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This post will cover the meaning and value of having discernment skills and how it takes proper knowledge, too.

First, a little mini course of agricultural facts to improve your ability to probe this quote for its many levels of meaning.

The more you understand  about tares, scientifically, loluim temulentum), from wheat, the more Wheat bows as it is laden with heavy fruit while tares is light and upright at harvest timeyou can perceive from this parable.  Since the time of Jesus, modern man has lost the common day recognition of how tares and wheat looked alike and why Roman law was enacted to make it crime for people to “infect” the crop of others with tare seeds.

Both plants look identical in their early growth, so you have to wait for them to mature so you can see their differences and separate the poisonous or useless weed seeds from the nutritious fruit bearing wheat seeds.

The tares also grow faster than wheat and will rob nutrients from the soil and from the sun by overshadowing the wheat crop.

As the two crops compete for their growth and sustenance, the farmer is faced with a dilemma preventing him from the luxury and ease of early removal of the tares without injuring the wheat.

This is because the tares have a growth habit of wrapping their tendrils around the tender wheat stalks. To remove the tares means to likely uproot the wheat which has a shallower root system than the tares.

Again, once the typical and rapid tare growth reveals the presence of tares, they are protected due to their entwining tendrils.  And so, once the tares are discovered to be present in a crop field, patience and observance will require waiting till harvest time in order to safely separate the weeds from the bounty.

The similarities of these two plants make sorting and discerning a difficult task.

We are being alerted to the dangers of subtle forgery and how counterfeit information may NOR be initially obvious.  So from the onset, we need to be paying attention and mindfully discerning all that we “take into our mind’s eye” and allow to be the fodder for our beliefs.

This subtle mockup warns us to be diligent about what we sow (thoughts, ideas, beliefs) or allow into our fields (minds) because it may mature to become an attachment we will have a fondness for, and later, it may extract a certain toll in time consuming and emotional efforts to deal with its integration within our mind-fields.

Bogus ideas are the boogie man in our ideations… not-TRUTH, but rather, ideas imposed or mindlessly accepted without self reflection giving us time to determine IF they possess a value that aligns with God-Great Spirit or not is a vital behavior to adopt.

We are being instructed about how information is more than idle words “breezing by on the winds of time.”  They are taking root and influencing our being.  Be sure the information and knowledge is of the quality of Actual TRUTH and not just popular thought in order to not be deceived.

All deception is costly to your spiritual health!  And, just because information is idealized and often quoted, doesn’t necessarily make it wisdom.  Only YOU can do the weighing and questioning of what you allow to be seeded into your mind- your garden.

Thus, this sorting is a discernment process with high stakes.

The key to proper use of Free Will lies in your ability to discern TRUTH from personal truths and outright lies or shades of TRUTH entwined by lies.

Counterfeit is a mockup that looks like the real deal but is actually bogus and false, or an imposter.

Sometimes visuals will reveal what you need to know, but as this parable teaches, the visual may mislead you till after significant amount of time passes and  maturity of the idea reveals its falsity.

But then, you have a bigger job on your hands to remedy the enmeshment of false with TRUTH, or fake with REAL.  Think and be mindful is clearly being advised and taught as one of this story’s main lessons.

This mindful awareness takes us to the valuable insight that the sooner we deeply inspect our “seeds”, the sooner we shall free ourselves from the burdens of weeding our gardens.  Weeding is always a tedious task, and best if we never had to deal with it!

This clearly advises us to question and mindfully examine and test whatever information we allow to take root in our minds and hearts.

DISCERNMENT is wisdom and not really optional regarding your Spiritual information resources. Principle is the only guide you can trust when “sorting your tares from your wheat.”

Bottom line lessons from this parable:
Discernment requires
. knowledge, weighing, and long term vision to understand consequences and the bigger picture results
. Pay attention and notice
. Be mindful

TRUTH is laden with information beholding to our Great Spirit making it fully nutritious as our ripened wheat stalks “bow” with their fruit when ready to harvest.  Tares, by comparison, are upright as their seed it empty of value .  Metaphorically, the empty mind not filled with TRUTH is haughty and  holds its arrogant head high to seen “above all else”, yet, it is the weed that poisons our mind with that which is not so/TRUE.


