handle your request.  

This website process & creation is being explored by a non-geek, a novice, who desires nothing more than to get this message and gift out to an ailing world ASAP, and I’m doing the best I technically know how to do.


artist32. When you notice words colored in shades of pink as, Accept is above colored, or in shades of blue, like the word enthusiasm is herein colored, or in shades of yellows as in attunement herein. You are seeing the groundwork I’m laying for a valuable SELFGnosis® tool  that delivers emotional insights vitally important to relationship Awareness on every level you can think of relationships occurring. You will learn a great deal about this tool in your lessons because it is an essential backbone for comprehending emotional causes and healing.  As you learn this tool, seeing how the word fits into life issues and articles, you’ll be able to plug-into greater insights.


magnifier-word-if-218310573. The IF in life is most often colored in red to emphasize The TAO Choice that lies at the heart of Life and is the determinant of whether you create in accord with Divine Intention or counter to Divine Intention.

This topic will surface heavily on this site as it pertains to Free Will, and the right use of Free Will is everyone’s concern from a Spirit Understanding about our S/F or Structure-Function.

IF? To create peace or war? To create acceptance or antagonism? My will or THY WILL be done???

To learn all you can about the pivotal concepts of Free Will & TAO Choice which are near & dear to the Heart of our Creator, Look for the following words or concepts:

In Topics Index Drop-down List or Word Cloud (tags)
  Free Will, TAO, choice, TAO Choice, duality, ONE-Will, Game of Life, If,

These areas of this website “book” will be populated with articles exploring Free Will at the creative heart of Life. Of course, the Glossary will cover these concept in great detail, too.


4. I use the “Read More” tag and “Learn More”  or “+” toggle boxes on pages so you can easily and rapidly check out  greater depths within the topics of interest you are reading, or for expanding greater detail in an article you may be reviewing. These boxes allow you to CLICK on them and they will open a panel of additional information. Once read, you can close the box by re-clicking the ‘-” which will become a “+” again.  This convention allows you to cover a lot of information without having to endlessly scroll down a page. Your time is precious and I chose to honor that.

Clearly, I tend to write lengthy articles as Spirit is Pure depth of content, and clearly not a sound-bite superficial gloss-over communicator. Remember, Spirit is your Infinity SELF talking to your finite self, and for Infinity to articulate a message in less than (eg) 5,000 words is astounding to me.   Clarity is the intention of all communication and covering all the bases to overcome deeply ingrained false beliefs requires leaving NO gaps in the message. The messages have a beginning and end, and you may notice how the two often meet by the article’s closure; the beginning in the ending, and the message “comes full circle.” I’ve come to discover this wholism is a consistent quality of Spirit-God communication. 


5.  A Note about  how I’m working with punctuation as I lead you into and through a given idea: I don’t just punctuate by the book of English rules.  I punctuate with intention to close gaps between what I’m saying and to pace how you are taking in the tremendous amount of info being presented herein.  Your understanding and ability to absorb it is paramount.  PERIOD. 


5a: Commas – Metering the Flow of Info

I’m providing an intentional PAUSE that you would hear in my speaking IF I were delivering this info in a live format to an audience, or in a personal conversation with you.  So, this intentional PAUSE in your reading is indicating, it would be helpful to absorb what you just read before proceeding to the next idea.

If we were conversing in person, I’d be stopping via visual clues from you, before preceding with unfolding the thought.  This punctuation stuff is an attempt to replicate that personal delivery.  Let’s see how it works, and please, feel free to share how this is helpful, or not, in the COMMENT section, because helping you enjoy and learn is what matters most to me.

You may notice that many of my sentences are heavily punctuated with commas, dashes, and (information enclosed in parenthesis).  These are devices I use to help you take-in the depth of what is written, by pacing the flow of information into your mind, so your ability to absorb it is enhanced, thereby making it clear, which produces more clarity.

If you will pause and digest what you’ve read up to a comma before reading the next words, you will be consciously building a foundation in your mind that will  increase your capability to assemble the following pieces, into a given place for more instant recognition and clarity.

