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This  Diagram shows the  SELFGnosis® Soul Rehabilitation’s Core Curriculum in a modular sense.  


Your learning  starts with information BASICS of TRUTH from a Spirit Point of View in order to reacquaint yourself with Universal Principles so you can begin to sort out “what you’ve been told” and reason for yourself what makes sense to you in your Heart of Hearts.


Clearly there is something wrong with our current sacred teachings because so few people are awakening to their Infinite SELF in a whole and complete manner that is freeing them from the  life cycles of birth-death.


SELFGnosis®  is an organized sequence of  learning modules designed in a manner to build together  for learning clarity.   It is taught to wake you up to what is already known but has been forgotten and is massively confused and distorted due to consciousness amnesia of Who I Am as a Christos-Spirit in a body-mind.


The focus is not doctrine, beliefs, or philosophy, it is getting back what you lost of your Christos-Spirit abilities and Higher Mind Gnosis by gradually restoring your memory in baby steps because that is doable by most everyone without incurring the stress of  overwhelm.


Thus,  Remembering Who I AM with Clarity, stripped of beliefs, assumptions, opinions, false concepts/ideas, pain patterns of avoiding/denying/projecting is the beginning of healing your amnesia in consciousness and restoring your unified energy field back into harmonic resonance with your Divine SELF Who is the REAL part of your personal self.
Accurate learning begins your holistic healing of body-mind because that is the profound nature of TRUTH; it heals by freeing your Christos-Spirit.


Is this not the sincere objective you hoped for in your spiritual search for TRUTH and the meaning of life?


This is a modular diagram showing the 5 major modules of SELFGnosis Program



All to Love,








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