1. Transcending in your consciousness by making ego mind transparent to your I AM Presence, your Higher SELF

1. Transcending your ego by annihilating it, NOR by simply taming its behaviors and cultivate it

2. Direct communication with your Higher SELF, arching over the astral and connecting directly to Pure Cause realm of your Being

2. Channeling information NOR drilling through the astral-ego mind realm to reach your Higher SELF.

3. Restores lost intimacy relationship, Pure Awareness and closes all communication gaps between lower personality and Christos-Spirit Essence or Higher SELF by building a conscious TRUST in TRUTH. It’s about returning to your Original Inner Oneness – Creator by deliberate attention and intention.

3. A philosophy, belief system, blind faith, worship, rituals, techniques or any other externalized attempts to relate to spirit. It’s not about you AND God/Spirit because that would be a separation acceptance.

4. Spiritual rehabilitation and renaissance program that educates, heals, energy vibration sensitive, transmutes your unified energy field, and ends your separation from Source. You are the doer learning and the teacher is an exemplar and mentoring support.

4. It is not a study of sacred texts, metaphysics, meditation or chant based, yoga practice, praying, or other repetitive rituals adoring or trying to reach God. While these may be useful to calm and inspire, they are directed by your ego mind to align with your Higher SELF and suffer the exposure to astral influences and limits of ego perceptions. They have served their purpose.

5. It is an apprenticeship primarily with your Higher SELF, humility & gratitude of being a ‘perfected cup’ of One Will Flows. There’s no diminishing of your Essence to being inherently ‘bad’. You’re an aspect of Divine incarnation and as such can only be Goodness. You’ve blindly created illness and ugliness that you need to transmute. Fix the energy error and heal amnesia, and be HOME again. All the empowerment, authority and timing is in your hands by virtue of free will choice. Nothing is “out there”

5. A spiritual candy shop telling you what you want to hear, positive thinking, quotation counseling and inspiration beaming to others, superstition, guru – chela relating, psychic powers, paranormal stuff, fascinations, new age propaganda about ascending dimensions, star seed stuff, nor is it about penance & purging. Such avoids accountability and response-ability by ignoring inconsistencies of what is being implied, or by hoping/expecting ‘to be auto saved’ by timing as if life entrapment was a ‘waiting game’ and fates rule. All of this is lack of empowerment & capitulates to external authority in some manner.

6. Soulful re-immersion in your rehab results in gradual renaissance of your consciousness. Vibration energy doesn’t lie. Healing and learning always take time and attention; that’s honest.

6. Quick answers, instant events of awakening, weekend warrior mastery, mind-over matter, wealth orientations, shortcuts, dilutions, co-dependent love, an attitude shift.

7. Grounded in Principle, absolute TRUTH, Christos-Spirit side of yourself, Pure Awareness and One Will of Creator, all of which transcends lower body-mind.

7. Grounded in earth, identity, faith, or the lower body-mind and its values.

8. Relationship with I AM and SOURCE being restored and honored by COMING HOME. You have dual consciousness energy and memory issues to heal and training and rehab is the fasted route to Clarity and skill retrieval.


8. Life achievements and lessons to learn to become worthy of your already Pure state that you’ve lost memory of being.

9.Teaching transcendence with a system to make it happen.

9. Teaching mind mastery or ego control and strategies of…

10.Teaching you a thinking pattern from a Spirit point of view. You learn to think in terms of the bottom line which is at root & cause as well as the structure and its function relationships so you can recognize dynamics.

10. Assumptions, beliefs, no-mind, mindlessness, globalizing, myopic viewpoints, being right, dogmas, ad nauseam

11. Practical and pragmatic approach to your Spiritual life, abilities, healing amnesia of Who I Am permanently without riddles since it is grounded in Higher SELF as the informing resource. It dispels all ambiguity and images of God-Creator by getting you directly and intimately involved and comprehensively communicating again with your Higher SELF-Power. It is Being WHO I AM and knowing both Soul purposes well with Spirit ability to carry them to completion. Rehab is always an investment is reclaim your best self.

11. Not a mind reasoning method grounded in ego or relative thinking mode nor its morality and values. It is not about solving conundrums, figuring out Zen koans, understanding the depths of metaphysics, having deep thoughts, etc.

12. Totally free will empowered and pro-active ‘saving yourself’; you choose every bit of healing, remembering, intimacy, etc. all the way HOME. You are trained in TRUTH that frees and you decide to free self or not. It is all about getting safely and quickly beyond/transcending life and its learning and death cycles. YOU ARE A CREATOR BEING and totally response-able and accountable.


12. It is not in the convincing ‘business’, mind reading, fortune telling, miracle working, “Specialness”, getting rich, or creating new images of God/Spirit to hold you captive to life and God externalizing your relationship. It is not about temporary ‘fixes’, shame, blame, or being judged.


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