It is intended to accelerate your epiphany moments by consciously connecting the dots as you go, rather than swallowing a big chunk all at once, and getting overwhelmed because the info is being received more like an onslaught, than as a metered intake.

So, if you will pause, think about what you read to the point of reaching a comma, and think over the meaning of what you’ve read till you get a certain, “ok…” and then read to the next comma, taking in what those words were saying, then connecting it as you go along, you will get so much more out of what is contained herein for you to benefit from and learn.  

Each pause gives your mind a moment to receive what you’ve read while allowing it time to “sink in” before taking in more. 

I suspect, you will be pleasantly surprised how this will assist you; it will accelerate your understanding and create a readiness for profound insights, inspiration and such.  Intuition is gently nudged with this “intentional pausing to digest”, too –  a win-win design. 


5b: Bold and Underlines

 Bolding sections of sentences and underlines are for obvious emphasis, yet often, I am highlighting the “meat” or main gist of an idea in the emphasized text.  Thus, you can ignore all the unbolded words and read just what is in BOLD and you will get the core meaning stripped of additional input or details.

Likewise, you can follow the same idea with extrapolating the embedded sentence or meaning, by stringing together the underlined text as a given thought itself extracted from the fullness of what is written

I do this as another “literary device” in my attempt to say that which I KNOW is so very pregnant with meaning beyond what you may think is being conveyed, while simultaneously delivering the info with enough modifiers to render it more astutely correct for those prepared to see the meaning from a broader and more inclusive viewpoint.


final_a_and_the_cover_small6. Using “A” and “The” IS Intentional 

When I select “a” the indication is one of however many.  When I use “the” I’m indicating a singular specificity.



7. These “devices” are also useful for me in targeting several levels of readiness for information, which each reader can ascertain for himself.  I know I’m speaking on many levels at once from a wholism point of view, and these are some of the stylistic devices I’m experimenting with for communication clarity.

Remember, too, I am writing from MAI Spirit SELF which is like having a hand in no-form Infinity while translating the info impressions into the linear finite expression of words.  At times that is a process!  Always the FLOW is narrowing to meet the funnel!  🙂

If something else would be helpful to you, let me know.  I’ll be happy to rise to the challenge of simplifying without making it a dumbing down process because that is over simplifying, yes?!


8. And, frankly, over simplifying is a form of false informing because it leaves too much unsaid.   TRUE Simplifying works within the delicate balance of saying what is ‘bull’s eye’ correct without always having to give a wrong impression or implication by what is withheld or not said per se. 

So much goes awry when unaddressed implications and impressions are not verified, and that gives rise to assumptions that are flat wrong because they were never communicated, but they were “read-into”  by the listener/reader. 

Wisdom ways indicate that we must always vigil our awareness to be tuned-in to such moments of information being exchanged and processed.  Verify. Verify Verify if, “What I think you said, is, indeed, what you did say..” 

Putting words into other people’s mouths is to start a lie, to initiate gossip, create a communication gap, etc.  Yes?!  Sloppy communication serves NO ONE, except maybe politicians and propagandists.  No leader of Justice and TRUTH would advocate such non-sense.

And in closing, I’d like to reiterate how Socratic dialog TRULY goes a long way in mitigating this icoDiscussionsmtype of communication error
.  As probing questions lead and guide our thinking into pondering and entering depths of thoughts and feelings, we are being gently guided to explore new vistas of thought and develop our mindfulness skills. 

Arriving at our own conclusions by a mindful process stimulated by questions is a far more valuable teaching- learning relationship than ‘being told everything’ which silently assumes that learners can’t think for their selves.

There is nothing quite like delicious questions.  They make us savor their query as they lead us into thinking for ourselves and developing our skills of mindfulness.  All Soul healing and recovery from amnesia stabilizes around regaining our Intelligence (Spirit) and being mindful once again!

All to Love,
Sharon Quinn



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