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SELFGnosis evolved into discovery and eventual development when I shared with others what was “inexplicably working” to rapidly heal my pain while simultaneously expanding my consciousness awareness along with advancing my relating/communication skills in a rather spontaneous manner.

Discovery was legitimized for me & others when we experimented with it, and I could see how it was working for them in the same manner; we could say, “Clinically it was proving to be consistent and sound.” This recognition evolved from a certain amazement into a holy respect and obligation since I couldn’t ignore the larger possibilities.

Besides, people kept returning for more healing assistance because they liked the results they were experiencing and they loved the permanency of  it.  I’ve also discovered how Spirit-God medicine establishes its worthiness via experiences both subjective and objective.

Thus, I consider Spirit-God ways to be empirically validated rather than by man’s scientific method which must always have a sacrifice or control group.  If the enhanced quality of my life is recognized by me and my friends, why would that “inferior proof”?  Healing, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

The popular inspiration of , “Making the world a better place because I walked this earth,” began to take on a whole new dimension of relevance I never anticipated or sought.

I’m no longer seeing much satisfaction in simply making someone smile, nor am I telling myself it’s making the type of impact that will bless Souls for eternity, because I Now Know how it’s merely temporary upliftment.

However, I caution you not to over read into what I’m saying or to assume what you think I might be saying here, because I most certainly do reach out and touch strangers and loved ones in ways that assist them for both temporary and permanent gain – to respect themselves, feel better about their day, to feel that they matter, to spread sunshine into their life, to lighten their burden, to comfort them, etc.

But is that really enough influence in a world so caught-up in trivial pursuits & running pellmell  AWAY from The VERY TRUTHS they direly long-for in their Hearts to enter and happen in their lives?  Will it clear up the confusion and beliefs that keep them stuck in life-death cycles and patterns that push away that which they seek?  Will it open them to seeing what they are profoundly blind to presently?

No, I realize that while it is good & brightens their day, it’s not too much more profound than swatting away some flies at a picnic.  Does it add to our enjoyment of the event?  Sure, it does!  But, really, is it going to change anyone’s orientation to realize their God-SELF?  I’m quite confident, that is over-reach & not the quality of  impact I am capable of making in this world.  And you, what do you think?

I now see a more comprehensive vista of life and its meaning due to SELFGnosis, and for me, I do not find that comforting enough to rest upon my laurels and deem I’ve shifted consciousness.  KNOWING MySELF, (not as a concept, but as Who I Am In-Spirit) is SELFGnosis, and thus, SELFGnosis has imparted a more matured and precious viewpoint with an enduring valuable perspective that is far reaching and rich with intense implications that have the power to make a quantum leap type of difference.

Now, quantum leaps in consciousness will bless our shared Unity of Oneness in ways meaningful to peace and prosperity, that only Spiritual Realization, actualized person by person, can make happen.   I’m centered enough in Pure Awareness to be realistic about the dynamics of how such radical change occurs via shifts in consciousness,  and  to not indulge wishful thinking, be idealistic, overly optimistic, nor Pollyanna.

Quite frankly, SELFGnosis “landed in my lap,” so to speak, and I struggled for some time to choose back and allow myself to trust that speaking the messages of SELFGnosis, and  teaching SELFGnosis to an ailing world starved for their SELFGnosis was My Soul Purpose staring back at me through the eyes of those that SELFGnosis was also healing!  AND, it was evolving their Spiritual sense of their Divine counterpart as integral to them,too.

Children with their wide-eyed innocence  made SELFGnosis especially evident and hard to “explain away”; they just got it, benefited from it, and  knew when a “chat with their Higher SELF” was exactly what they needed for relief from suffering they wanted to stop.

Then, again, we do have those wisdom words written by Matthew 18:3,  And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Thus, when what was working for myself replicated readily for others, SELFGnosis began to emerge as a recognizable process with an ensuing development of techniques.

I realize this sounds incredible and challenges your beliefs.

What-IS, as Spirit-God made me aware, challenged some of my precious darlings, too, but I’m glad I let them go and allowed TRUTH to Flow into my consciousness and inform me of ways I didn’t realize existed.

God-Spirit offers pleasant surprises, indeed.  After all, I had to reconcile how any beliefs I held sacred were translated and theorized by man, and if Spirit-God Direct info was less trusting than man’s, well, “What was I thinking???!”

Keep in mind, that all of SELFGnosis is presented with the indictment that you think this through for yourself as your primary response-abilityYou must grow and heal with mindfulness and accept nothing on my or anyone’s “say so.”

God beings do their own thinking and pondering because they are Spirit Indwelled with mighty fine intelligences, and  they don’t fob off their thinking & deciding to let others figure it out for them, and feed it to them like pablum, that will likely be propaganda of some divergent sort,  right!?

