Expanding Upon Enlightenment/SELF Realization & the Waking-Up Process
Within the
Framework of Realistic Expectations:

 What Would I Have to Do?


Today, I like to talk about being realistic in regaining your SELF Realization State of Mind that I often refer to as your SELFGnosis™ and many call Enlightenment or Awakening to TRUTH in Consciousness.  This labeling business leads us into…



WORDS: Semantic Mazes
Leading Us into Poor Communication
that can be Downright Confusing!


For Clarity, it is important to put together in your mind how seemingly different terminology is actually addressing the same concepts, & how these merely differ in their Angles of Perception, creating  fragmented POV’S (points of view) about the same idea/concept that is a wholism of all the differing fragments united.

 Metaphorically, it is a garment that is made of many differing threads. Each thread on its own doesn’t allow us to perceive the garment. However, when we widen our angle to see all the threads woven together in on cohesive picture, we see the garment, the wholism!

Consciousness Defined & Simplified

 Consciousness is an all-inclusive vehicle for the Soul to “hold” its natural essential Awareness of Its TRUE nature as One With Source/Creator/God/Spirit, and as an Infinite Reality entering a virtual reality game known as life. We are all familiar with how life has a life-death cycle at the heart of how it functions, giving things an impermanent & evolving quality.

 Our innate connection with The ONE is the ever available root of our (everyone’s) Pure Awareness or Sanity within our consciousness that gets parsed-out as our Indwelling Spirit SELF, of our SELFGnosis™, as it makes our Energetic “decent”.

 [Descent is one of a vibrational Energy (E2) shift from Infinity to a mortal sense of SELF, which is TRULY a pretend “mock-up” of being a 3-D physical body with a mind, who easily “appears to be separate” from any other person.  Descent into form is NOT a shift from Innate GOODNESS into a “badness” or evilness nature!

(I know this is the opposite of what many respected religions teach, but, it is simply not TRUE.)

NOR, it is a Fall from Grace or isolation from Spirit-God, except as an amnesic state, whereby we forget our Divinity/Spirit SELF, and thus, the amnesia induces a experiential feeling-separate-state conditioning our mind to believe in separation from Spirit-God that, indeed, does separate us from our natural flows of grace!  Our beliefs are a powerful thing.]

(I know that sound crazy, but that IS what we’re dealing with; and, it’s no more complicated that looking at how amnesia victimizes a person till they can restore their memory.  They do feel crazy and incomplete while experiencing amnesia, especially when they are aware they’re amnesic.  It fascinates us and so lots of movies have been made dealing with amnesia.)

However, by the “time” our Spirit enters all its vehicles that give us a very tangible sense of being separate, our E2 vibration has slowed tremendously from a rarified, almost formless, state into a dense physical bodystate that gives us a very convincing impression of “separation as being real.”  This physicality is so intense that it makes the amnesia forgettable, too!

Mind & Physical Body are subset vehicles of the Consciousness Vehicle. (Enough, for now, of laying a foundational structure for deepening & enhancing your ABILITY to grasp TRUTH & Principles in ways that have been eluding your consciousness for lifetimes, keeping you in a cycle of life-death and of creating karma.)



Note About Optional Ways to Learn About This Info

 The above paragraphs are a lot to digest.  This is broken down in a very concrete & easy to understand manner in SELFGnosis™ BASICS course that is taught with visuals and guided with student Q&A through each step so as to assist a CLEAN delivery of Info that is SIMPLE, but out of the ordinary teachings. And, unfortunately, not widely available, YET.

 The removal of all filtering of man’s imaginings about God/Spirit/Who I Am/HUman nature, make this INFO PURE as it is flowing from Pure Awareness removing the filters. For SOME people this INFO is initially a 180° turn from” everything they have been told”, & that makes their mind receive it as “difficult to understand”.  Yet, this is the quintessential essence of experiencing any paradigm shift or radical growth.  (It’s has to be different to produce a different results, right?!)

 The difficulty in understanding more about creating  a new context, as well as a function of something called cognitive dissonance, of which I will write more about this phenomena in the future.  I will make the word into a LINK for your ease of follow through when the article is finished & published. (Of course, enrolling in a BASICS course will make this information immediately available to you along with our ability to dialog our way through any gaps of understanding of exactly what this means & its value to you.)



  Being Realistic about Regaining Your SELF Realization

 Back to our original premise regarding being realistic about regaining your SELF Realization State of Mind or Enlightenment of living life from Pure Awareness that I often refer to as your SELFGnosis™.

