This post will deal with the biblical quote,

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

This quote is popular, indeed! It is used politically, religiously, culturally, etc. Yet, what is the nature of TRUTH that offers unparalleled freedom? Just “what is this TRUTH”? Does more than one kind of truth exists, like personal vs. absolute?

There can be many flavors of truth, but then, this type of truth is relative and shifts like grains of sand over time. Each experience changes it’s meaning. It’s yardstick of measure is determined solely by a subjective perception such as blind/mindless faith, how someone feels about it, how long it’s been handed down over time, how staunchly held it is as an unquestionable belief, how deeply it “fits” into a philosophy or opinion, how it gives continuity to the status quo, or how it has been held in esteem as a time-honored assumption.

Relative truths are often declared as factual by dogma, linear consensus reality, media “news”, and/or propaganda. The relative side of the TRUTH coin is of little interest to me or those in serious pursuit of their SELFGnosis™  because relative truths are not rooted in Infinity or your relationship to Great Spirit, rather it spills from the ego-lower mind and voids in our consciousness more like filler to patch up holes in our Souls. They’re designed to comfort us with some reasonable sounding “answer” to our questions that defy “good” why? answers, or they’re those danged questions that have no answer which can be proven in a manner desirable to our senses or by the scientific method.

Absolute is specifically, not relative, thus, it is NOT separation in any of its forms, expressions, or experiences such as flux, chaos, antagonistic, fearful, indifferent, nor discordant.  Absolute is the diametric opposite of relative and separation indicating Oneness.  Our Great Spirit is The ONE, and all existence flows from this ONE as a Unity of Oneness.

TRUTH is that which is Absolute because it’s totally resonant within our Universal Mind-Spirit, that is at-ONE with our Creator, meaning it has no separation whatsoever, thus, it has NO deviations, distortions, nor is it otherwise corrupted or confused. It is free from all ego filtering, and it is this TRUTH that is spoken of biblically, as well in all the other sacred texts around the world, and throughout this site.

I’m speaking about TRUTH that is beyond our opinions, imaginings, and the relative world, and because it is sourced from our Creator, it is POTENT enough to FREE you from all separation information, deceit, lies, and life-death cycles of Spirit SELF entrapment.

Another aspect of TRUTH that may be of interest is that even though TRUTH penetrates the relative with its beacon of Light and Love guiding our Souls to its nourishment, it exists As IT IS beyond beliefs, though beliefs may be congruent with it.  This means the voracity of a belief must stand up to the rigors of TRUTH, not the other way around.

TRUTH of all sacred informing is aligned with and congruent with every quality of our Infinite Christos-Spirit SELF that is our individualized expression of our personal Spirit at-ONE with our Creator.  All of HUmanity’s Original SOURCE is the same, no matter what name has been chosen for differing understandings and explanations of our Creator, it is the same Great Spirit-God.

Thus, Absolute TRUTH is always consistent, congruent, constant, stable, balanced, grounded, centered, fully-aligned and in-tune-with our innate Unity of Oneness, totally and completely fulfilling The One Will of our ONE Divine Maker.   How could it be otherwise?

TRUTH IS always Infinitely TRUE because IT IS What-IS, and nothing else, in-between or otherwise. For these reasons it reflects Clarity, Clearness, and an elegant Simplicity within its wholism that functions as a harmonically fine-tuned complexity without any inconsistencies. Absolute TRUTH is how The ONE is reflected within consciousness from ABOVE to our minds below.

In relative functioning, TRUTH reveals and unfolds its Infinite nature to us in a gentle Flow from ABOVE into our mind’s eye so that we may recognize it and own its awareness here below, apply it, and be made sane by its wisdom and power to un-confound our minds, and untie our knots in consciousness.  Free will either allows and accepts the Flow from ABOVE, or it doesn’t, either by altering it somehow, denying it, blocking it, etc.

How do your personal truths and beliefs meet up with Absolute TRUTH that sets you free?


All to Love,








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2 Responses to “Truth Sets You Free”
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  1. Bart A. Miles says:

    Perhaps those closest to us see that blind spot. Or maybe it is someone at a distance who perceives it, yet cannot express it in deference to our feelings. Then who amongst us are willing to confront such “certainties,” challenging their truth worthiness? I am not sure if there is one in a thousand. If there such a person, then that brave soul is intellectually honest and sincere. For after all, who has the gumption to lay out one’s attitudes and values, and deconstruct them to determine their accuracy and truth-value? E.g., who would make the effort to go to that goldmine and fount of information — the Internet — and discover the relative or absolute merit of one’s most cherished beliefs? Whether we are a scientist, a leader, an advocate, or a parent, we are likely blind to something significant in our lives. And yet we are also capable of determining its veracity by gathering evidence from the world around us.

    • Sharon Quinn says:

      You bring up a valid and important point, Bart and it speaks directly to why this article was written.

      Questioning our “certainties” helps keep us honest, and it alerts us to see possibilities that we could never have be made aware of without a healthy curiosity to explore and be open to what we may discover about our cherished beliefs being correct or not so correct as we had thought or hoped.

      When our “pet beliefs” turn out to be actually blocking the very TRUTH we duly want to know and understand, who is the loser?

      Sadly, I suspect your assessment of “one in thousand” is a generous one, albeit does make your point well… Few, too few are willing to be their own champions for knowing and being responsible for their consciousness condition, over the ease of blind faith.

      I’ll go one step further and articulate what your comment implies for those so inclined to wipe a glossy sheen over this talk. The laziness of deferring their thinking responsibility into the mindlessness of blind faith believing is to desert themselves and their Indwelling Spirit Presence Who is the source of their intelligence, urging them to use that gumption you speak of.

      You nail it, too, with the power each person does innately have to do their own investigations and gather the evidence to confirm what they are hoping may be so, and yet, may be enlightened to discover was not as they hoped.

      Thank you for adding to this discussion. All to Love, Sharon


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