When considering Spiritual guidance and choosing a place of learning… the ante is understandably quite high.

I view all learning as an investment in yourself. Optimizing that investment for a long term quality payout is not only good sense, it is also a great way to honor your potential and to appropriately love yourself.

I always think it is prudent to take a closer look at who will be instructing you because their abilities are going to pose the ceiling of their reach and, thus, what will honestly be available to you.

When I was in college, even though it was inconvenient and a bit tedious, I initially sat in each professor’s class for the subjects I was enrolling in so I could get a decent sense of who I’d be dealing with and what they were capable of offering me, their prospective student. Glad I did, too, because some of those profs were not worth my time, let alone my tuition fees!  Why should seekers of TRUTH be any less discerning?

Since you can’t visit with me personally, here’s what I can offer to help serve that same purpose for you.  Here’s some disclosure, some of my thoughts regarding the sacredness of all student-teacher relationships, and an opportunity to ask me questions that I will answer.  Maybe we can streamline this even more, but for now, this is an honest start.  🙂   Hope to see you, too, in classes in the membership area with others SOULS who are done buying whatever came down the pike with ‘wishin’ and hope’in promises.  They are investing in their HOMECOMING future by enrolling and committing to their rehab work and learning so they can enjoy their Renaissance.

Brief Intro to Acquaint Yourself with Who I Am and What I Represent:

From MAI Viewpoint,
If honesty and frankness aren’t the core values and experiences between us and our communications, then what is the point?

MAI Orientation or SOURCE is HERE
MAI Integrity & Responsibility to YOU is HERE

The above 2 LINKS will take you to more detailed information that is wise for you to apprise yourself of  in order to weigh my heart and intention against your needs, hopes, and desires. 

It is important, for you, to see if a match exists or if you resonate enough with Who I Am to take a gander at building trust. 

Trust requires a mindful relationship built over time that proves itself reliable & dependable, thus, worthy and valuable of enduring respect

If trust is given freely without any interactive relationship, we are NOT talking about TRUST, we are talking about Faith. 

I’m not a big advocate of faith because it is blind and belief based, both of which entertain a gap or void and  have brought a great deal of suffering to HUmanity. 

I’m willing to close gaps with walking the talk, be reliably consistent and interactive because that is the essence of reunion, re-connecting, collaboration, communication, and so much more.

Trust is more like an encouraging asset than a hope, and therefore, gives you a foundation to build upon, & create thereby, in an intentional way with productive purpose. TRUTH is the source of trustDon’t forget to ask me about the mini TAO of Hope lecture, it looks at both sides of hope in a way many never thought of before.

Trust is solid and Love, fulfilled with Light of Awareness (consistency signals).
Faith is vulnerable and like the wind, conceived in darkness (unknowns).
Both deal with the Unknown, One wisely, the other foolishly.


TAO yin-yang duality

 More Impersonal Perspective  (objective):


Coming into one’s enlightenment carries a weight of response-ability; it takes years of being with your shifts in Awareness in a way that you become able to grasp your Inner sensations & impressions in a manner that you feel enough comfort with that you are able to articulate your knowingness into words that will make sense to others.  The Divine Awareness Is Infinity, and frankly, it doesn’t translate easily into a few words without it being heard totally free from a listener’s filtering.  NO big surprise, eh?!   A given impression of amazing insights of TRUTH may take pages to relay what’s being grokked in an instant!  My preferred way of communicating  and connecting with people is verbal and live with diagrams or pictures, in Socratic conversations, and in direct response to people’s feedback.   I call this “from the hip relating” because it is spontaneous and immediately responsive to those present.   I don’t think it gets any better than that for communicating TRUTH without deviation, distortion, distraction, doubt, or delay in CLARIFYING understanding its meaning, implications, impressions, and application.  This also assists people with confronting filtering they’re not even conscious is even happening.  A big win-win on all levels.   Yet, on the internet, such live presentations, open to interactive feedback, deems I have video, podcasting, webinar,  and teleseminar savvy, all of which all are technical challenges for me.  The day is dawning when someone will be drawn to assist with their technical talents, and everyone will be a winner!  Ummm…are you that person??  If you don’t ask, you don’t receive…  In COMPLETE SELFGnosis®, a person realizes quite clearly their way to to fulfill Divine Intention without deviation, distortion, distraction, doubt, or delay.  It is not a “leave the world” and rest in bliss kind of a thing.  It is a daily settling-in of an overarching viewpoint of transcendent understanding of precisely how The TRUTH sets us free.   Clarity rings in your Being down to your “atoms, cells and electrons” singing in unison with ONE WILL, as your consciously embraced free will.  All gaps are closed, and as Jesus poignantly declared, “The Father and I are ONE.”  Simple. Sweet. Humbly tells it all.  Your heart aches to reach out and touch others with TRUTH so they’ll know the way out of pain, suffering, fear, and the popular state of con-fused affairs.  You see.  You Know.  You cannot withhold because Love & Light has no such boundary.   And, so, you open to the world your brand of Caring and Sharing from the Hand of our Creator to the open hand of seekers longing to connect with Way of TRUTH for their Re-union, too!  You can do no-thing else, really.