 Experience and realism indicates that baby steps or gradual pacing is the best way to approach our consciousness shifts, disciplines, healing and Great Work of remembering & rediscovering in our Consciousness how we are, indeed, Divine.

For most people TRUTH is a 180 degree shift from being unworthy sinners to being Divine…that’s a lot to take in!  Pacing allows for proper absorption to occur and prevents overwhelm or temporary gain one can’t “hold onto” because their approach was superficial or of a skimming manner.

 Such endeavors as SELFGnosis require serious study and reflection making pacing and patience valuable components allowing you the proper time and space to engage the processes of redevelopment & relearning about Who I Am that will be continually opening you to rediscovering what your real nature is like.

 YOU must divest yourself of erroneous thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions and the like because they are BLOCKS to hearing, receiving, and opening your Mind to what might be TRUE so you can mindfully weigh it and discern enough to glean further insights….  This is, after all, casting a Light of Awareness into the darkened corners of your mind and creating gradual enlightenment.  This is to your liking and intention, right?

Your blocks translate into all sorts of problems, patterns, pain, suffering, denials, difficulties – all dis-ease of your body-mind that your Spirit is “dragged through” & experiencing.  This is NOT The Way of Love & Light!  Enough, okay?!


Approaching TRUTH & Change  with Caution is Wise


It is OK to start this Spiritual search or consideration for TRUTH with the CAUTION of asking, “What if this is TRUE?”, and/or, “How can it be so?” because it opens your mind to explore and reach farther.  Besides, how can you get beyond “where you’re at” if you don’t reach farther out?  Consider…

  1. As an Aware Spirit that you essentially are, albeit your current Awareness is buried under concepts of misinformation,
  2. You need to slowly regain & open to your ability to restore your Divine capabilities of reasoning from a Spirit/God POV, and
  3. You need to re-integrate your buried Spirit-God POV understanding of information back into your daily consciousness of expressing & experiencing life through your ego mind vehicle & physical body without ego distortion of TRUTH itself causing anymore interference and confusion.

This means developing skills (this list is far from definitive) of

  1. Paying attention so you notice “things”,
  2. Concentration so you have purposeful focus/intention,
  3. Patience so you “keep on keeping on”,
  4. Giving up the need to “be right” so you can open your mind & heart to learn what you don’t know,
  5. Developing an inner center for balancing so you can get off the merry-go-round of revolving stuff, and get off the seesaw of extremes,
  6. Having an attitude of exploration that is free so you can expand beyond present limits, and
  7. Giving yourself permission of Thinking for yourself, which I often call a state of Mindfulness so you can understand how you create via your free will choices and discern whether they are aligned with Principles or not.  This is essentially awareness being applied to thinking and reasoning with responsibility and accountability.


 SELFGnosis™ does NOT encourage blind faith, rather mindful faith that is both cautious and Socratic in its blossoming into transforming your reasoning from limited POV’S back into grokking The Big Picture your Soul is Aware of and noticing the dynamics of what is being “at play” here below.

Only your Higher Power has discernment skills that are PURE, meaning that you can Trust your Indwelling Spirit SELF will never mislead you.

Remember, with SELFGnosis, you’re essentially re-learning, through baby steps that don’t overwhelm you with too much info at once.  Your Higher SELF KNOWS your limits and strengths.  How could it be otherwise, right?

 Also, with  SELFGnosis, you’re consciously reestablishing your comfort zone with your Spirit SELF

  1. Being the thinking-reasoning-reflecting and feeling part of your personal self
  2. Who you daily give permission to be your inner thinker about life and its meanings, rather than with your present comfort which is with egoic points of view (which we can call co-dependent feeling, cognitions & rationalizations).

 It is vital to your Spiritual progress that you train your ego to “hold its horses” because modern man has an addiction with superficial information, instant gratification, terse oversimplifications such as sound bites, and other mind sloppiness of thinking.


We are LOST

We exaggerate as a matter of course, and have expectations that are not grounded in practical application because we tend to not complete things which would allow us to experience their wholism. We flit around and fragment like crazy which makes us crazy – ego crazed, hypnotized, dreaming, drunk on separation, ad nauseam.

 We’re fast becoming surface dwellers in love with narcissism, greed, trivia, movie stars, sports/game-alcoholics, shopping (retail therapy), getting high, and a way tooo long list of other non-sense that devours our time & attention with the useless, petty, glamor, ad nauseum.

 Our depth is shallow & all about image.  Spirit-God is about being, intimate communication, and enduring friendship.

