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We are laying a bread crumb trail from presupposed beliefs and guesses about the mystery of life and our relationship to God-Spirit.

Last week we continued our visuals and information from how each of us moved from our Transcendent Divine Reality, and started our journey into TAO of Life as we took on the energy garment of our Christ Mind SELF.  Today’s show delves more deeply into this initial rarefied body of our Indwelling Christ SELF where HUmanity abides as a Unified Awareness of our Spirit, innate God-Goodness, Unity of Oneness and Divine Intention for our Soul Purpose.

This is the seat of our Self Gnosis which is the same as our Higher SELF of Pure Awareness of Who I AM.  This week, join us in learning and enlightening yourself about your Christ SELF dynamics and reality.  This is a topic we are passionate about, and, more importantly for YOU, we are intimately informed about it…listen and benefit from unfiltered TRUTH.

5 Vital Red Flags or Signs of Separation or Gap from Oneness
to Be on FULL Alert  so as to Notice in Order
to Be ABLE to Discern Purity of Information

The 5 “D’s make us unsure, insecure, and insane…  ego mind filters our Christ Mind via our wounding & pain that distorts our Inner Voice & TRUTH.

  1. Deviates,
  2. Distortion,
  3. Delays,
  4. Doubt,
  5. Distraction

Next week we’ll explore beyond the Smoke & Mirrors Veil.  We’ll see how our next garment of ego mind is designed to see and identify separation & not an oneness idea, how it gets our individual uniqueness to be a specialness disease that ever craves to be on pedestal, how our ego identity is drunk on specialness,  how fear is sensed when we’re not at-ONE, and how amnesia of Who I Am sets us up to accept identification with separation as “more real” than our REALNESS.

Sincerely, Will and Sharon




 Legend accompanying the above diagrams of Supernal Realm of HUman Existence into Causal or Christ Mind Realm:
1.  The TAO or Yin – Yang as a portal of entry into the Game of Life dynamics of duality, Free Will & Principles of S/F.
2.  Sparks of The ONE-Creator-God as Spirit donning an energy garment reflecting a Unity of Oneness of facets of Light & Love radiating a Holy (wholly) Unified field of One Divine Intention from unique angles, much like each facet of a diamond shines a unique angle of light, giving the gem a brilliance.
3.  The downward facing triangle is the rarefied energy field of Spirit as a Unified Field of One Mind, known as Christ Mind and it mirrors/reflects, thus it points downward while maintaining Awareness of ONE WILL as “my  will.”  Who I Am = Higher SELF = Indwelling Spirit SELF.
4.  The Smoke and Mirrors veil clouding the ego mind that simulates a convincing sense of separation as “real”, causing confusion, amnesia, etc.


The Metaphor of Parsing out ONE Energy Field into Form
Is a Multifaceted Brilliant Diamond:

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