On this note, I shall leave you with this:  SELFGnosis® dawns as an Aquarian gift/revelation.  It is Divinely conceived and designed to accelerate the healing process out of ego idealization-identification and back into remembrance of your Indwelling Spirit as Who I AM. 

As such, a compelling Call/Invitation, from ABOVE, is emerging to the few, Below, who share in At-One-ment, to end all gaps separating all teachers of ONE WILL, demonstrating how a shared Unity of Oneness is The Way, with both the internal and external expressions becoming ONE Resource, of several “flavors”, that HUmanity can NOW see how God-Spirit is consistent, constant, and available.

No islands. No “specialness” of we’re the only way”.  All this non-sense dissolving into a living  HUman Unity of Oneness that potentially will be ignited into a wHOLY Fire of InSpirited teaching centers with no heart for separation

God-Spirit is dreaming how The Unison of teaching is becoming a living example of The TRUTH Way in concrete experience! …. umm…lovely, yes”!  

TAO yin-yang duality

More Personally (subjective):


Within ‘the inner gardens’ of myself, my question of accountability and discovery is one I wrestled with for a lengthy transition period, as I allowed my personal self to slowly accept the obvious transformation within my being.   And now, I pose it to you to notice and ponder the simplicity of its call to action that makes, not only sense, but, as you will see for yourself,  If you give yourself the opportunity is the nature of how gently our enlightenment is restored with SELFGnosis, along with the beauty of its subtleness, at once common and sublime.  

(GOOD NEWS ALERT: Yes, this is so the opposite of what religions prepare us to expect, & accounts for much of the length of my transition of acceptance with peacefulness.) You’ve heard of duality, right? Well, I’ve discovered how our shared Divine nature continuously expresses the INHERENT duality of The TAO, as long as we’re in life.  I now (and so can you) recognize this duality as a dynamic tension with its myriad juxtapositions of seeming opposites that become totally reconciled in various paradoxes because they are, essentially, and dynamically, the ONE. 

“As a Unity of Oneness, The ONE is in a delicate balance, ever striking the balance point, on the ephemeral ‘depends’ of relativity.”   — Sharon Quinn So much for my poetic waxing… I’d like to remind you of MORE GOOD NEWS » » Whatever I discover for myself, at the level of Principle, is as TRUE for me as it is for you…beeee-cause, we are ONE. I didn’t have to “try” to make these shifts happen, nor will you, they spontaneously shifted the way I functioned and related – from ego fear-based back into my Spirit love-based way of being. Peacefully. It’s really cool: no forcing, no affirmations, no chanting… just pleasant changes within me no longer chained to the need to strive, blah, blah…  YEAH!  (GOOD NEWS: we are ONE, and as it works for me, it works for you, beee-cause God-Spirit is consistent and that means you and I get the “same results from the same process.) FYI: I’m noticing this same pattern with my current students, too! If any of this sounds a bit cryptic, I apologize.  Yet, from the varying gaps of separation from The ONE currently at large, it is inevitable that the pure simplicity of TRUTH will have a foreign ring to it. This is because of the ego’s anti-What-IS nature gives our mind a certain inability to perceive Spirit-TRUTH-God, without filtering it though separation concepts, things you’ve been told not to question, assumptions, beliefs, opinions, etc. Yet, when you make your SELFGnosis® a priority of serious study, for a mere year or two, the cryptic edge will be understood as poetry.

Do you remember in grade school how reading poetry required its own classes in order to understand its unique language that seemed like reading nonsense, but in reality, with the proper orientation, you could see how it was emotionally inspiring and pregnant with implied and inherent meanings?  We say, poetry is an expression that comes from our muse; aren’t we meaning our Spirit-SELF?   🙂 Lastly, I feel you should know that in my early 20’s I was compressed to death in a car accident.  I had an ADE (After Death Experience), that many books have popularized as NDE (Near Death Experiences), which I understand to be an inaccurate description.  However, my experience was vastly different from those that I’ve read about because I was aware of every moment of the dying transition process.  I clearly observed my thoughts and recognitions as my Indwelling Spirit (Who I AM) took leave of my smashed body, poured love to the traumatized spectators of the accident, enjoyed being free from the restrictions of the physical, and how I knew I was Infinite and had reentered that realm. I knew the experience and drill well the entire “time.” I was not dazed by the transition, there was no tunnel to go towards, I was aiming for a known “place.” (You can read more about my experience in the 2 books  available below).