 Facebook communication is preferred to having real live meet-ups. This is sad, pitiful, and not of the appreciation of the HU (Greek  etymology indicating Spirit-Breath) in man. (“HU” in man).


 Free Will & Choice

The healing injunction is, to

  • Slow down,
  • Seek for depth,
  • Ask questions that plumb to the underlying Principles, our taproot in TRUTH,
  • Expose the assumptions that are false &/or distorted that keep us “running on empty” while we think we are full (of ourselves, really),
  • Commit to your Awakening to TRUTH and full SELFGnosis,

and healing requires YOUR FREE WILL CHOICE (not once, but continuously and forever more).

 If info is TRUE to Principles that govern how God/Spirit functions in our consciousness, this fact, of Free Will, cannot & will NEVER be ignored as integral to the equation because, it is the lynch pin of all that is happening for Goodness & error/evil here below

You simply cannot afford to not understand this thoroughly IF reunion with Spirit-God is your legitimate intention.  IF reunion with God is not optional for you, then neither is a full comprehension of your Spiritual anatomy, free will dynamics within its relationship to TAO Choice, and knowing clearly, without any gaps, how you create. These are empowerment keys.



Modern Man is Possessed of Consciousness Dis-Eases

Modern man suffers from arrogance & ignorance disguised as knowledgeable.  It is Spiritually invasive & destructive to learning TRUTH. Ego is quite content with this confusion.

 We collect bits of info to fill our minds, like amassing large corrupted databases of often partial or inadequate info.  So many databases are filled with trivia of useless info about irrelevant “stuff,” and all this clogs our thinking clarity with trash diverting our Clarity pathways.  

We accept input without serious & proper discernment, convincing ourselves of possessing “exceptional abilities” & such because we are so “special” and deserve so much. Self idealism and putting ourselves on pedestals of, “Hey, look at me, I just went to the store, blah, blah, blah…!” have virtual reality spaces like facebook jammed with what?!!

What we have lost sight-of & connection-with is how our concept of specialness is rooted in ego comfort, not character strengths aligned with our Goodness Nature of our Indwelling Spirit/Higher Power.  Ridiculous on so many levels, yet it is the fodder so many are dining on today.  And, we wonder why the world is decaying and our moral fiber is weak…??!



Observing – Witnessing has its Cost…

It is sad to be so Aware of such things because I understand how this defended error of understanding is not explored for its absurdity, rather it is embraced because it comforts the ego so thoroughly!  What an entrapment, eh?! 

TRUTH is not a comforting balm when feeling the collective unconsciousness in this day and age; it elicits sadness along with a fiery verve to write and publicize a book as this site is designed to be.. an open book in a world library with no boundaries available for all to see…


In Recap:

It is realistic to discipline yourself into being aligned with Principle itself, because this is a wise & safe guiding line to solidly commit & cling yourself to for safe passage through the mind field you enter as you open to own your Lunar waters (denied E2) of whatever has you out-of-synch with your Higher SELF/God/Spirit. 

Your Higher-Spirit-God SELF can handle anything!  And, YOUR Higher SELF is the total ground of SELFGnosis;  the sole Spirit-God orientation of SELFGnosis gives you reliable empowerment to accelerate YOUR enlightenment safely and completely into Pure Awareness and the success of achieving your return to God-Spirit-HOME!

 This translates into recognizable behavior choices such as making your Spiritual development your #1 priority and “sticking with it” because “at the end of the day,” you will be happy with the outcomes.

 These behaviour changes will have you expressing in kinder & wiser ways without effort & with permanency; it will simply be how you relate since you’ll be freeing More God in you as the part of your person Who is relating in life & communicating!

 Over time, it will become evident to your conscious mind how you are growing grounded in Spirit/God/Principles as a natural course of your development.  This is same as noticing you are daily more grounded in your SELFGnosis™ or God/Spirit SELF, alias, Higher SELF, et al.  Your natural nature is sacred, not that of a scared ego. 

Did you notice the transposition of letters and the confusion it indicates as we move from Divine sacred to ego fearful and scared??  Pretty interesting, eh?!

 You will fundamentally be living from a better place with God, your Indwelling Spirit SELF. Is this not the Source of all enduring happiness?


SELFGnosis™, in you, is fundamentally practicing an ART of SPIRIT Form that lives life in ways of Harmony, experiencing & expressing your innate Goodness via consciously Aware Free Will choices that never deviate from What-IS God Good.

All to Love,







Birth of SELFGnosis™
Welcome: Site`s Purpose & YOU


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