Yet, consider, too, that all the promises & teachings made by all sages/masters/holy men & women that we hold sacred about how God-Spirit being IS intimately available to us, carries with it a consistent admonition that we have to shift our thinking about what is possible regarding the real nature of our relationship to the Divine, and all point toward the same Basic TRUTH idea of Oneness, indicating, too, that God-Spirit is essentially integral to us.   Some teachings are more direct and forceful in clarifying how God-Spirit Indwells us.

Clearly, the HOME of our Spirit SELF is not this physical universe per se; it lies beyond and is transcendent, meaning that we are dealing & living within an energetic universe we know very little about. We guess and theorize more than we actually KNOW.  Few, far too few to be pleasing and fulfilling Divine Intention, actually have entered knowing with stability, which is the state of living in continual SELFGnosis.

Further, this energetic multidimensional unseen universe of Oneness enfolds and includes our vast physical universe within it…whew, the implications are staggering, but one thing stands out: we can’t see with our naked eye what is most vital to our beingness – the Inner realm or Spirit-side of our full anatomy and world!


Here is a diagram of the bare essential
You need to know

to make sense of what all sages have been talking about regarding “the TRUTH that sets us free.”

Each triangle and circle can legitimately be considered an entire universe in its own right, with its own set of perceptions, rules, structure/function relationships, communication channels, space, time, mass (ME²ST) etc.

Trying to remain myopic and focused only on the physical realm/dimension is TRULY a dead end because it misses the “rest of the picture”, or it is ONLY a fragment of the wholism.

Wholism is all inclusive, all encompassing, without any gaps, thus, ONE.   Now, can  you relate to how sages keep playing the same drum roll about ONENESS?  It’s because they could perceive more than just this fragment, we call “the universe” & they knew it was a mere speck within the Big Picture that they had awareness of existing.

In the diagram above, the physical universe is ONLY the smiling face at the bottom of the diagram – that is less than 1/5.


Essentially the Same Diagram, But from a Different Perspective

Highlights how the Many Universes are Integrally The ONE:

“Singing One Harmonically Resonant Verse in Unison”


Please notice in the concentric circles how our vast physical universe is the tiniest of all the segments, as well as the densest, with the slowest vibration, and the greatest gap from Pure Awareness of Christ and Supernal Universes.  The ONE is Divine Intention without deviation which manifest as Uninterrupted Peace of Light & Love in all Universes at once.  Separation is a myth of virtual imagining that has NO REALity – it is made-up, like a movie script – life-death is pretend while Infinity IS Real.

There is an all encompassing Heart of Hearts that beats the heartbeat of this Unified At-ONE Universe & it is ever emanating from the Supernal throughout this creation keeping all in synch via the listening Heart.

Look closely at this concentric version of the same diagram of information about us and our Creator/SOUURCE.  Do you notice how with each expanded universe or Bigger Picture, the energy field of ME²ST is more rarefied, or less dense than our physical universe with its concretized form and linear time-space energy contractions and constraints?

According to Higher SELF instruction, this diagram is an accurate enough depiction of our “virtual reality” of separation on “steroids” to aid us remembering what we need to KNOW in order to make sense of Who I Am with enough clarity to overcome our amnesia, and to have enough comprehension of our appropriately inclusive Structure-Function to realize what it will take to come safely and swiftly HOME with Higher SELF guided SELFGnosis.

I, too, write this tome (website)  to you from experience and awareness, not from some lofty theory or belief.

My passion for TRUTH telling is Spirit compelled and voiced.  I can stop the flow, but why would I?

I feel a judicious need to caution you about discernment at this juncture:

THERE is a vast difference between communicating PURE Awareness from the Christ realm of our being (or universe as depicted in diagrams), such as was the access of the informing mind of sages as Lao Tse, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, et al. and that of channeled information so prevalent today that claims to be absolute, when it is nothing more than astral awareness.  Astral info may be amazing, but it is not of the power and purity of  TRUTH that sets you free.  Astral reflects and inverts info to align it with the notion of separation from God-Spirit as a “fact”.

Such “truth” is relative, albeit it is glamorously showy, exciting, and filled with what we want to hear in promises, stroking our wishful thinking.  Astral thrives on distraction from absolute TRUTH with myriad other self aggrandizing  feedback pleasing to our fascinations holding strong ego appeal.

With astral you have a Spirit mock-up, and you have not pierced the magic light show and penetrated into the realm of PURE Light & Love of Pure Awareness of at-one-ment that is the causal universe of miracles of Spirit-God response-able beingness.

The Christ realm/universe of  Higher SELF is the ONLY reliable, dependable, non-deviating from SOURCE realm worthy of your TRUST, attention, and orientation for information as that is the same realm as all en-lighting sages made communion with when they made their return HOME complete.  HOME is where the Heart of Hearts is and it was informing all their teachings.  This, too, is the Source of all SELFGnosis or it is not SELFGnosis.


All to Love,







SELFGnosis Primer & Thumbnail Sketch  
Birth of SELFGnosis™   

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