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  1. keri gould says:

    and sowed tares among the wheat; by “the wheat”, is meant the same with the “good seed”, the children of God, true believers in Christ; who are comparable to wheat, for the choiceness of it, that being the choicest grain, so they are the chosen of God, and precious, and the excellent in the earth: and because it dies before it rises and springs up; so the saints do, and will do, both in a spiritual and corporal sense; and because of the purity and whiteness of it, so they are pure and white, being sanctioned by the Spirit, washed in the blood of Christ, and justified by his righteousness; and because of its substance, fulness, weight, and permanence, so they are filled from Christ’s fulness, and with the fulness of God, and fruits of righteousness, and remain, and cannot be driven as the chaff is, but continue to live, because Christ their head lives; and because of its gradual increase, so they increase in spiritual light, grace, and experience; and because of the chaff that adheres to it, so sin and corruption cleave to the saints in this life; and lastly, because it needs both the flail and the fan, so believers need chastisements, afflictions, and corrections: by “the tares” sown among them, are meant “the children of the wicked one”; Satan, the enemy and adversary, as in Matthew 13:38 who are to be understood, not of profane sinners; though these are the children of the devil; but of professors of religion, men either of bad principles, or of bad lives and conversations; whom Satan, by some means or another, gets into churches, and they become members thereof: at first they look like wheat, like true believers, have a show of religion, a form of godliness, an appearance of grace, but are destitute of it; and prove tares, unfruitful, unprofitable, and of no account, yea hurtful, and whose end is to be burned.

    • Sharon Quinn says:

      While I concur that the wheat is the seed to protect and nurture as it is genuine and the tares are weeds, thus destructive to the original crop and not pure, as weeds they pollute, overrun, by fact that they deviate from TRUTH. This story is a metaphor about discernment and paying attention so you can be responsive to TRUTH and not have to suffer the burdens of getting entangled in false concepts, ideas, beliefs, et al.

      All of us share the same ONE Divine Heritage and this dissolves all false notions and teachings of special chosen ones. It is not possible for The One Creator to have preferences; we are all equally loved and pure at our Essence.

      What accounts for all the separation and profaneness rests solely in our ego minds and our free wills that have run amok creating blindly in amnesic states of mind, forgetting TRUTH and consequently proliferating lies or weeds/tares. Wickedness flows from amnesia and fearful hearts confused and in need of help getting sober on genuine TRUTH again… wheat!

      “Blood of Christ” is a travesty of ignorant masses persuaded to hate Jesus by the ruling religious heretics known as pharisees. Thus, like blind sheep the people fell for the lies and ate the “tares” the ruling elite spoon fed then so they could remain in power.

      And then, most regrettably, the jaded people allowed and advocated the murder of a great teacher of TRUTH. This blood lies within our HUman consciousness, not as Divine “gift”, but rather is on our hands, as in shame for committing a crime and for ignorance, and has NOTHING to do with God/Great Spirit or TRUTH.

      We goofed, big time and we are still having difficulty waking up and sobering our Spirits. Likewise, Satan is another concocted myth to control fearful Souls who can’t remember their Divinity nature, and so their fear laden psyches are duped with a mind-control invention dubbed as a demonic creation of God, and that is nonsense. Satan is personalized type of metaphor representing how we be-devil ourselves. How can God-Great Spirit create ANYTHING evil??? God is LOVE and LIGHT and that is the antithesis of evil.

      I cannot tolerate religious “tares” to get mixed in with the wheat you find upon every page of this site’s tome. It would be disingenuous to do so and dishonest. I must call a “tare a tare, and wheat wheat,” otherwise, I’d be shying away from TRUTH, and how can the be in a TRUTH Zone, right?

      Thank you for your sharing. I hope a ray of light is releasing you from fear-based religious misinterpretations blighting sacred text and messages.

      All to Love, Sharon

  2. Zvi says:

    the high priest stood up and asked Jesus, Well, aren’t you going to awesnr these charges? And Jesus still didn’t reply. Then the high priest asked him, Are you the Messiah, the Son of the blessed God? To this, Jesus did reply! He said, I am, and you will see me, the Son of Man, sitting at God’s right hand in the place of the power and coming back on the clouds of heaven. (Mark 15:62).This might mean that in some (maybe many) situations, it is not necessary or helpful to speak out in opposition. But when it comes to the most important issues, you do need to speak up and take your stand.I would also present a counterargument to the idea that the people at this church are generally safe. They may be, but there is also the danger that the church’s silence on the central Gospel message, along with their refusal to address major cultural issues facing our society today, can gradually influence the congregation without their even being aware of it until they perhaps no longer find the Gospel as important as they once did, and because Scripture is no longer emphasized in the church, it is no longer emphasized in the congregational people’s own lives as well. Isn’t this very dangerous? Maybe even more so because the people aren’t aware of it to begin with? They don’t even know they are treading dangerous waters.I guess my point is that a church can be harmful not only by what it teaches but also by what it refuses to teach.

