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Spiritual Anatomy is Revealed from Spirit Point of View…

In a Useful Simplified Way
Ending the Mystery
Shrouding Who I Am, Life, and TAO

This show is the first in a series presenting our complete Spiritual Anatomy –  As our Creator-God-Spirit moves from the Formless and Unknowable into physical bodies as HUman beings is made clear and simple to understand.

This series of shows, along with the diagrams, makes it easy to grasp how we are all ONE, as a Unified Essential Spirit Being, even though we have individual bodies that seem to indicate otherwise.  Our separation is an impression, not a reality, as this series will make clear by its end.

Not only is it easy to understand, this comprehension of Who I Am makes sense.  It is a skeletal diagram of our TRUE Structure that helps you to understand how you work, your functions, and how all the mysticism surrounding this subject is dispelled.  Clarity works like that.

We start this segment of our series by focusing on our Formless Origin that is Unknowable to us with our bicameral mind perception, because our senses are geared to perceive physicality and to enhance our sense of being separate and divided, not at-ONE.  This sense of separation was required for Free Will choice to have any meaning whatsoever.

These are the diagrams we drew in our mind’s eye, with our listeners, as the first show progressed:


 Legend accompanying the above diagrams of Supernal Realm of HUman Existence:
1.  The Black Dot with 3 Upward Arcs depicts our Unknowable Ineffable Absolute Formless SOURCE of SOURCE…
2. The Upward Triangle represents our Supernal Creator-Source-God of Formless Spirit that’s ABSOLUTE PURE VERB: AWARE, INTELLIGENT, BRIGHT, LOVE&LIGHT, INFINITE GOOD, The ONE, IS…
3. The Blue Eye of Horus symbolizes, “IF thine eye be single…” You will KNOW, not conceptualize, that You are, indeed, At-ONE; there exists no-thing but The ONE, and, as a HUman being, you are a fragmented conceptualization of a Unity of Oneness, in which no other Will (Intention) or Spirit exists that you are not intimately integral to being at-one with, thus, your EYE IS SINGLE.
4. The TAO or Yin-Yang represents The Game of Life which is the “rules of the virtual reality game” we are all immersed in and playing, albeit we have become “drunk” on the separation aspect/challenge of this game & its “duality” quality, which is discussed in greater detail as this series naturally unfolds or progresses.

This set of diagrams unfolds All that is Completely Transcendent & Absolute to our “reality“, thus, REAL; Words will always fail to meet labeling this aspect of WHO I AM – as you, me, everyone, everything, all inclusive…  Yet, anyone Who enters awareness of this communion and re-memberance “behind our personal self”, seeks to communicate their experiential recognition of how THIS is our TRUE nature of existence, which is, by the way, the Essential  “TRUTH that sets you free” (from confusion, false info/impressions, amnesia)…

The SUPERNAL Real was given the metaphor of an Ocean with All its Drops
It is all really very beautiful when understood in this manner because it is aright thinking without any false concepts “off point” in TRUTH.

  • Also, this manner does NOT lend itself to judgements or unworthiness concepts because it clarifies Spirit-God is SOURCE and as such NO Unworthiness is possible.  Period.

So, where does all our HUman conditioning of unworthy feelings and ideas, along with fear, violence, poverty, and other such ugliness originate?  Stay tuned to our series, and be informed by Light&Love!


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