Setting Your Christos-Spirit Free List

Setting Your Christos-Spirit Free List

We are Creator Beings and suffering a severe and persistent case of  consciousness amnesia of Who I Am and Why I Am here and now. I’m going to use the symbol of a butterfly to help you relate to your Higher Christos-Spirit SELF Who is your I Am Presence Who is breathing your breath, beating [...

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“Sort Tares from Wheat”

“Sort Tares from Wheat”

This post will cover the meaning and value of having discernment skills and how it takes proper knowledge, too. First, a little mini course of agricultural facts to improve your ability to probe this quote for its many levels of meaning. The more you understand  about tares, scientifically, loluim ...

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Hanged Man Symbols Explored as a Soul Key

Let’s Look at the Symbol Language and What It Is Telling US Hanged Man Symbol Language is explored from a Spiritual perspective as a  Soul Key.  I shall make the impersonal, personal as I outline the foundational symbols speaking to us from this allegory. As a Golden Key, there is much to sa...

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Hanged Man is The Pivotal Card or Lynch Pin of The Tarot

From a TarotGnosis© Understanding, The Hanged Man is The Pivotal Card of The Tarot.  Hanged Man Symbol Language is explored from a Spiritual perspective as a  Soul Key. From an enlightening Point of View(POV), reaching The Hanged Man in one’s consciousness, signifies a Soul’s Grand Tu...

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First, Things First… “Welcome!”

First, Things First… “Welcome!”

  How Do Flowers “Speak” & Why Should I Care to listen? The nature of transcendent God (specifically, not the dogmatic renditions most know as a God of beliefs or imaginings as proffered by most religions), our Spiritual Source, is Love and because it is Unconditioned by ego filters...

What Is TarotGnosis™?

SHORT ANSWER: It is an active and conscious communicating relationship with one’s Higher SELF whereby a person masters a Sacred Intentional Listening Communication (SILC™) process of communicating with their Higher SELF and relearns  the symbol language of “encoded” messages in ...

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Golden Rule Dynamics Simplified

HUmanity’s Unity of Oneness Is Experienced as Our Collective Unconsciousness (A Grid & Web Out-Picture Our Interdependently Connected Relationship Well) This goes directly to the wisdom behind The Golden Rule of “doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”  At the...

Life is a Virtual Reality Game

Hitchcock Got It Right! Life is Nothing More Than Cosmic Entertainment – Call It a “Virtual Reality Game, Movie/Play, Matrix or Dream” It’s All the Same: Pretending, Experimenting & Having Fun (Albeit, It is One of High Stakes) Yes, this virtuality game is of Divine propo...

One-Will Freely Choosing Back to God/Spirit or SOURCE

This Pearl of  Wisdom is Epitomized and Most Easily Grokked by Translating the Symbols of The Hanged Man of Tarot Perfected State of a Person’s/Soul’s Ego IS Oriented to “…not My Will, but Thine” For most, this explanation will leave you pretty much in the dark as to t...

“IF Your Eye is Single…”

What is the core value and meaning of this often quoted from Sacred Text, specifically, the bible?...


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