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It is a Divine HOME-Coming Instruction Manual
of Spiritual Transmission

Everything You need to Know
in Order to Awaken to Spirit

IF Only You Recognized It
Remembered How to Read the Language

TarotGnosis™  understands Tarot as an “encyclopedic” unbound Sacred text of externalized information of Spirit/God origin
“written” in Spirit tongue of Symbol language.

Tarot has been inserted into the Game of Life as a Spiritually authored instruction manual freely available to all Souls reminding them of their TRUE anatomy Structure-Function (S/F) as Spirits Indwelling body-mind vehicles as well as providing a reliable map of how-to COME HOME now.

A Soul is Transcendent Divinity “donned with the garment of life vehicles” in order to enter the virtual reality game of life/or dream.  Spirit is en-souled in a tripartite set of vehicles that make physical separation reality   These bodies are categorically, unified consciousness vehicles that serve the grand purpose of giving transcendent Intelligent-Aware the function to be Awareness in The TAO game of life. 

We could say these vehicles collectively transform verb of Pure Spirit & Infinity into a sense of separation from Oneness with a sense of “being finite and being a noun” capable of relating to verb.

Thus, Spirit is not of this game (transcendent), but has entered into this game and is “playing”.  This can be appropriately understood as very similar to your playing a game, such as Monopoly: You are never the substance of the game, yet, you can become deeply immersed in playing the game and you can get “carried away” by over-identifying with your role in the game.

Does this analogy help you understand with more clarity, or does it confuse your thinking?  Does it challenge your beliefs, but still makes sense?  How does it make you feel?  COMMENT Below, and we’ll have a profound conversation…


Tarot teaches entrapped & amnesic Souls about their Divinity – Infinite Beings of a Unity of Oneness, Who have lost their way and forgotten their Purpose and have become so enamored with having & getting “things”(nouns) that they’re now so drunk on separation or life, and living in reverse, that amnesia & confusion are the norm.  Yikes.

We need clarity to un-be-devil  ourselves (“devil” spelled in reverse is “lived”) and sober up.  What we don’t understand, bedevils or confuses us.  So, the “devil” is in our blindness and bondage to identifying Who I AM as a mortal human being, when we are Infinite Spirit in HUman bodies pretending…  Ponder and consider what these metaphors/analogies make clear, and great Clarity will dawn upon you.

Voila! Tarot, a Spiritual wake-up call written in the Spirit’s native tongue, so to speak, the language of symbols, and it’s all Pure TRUTH focused on reliable guidance of how-to get out of this mess we’ve made for ourselves, which means very clear instructions on an exit strategy that can get us out of the Game and back HOME, at-ONE again! Yeah!  SELFGnosis, a gift of direct Spirit Transmission, is a masterful & speedy exit process from game of life.


All the Soul needs to know (remember, actually) about Original roots (Divine Heritage & S/F), spiritual anatomy of a body-mind-Spirit, Universal Principles, and BASICS of how-to COME HOME (remember Who You Are and your ever Present Perfected REALITY) in one tidy unbound book. It is a Grand Resource by Cosmic-Spirit-God design as a gift of Great LOVE & LIGHT

It’s like a portable library of everything you ever wanted & NEEDED to know about Spirit-God but didn’t know how to ask!  But, you do have to know how to read & speak it.  It is NOT predictive nor designed/intended for fortune telling, nor telling people what they “should” be doing or avoiding.  And, it is way more than psyche insight, too.

Such uses are banal and, frankly, an abusive twisting of the powers or forces of TRUTH “contained therein” in order to serve our fascinations with “something external being authoritative” and “telling us what to do.”  Such misuses encourage people to “give in” to mindlessness of not thinking for themselves, superstition, fear of the unknown or future, external authority, external “saviors”, etc.

Returning to SOURCE/Divine Intention and sobering up is what this Grand Infinite Book is Ultimately Designed to teach, and teach it well, it does...IF you apprise yourself of relearning what you know at a subtle level about symbol language, your native tongue, so to speak, you can enjoy the instructions which are certain, clear, poignant, supportive, and TRUE.

In re-engaging Spirit Tongue, you must apprise yourself of your innate natural humility in your orientation to Divine Informing.   This means you must also learn how-to master speaking with clarity re Absolute and relative meanings, otherwise they will be getting entangled with implications inherent in our presently sloppy speech. 

This is an aspect of Babel everyone must heal as it makes us vulnerable to indulging, and “makes us think we understand” a transmission of Spirit when we’ve actually translated it poorly, or we’ve completely missed the point Spirit’s communicating to us!

Higher SELF revealed this aspect of Tarot understanding over a 25 year+ span via healing instructions of Spirit Transmissions to myself and those who were willing to explore the healing process Spirit was gradually revealing and unfolding before our eyes/lives. 

I never approach Tarot from my personal self, I always come to Tarot via a conversation with Higher SELF, allowing and opening humbly to a PURE Spirit Transmission, Who is reliably directing enlightening insights and pertinent awareness for spiritual healing begetting gradual return to ONENESS.

You will reconnect with the proper orientations that are natural to your Indwelling Spirit SELF that is Infinite and all God/Spirit Good – Light & Love when you embrace this book and make its story, YOUR story.

All to Love,





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