This Life/TAO Game is one of Universal Cosmic proportion, and it’s about our Spirit SELF pretending to be mortal & separate from our Infinite Source/Creator; the rules of its Structure & Function (S/F) are the Principles governing it, and the Principles are totally consistent with Source/God/Spirit/What-IS.

Metaphorically, the Principles can loosely be considered like a rulebook accompanying a game telling the participants how-to play, the limits imposed by the game, the objectives of the game, etc. 

These Principles or “rules” governing the TAO, which is life, are not to be confused with our BELIEFS which comprise our pretend, or imagined, rules “running our personal dynamics & magnetic attractions in this game”. 

Remember, we are Spirit-God Indwelled Beings, meaning all the qualities, traits, and gifts of The Divine, are our personal Pure potential to realize and make wise use of as we design & manifest our energetic “reality” called life.  (Ideally, we would not have fallen into amnesia and lost sight or awareness of our Divine nature and heritage, but clearly, we did fall, and we fell hard!)

To play Well & Safely, it is wise for the parts of God/Spirit entering this game to remain Aware & connected to these Principles.

So, to make this information duly practical, let’s make the remainder of this message/article personal.  I shall relate to YOU.

To forget is to get “drunk on separation as real”, and to thus, to lose connection, in your consciousness vehicle, with your Spirit/Higher Power as you over-identify with your body/personality/ego as who I am, due to your myopic attention focused on the signals from your bicameral brain as “all there is” to know.

Once this narrowing of focus for information is accepted as solely reliable, we don a pair of blinders that prevent us from seeing beyond the bicameral mind/bodily signals of what we can see with our eyes, though with our skin, hear with our ears. 

Then, your mind loses clarity of Pure Awareness & gets “lost in the game” as your mind faculties fall prey to the illusion as real. 

Lost in the Game of Life, Dreaming Separation from Who I Am...For example, it is very much like entering a virtual reality game whereby that “reality” is what you’re RELATING & identifying with to the point of it becoming an obsession for you.  If you become so engaged and addicted to responding to the game’s stimuli & status that your life relationships suffer from neglect, you’ve become lost in the game or “drunk on its stimuli”.

This causes you to fall  into a stupor, confusions, hypnosis, & entrainment to the illusion this game is made up of, making time, space, and matter more tangible to relate to as being real than your Essential Spiritual SELF.  This is due to the fact that your bodily senses are not being “tuned-in” to the finer & more rarefied vibrations or your Spirit-God-Higher SELF that are energetic more so than physical. 

Again, this is similar to a dog’s hearing being attuned to sounds and smells your HUman senses just don’t “pick up”.  Thus, you lose the empowerment of what the additional input from those more attuned senses would be informing you existed. This phenomena of being & relating solely to a physical body has often been referred to by many sages as “smoke & mirrors,” with their consistent insistence for you to “wake up” from the dream. 

Spiritual Game of Life is Virtual Reality GameNow we can improve that dream metaphor and call it a virtual reality game for you to exit/shut down, (and come to the dinner table joining the repartee with the rest your family &/or friends.)  lol 

Your memory gap (amnesia of forgetting Who I AM) becomes so wide you can no longer see the TRUTH of your Being as a Spirit… that shore is no longer able to be seen, your gap of identification with being a human body is too wide (& complete) to see the other shore anymore…

You have become blind, drunk on separation, and everything in the dream/virtuality is distracting your attention from your Spiritual realization of absolute TRUTH from relative “truths” that are only true or significant within the “game.”

You now have beliefs rather than remembrance or Awareness; it is a cruel exchange.  And, as mentioned in a previous article, the beliefs you adopt become your personal “rules” governing your evolving patterns (many advancing your level of err), as well as your perceived abilities or lack of abilities.

Metaphorically, You can’t get beyond the code of the Matrix, and you feel a haunting fear you don’t comprehend, that is being generated due to your separation from SOURCE, your Beloved.  You feel this separation as a fear/anxiety/angst, but your cognition of its cause is vague, like “smoke & mirrors”. 

You may over time languish in the game & feel an inner longing that is generated from your Heart of Hearts that there “must be more to life than this.”  This is Your Higher SELF “leaking through” the fog of your misconceptions into your conscious awareness and being reflected or pondered by your ego mind.

This is the beginning of the search for TRUTH, answers, et al that the Soul, who is ready to explore possibilities beyond the signals & promises of life, who feels compelling urges to consider “things” outside “the box,” begins to investigate and ponder for More relevance,  depth, etc.  Maybe you NOW, reading this, eh?

Unfortunately, this drunkenness and the confusion it generates does not make your creating abilities impotent.  Spirit/God, abiding you, is what Spirit/God is, a creator, and because of free will, “You call the shots!” 

(How you doing with that creating?  Does your world reflect Divine Awareness or suffering, striving, hole in your Soul, ad nauseam?)

Rather, you stumble around getting hopelessly lost & create blindly, mindlessly, etc. and, thus, you give birth to evil (What isNOT Spirit-God) in your ignorance.   We have all done this, or we’d be FULLY enlightened in Present time.

We create into life reality an ugliness NEVER intended to be part of this game’s experience. God NEVER Intended for God (in you, me, anyone) to suffer in Spirit, through pain & evil that we have ignorantly/blindly put into motion and have given manifested form/behavior.  Such painful experiences are NOT Divinely conceived, imagined, desired, or necessary!

Our long-suffering – violent, greedy, painful, diseased, & poverty – filled world demonstrates the folly, as well as the dangers, of our collective amnesia or unconsciousness.

Some mistakenly call this outcome evil and attribute it to HUman’s being innately evil, but this conclusion is based on ignorance of Principles long forgotten – the shore of TRUTH which can no longer be seen due to the size of our gap & the dense fog in our mind’s eye.  

HUmans are innately God-Good because our essential SELF is Spirit-God, and that, in itself makes it impossible to be innately evilWe may do evil things, but we do not have the power to make God-Spirit evil via our ignorance or beliefs.  Period.  Our “think’in is messed up, but our Essence is Pure Aware and Pure God-Good, & that makes us Mighty Fine!

We have a dire need to correctly understand Who I Am, so we can properly understand our dynamics, & how poor choices can make HUmans seem to appear evil.   Evil is more of a function of our total lack of grasp regarding  just how powerful and creative our use of free will choice is.  We be-devil ourselves in blindness & ignorance of our true nature and inherent powers.

Are you one of the Souls tired of this folly and ready to exit your part out of the game and get back to your reunion with Source/God/Spirit/Higher Power?  WEi call this: Coming HOME, choosing back into The One, your Christ SELF/Mind & leaving your ego self/mind emptied of its What-isNot God/Spirit E2/Higher Power.

If so, you can fulfill your SOUL Purpose #1 by accomplishing your HOMECOMING successfully, and then be about “Your Father’s Business” known as your Soul Purpose #2, in which you’ll bless the HUman race with your Divinity gift.

HUmanity is in dire agony.  IF you are ready, don’t delay, your gifts of Soul Purpose #2 can make a World of Difference!

All to Love,







Updated: Sept. 8, 2011
Original: December 26th 2010

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