And so, on the to the Light SELFGnosis® cast upon my haunting questions about my Soul Purpose (that are HUmanity’s questions, too, thus, I will change the person I’m writing this section in from “me” to “you)

  1. Our TRUE Soul Purpose is that which is At-One with Divine Intention, and as such, is capitalized to differentiate if from our ego chosen purposes, or any purpose we “think” is our calling. 
    • This is important because few discern the difference between their Higher Voice Calling them from their lower tamed ego voice calling to them. 
    • Such discernment requires conscious connection to one’s Indwelling Spirit SELF to access their ability to “split a hair” and walk on the Edge of TRUTH with no interference “coloring” how they see both sides.  Absolute Clarity transcends duality’s perceptions.
  2. This one really surprised me >>>We all have 2 Soul Purposes (consistent with TAO essence)

    • Soul Purpose #1 entails “waking up”, Coming HOME, Return to Being At-ONE, SELFGnosis, et al.
    • Soul Purpose #2 entails the impact one’s reconnection with ONE WILL makes evident is their service to The One and how it expresses as their gift & influence to restore sanity to the collective HUman consciousness.
    • SO, this means our initial Soul Purpose #1 of SELFGnosis, evolves into a  Divine compelling urgency to fulfill our Soul Purpose #2, which, I now realize, is always in service to restoring any memory loss of  TRUTH for HUmanity – individually as well as collectively.

      • A bit of reflection reveals how you can only be assured your service will strike ” the bull’s eye of the target” of Divine Intention without fail or any skew, only when you’re consciously being your Divine Spirit in a body.

Enlightenment could be nothing else when you grok What-IS. As your SELFGnosis® progresses, selfishness is naturally relinquished for the peace of at-onement


MAI Personal Motivations:

I’ve learned what I know about SELFGnosis® from God-Spirit or Higher SELF and now live it in daily life without fanfare. 

If you don’t believe such things are possible, that is your problem, not mine, right??

TRULY, what source for Absolute TRUTH is more valid?!  Something written thousands of years ago, or direct communion in the NOW?  For me, it’s a no brainer, but, I can’t imagine your hurdles upon hearing something like this because I no longer have them.  Such “things” have become vague memories for me. I’m compelled to share-onward, as an exemplar/teacher, what I’ve learned and am learning with each passing day.  Arriving at Who I AM is not a cul de sac in life that is some grand arrival point, and it’s DONE.  We’re Infinite, so how could that be the way it is?! Think about it, God-Spirit is Infinite Light & Love and that means getting in touch consciously with never-ending wisdom… the TRUTH is consistent and constant even down to all the details, ever demonstrating the elegant simplicity of it all, and vast, indeed!  Most important thing of all, I DO NOT WANT to “Save you“, that is an ego desire for the petty minded who are attempting to be better than the average Joe.  I am an average “Joe” who wants you to WAKE UP. Why? Because I did, and I didn’t think that was possible with all the problems I had. I now know better. All I share and teach serves to NUDGE you to, “Wake Up, my friend,” and when you do begin to awaken, and the question you ask is, “How do I fix/repair the mess I’m in (that I created, yikes…)? 

Well, I am able to show you a powerful way that is HOW-to Oriented.  It works and it is both swift and effective… (not instant gratification, it takes effort and commitment with smarts).  If this interests you, I am at your service… the student and teacher meetup.

PLEASE Consider How the Following Information Will Serve Your Well-being & Bless Your Search >>>

I’d like to interject a word of caution and wisdom regarding Spiritual practices & disciplines : It’s naive to think some week-end warrior class, as my friend Will likes to call them, is going to get you HOME.  It’s insane to think you will “get & have” enlightened “after you die.”  There are no short-cuts, silver-bullets, or magical spells in your return to TRUTH or personal Salvation. There are tools to assist your Soul with its Great Work.  Of course, some of these tools wield more power and effectiveness to be sure, such as the difference using an electric drill makes from using a hand screwdriver while building a house.  Yet, the potency quality of the “tool” is equally important when contemplating which tools or methods you want to commit to for jolting you dreaming self “awake” and keeping you on track till your healing/redeeming process is complete with “no stone left unturned,” as we like to say.  For instance, consider the outcome of using cheap pine wood 1×2’s vs oak 2×6’s for stud walls when building a new home for yourself: one will collapse early on, the other will be quite sturdy with longevity of endurance.  Yet, both will take the same effort and time to build, with one giving you a “junk” outcome, and the other a fortress to bequeath to your loved ones long after you’re gone.

The worth of knowing how your Spiritual assistance/tools function does matter because they work in the same manner as our metaphor.

Therefore, it behooves you to KNOW the exact nature, power, and abilities your choices are capable of delivering to the speed of your process and the outcomes they are likely to produce.  Cause and effect relationships are integral to our TAO world and should never be dismissed as irrelevant because they are always “at play.”  And your time, is precious, verily so!

I am excited about the possibilities and the potential…

All to Love (ATL),
Sharon Quinn

*The colored words in the section below TRUST sign*  These colors key-in to an emotional tool used by each student’s Higher SELF to indicate an issue’s bottom line emotion that is important to be aware of and notice its dynamics in their consciousness and life.


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