    • Sharon Quinn says:

      Dear Zvi,
      First I want to thank you for taking the time to rise to the challenge of communicating what was on your heart. This is a wonderful thing… to communicate and take a stab at saying what we want to say even though it may be difficult to say it in words. I appreciate that about you.

      In your example, Jesus was ONLY WILLING to affirm and confirm TRUTH; he had no need to defend against lies and made-up information about himself for that was a fool’s jump down the rabbit hole into none-sense with the accusers who feared the message he was delivering.

      In his wisdom, he understood the uselessness of such an engagement, yes?! Besides, he had nothing to prove or hide; he spoke only TRUTH and hoped for its revelation to shake up the populace’s already deeply entrenched dogmatic trance. The high priests feared Jesus’ messages because it meant their days of leading people into idolism worship were coming to an end IF they didn’t do something about it. Crucifixion was a dramatic and emotional stopping point to end his message, indeed! What a coup! Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing, eh?!

      This is a clear case of “shooting the messenger.”

      The phrase, “I won’t dignify that with an answer,” speaks to this wisdom of discerning which communication is worthy of engaging, and which communication is so distorted that it is best left to die of its own meager lack of sustenance, or by its own toxicity as a poison.

      The TRUTHS embedded within the scriptures/sacred texts is what is important, not the words of the sacred writings themselves. WHY? Every translation potentially misses something or adds something in the process.

      Often, this changes the meaning to SOME DEGREE. At times, the degree shift is enough to inject enough error to dilute the original message or to actually change its originally intended meaning.

      This is a weakness of linear languages as our means of communication. How often have you said something, only to have someone misunderstand “what you meant”?

      This applies to all written and spoken words. Thus, the need for discernment skills NEVER leaves our sides – to think things over deeply and determine for ourselves what counters Principle or aligns with it.

      You don’t need a religion to “tell you this” as if you’re some kind of heathen or idiot. Your Indwelling Spirit KNOWS Principle well; this means you know it because there is no REAL separation from your personal self and your Higher SELF of SELFGnosis. What feels like separation is a case of consciousness amnesia.

      You need to exercise your “thinking muscle.”

      All wisdom thinkers keep this in their mind’s eye as a necessary rudder to keep their advancing knowledge “on course” and aligned with TRUTH, not versions of “truth”… Something to ponder with profound insights likely to be your reward for “sorting such tares from wheat.”

      You bring a valuable insight to the discussion table: “a church can be harmful not only by what it teaches but also by what it refuses to teach.” AMEN, my friend! It is indeed treacherous waters to not be mindful and think beyond what the preacher on the pulpit fails to or delivers to your plate… (SEE the reinforcing point #2 above regarding the power of a coup)

      YOU are the only person in this universe who can, and thus, is required, to weave the Principles of being a Great Spirit into your life so your choices will reflect a union with God ways.

      Such ways, always, advocate healing our communication gaps BY collaborating and co-creating win-win scenarios in our lives.

      God-Spirit indwells each and everyone of us as a Unity of Oneness, so what part of God doesn’t deserve to be equally considered in our equations??! Our unity is precious to our Creator, and few religions teach its value beyond platitudes.

      For example, how many churches do we see collaborating to unite their forces in teaching to demonstrate our Oneness? No, they cling to the philosophy of how they’re right and everyone else is wrong which keeps us apart and open to warring.

      Baloney, they are NOT teaching the vitality of God-Spirit’s Love, they’re focused on shame, fear, blind faith, grief, guilt and punishment. This is a very poor standard to emulate!

      Great Spirit-God is an essential Intelligence of Oneness… this means, of course, that unless we consider things from a wholism perspective, we will be missing something vital in our reasoning.

      Many wonderful and amazing things fall into place when you ponder this simple idea of ONENESS and its only logical conclusion is that of a shared Unity of Oneness as our REAL reality – all else is somehow imagined/dreamed.

      Thus, every wise teacher, as was clearly the case of persons such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and more…
      ALL spoke to the same bottom line Awarenesses.

      Sure, they phrased it differently, but the inherency of their messages is astoundingly the same! This is NOT a coincidence.

      While we may fuss over this idea, in our Heart of Hearts, we know this is TRUE; we simply struggle with Acceptance. It is summed beautifully as the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.”

      AH, TRULY, the sooner the better, don’t you think?

      All to Love, Sharon
      PS. I’ll include LINKS to the articles which expand these ideas as I publish the articles… I’m thinking 5:
      1. Crucifixion
      2. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
      3. Clarity Suffers in Second Hand Info
      4. Acceptance of Oneness
      5. Oneness is the Key to Peace


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