FYI: Re the Jaded World We Live In
How TRUTH gets Crucified in Modern Times

I know you got to negotiate your way through the wilds to get to the shores of TRUTH, as opposed to all that glitters claiming to be the “truth” you are seeking, but somehow will fall short with “inconclusive” or temporary shifts that just don’t “stick”.

Our world is quite enamored with the artificial and that is not helpful to anyone, really. But, you’ve made it here! And, do not underestimate what that means, you’ve got some kind of power to persevere thrusting through well crafted distractions. Celebrate your landing! I can speak & guide from Principle. You have to make ALL the choices for yourself because that is The WAY. “Ye are Gods…”  This fact of our existence carries some heavy weight, don’t you think?



Know this, If someone’s version of “truth” that you’ve embraced as a belief falls short, you have wasted some of your time. The notion that some truth amidst a pile of crap is worth digging for is no longer useful. Pure unfiltered TRUTH is available and that is worth your precious time.

VIP Note:
I am not saying, I am the one and only with TRUTH
– that would be both ludicrous AND arrogant.

I am saying few, a paltry few hold out this TRUTH, and they are not the ones dominating the Spiritual teaching scene. Unfortunately, the fall-short of Infinity crowd currently dominates, and by dominating, they are distracting, and even blocking access for the serious seeker who is ready to be done with life and it’s maya.  I encourage you to always make mindful inquiry and let Principles help you penetrate deeply through their message.  Be ever SO WARY of guarantees and promises; they may be the tip-off informing you of exaggerated claims.

Frankly, I am not offering either to you because YOUR FREE WILL is the lynch pin of any   guarantee, and your promise of success is funded from the priorities you set and follow. Wbull's eye on and misshile the teachings are a vital component because they will either hit the bull’s eye of TRUTH, somewhere on the target of TRUTH, or miss the TRUTH target entirely, You are the guarantee and the promise. The rest is hogwash and directed at your ego mind; I’m aiming to your Higher SELF. Intentions are not the same, eh?! 😉

I like to think of how everything in this universe seeks balance. In exchanges between people we use to have a fair idea and sense of what it meant to exchange values with each other via bartering.  Paper money has distanced us from the essential qualities of this process and its Spiritual values.  Today, we are quite confused and handle our exchanges without wisdom – overpaying, underpaying, stealing, ripping people off, raping profits, afraid to ask a fair price, pricing things by what we want to get rather than a fair approximation of their actual worth, etc.

When it comes to Spiritual wealth – how to get, share and keep it –  lots of ambiguity exists.  People are all over the place from, expecting all truly spiritual things to be free, to entailing a huge commitment leaving all family behind and entering a monastery far away from home.  I see clearly in Simple terms of Principle: Your Spiritual learning is the most practical  thing  you’ll ever do and the most important.  It is about memory loss and the errs made due to that loss of consciousness.  Accordingly, I see Spiritual life in terms of education and apprenticeship and rehab, and when  properly understood, it is as an investment in your Infinite well-being rather than something to ‘buy’, get, go-to or have.

of the TAO (duality) Kind

On that note, I feel a need to address the maddening scene screaming “expert, guru, ” and clarify what I am NOT offering and why, and Who I Am, thereby determining what I Can and AM offering you.

This may sound a bit inspired by Dr. Seuss, but here goes…

  • I do not lead you to worship God.
  • I do not lead you to services of prayer.
  • I do not deliver sermons nor preach to you from a pulpit or “book”.
  • I’ve no need to convince, squeeze into compliance, manipulate and/or cajole your cooperation and motivation “for your own good.”
  • I do not teach of a God the likes of what religions teach, nor do I lead you into a passive acceptance of “being saved” by some external Being.
  • I do not lead you to compete nor to compare yourself to others such as Greater-than or Less-than.
  • I do not advocate “being right.”
  • I do not lead you into believing in places like heaven or hell when you die. Get real, that sounds as goofy as all get out, yes?!
  • Nor, do I serve green eggs and ham! 😀
I DO: What you need to know is that
  • I am a teacher who can mentor your SELF Realization because, AND ONLY BECAUSE, I have attained that which I teach. 
  • Nobody ever can or will be able to teach what they have not experienced or accomplished and learned for themselves. People cannot teach beyond what they have possession of within their abilities.
  • I can only teach you to the level of my accomplishment, experience and mastery of skill.
  • Anything else means I can only HONESTLY teach you “about” it, but I cannot lead you to the mastery thereof unless I have the mastery thereof.
  • We live a world that is filled with people thinking they can teach beyond their knowing. It is folly. A short sober think on this is all that is required to realize how TRUE it is.
  • I encourage you to THINK for yourself, to ponder and question, “If “x” is so, HOW can “x” can be possible?”
    • This form of wondering uses your innate Intelligence to “think things over”so you can ascertain how something makes sense & could be valid even though it may be not a commonly held idea. Often TRUTH falls outside the bounds of popular thought!
  • I encourage you to validate the premise of all your logic because if your premise is flawed, your conclusions will invariably be erroneous.
    • How can false generate TRUTH??
      • This is NOT a zen koan, it is sane reasoning… false is devoid or separated from TRUTH making it not possible to lead to TRUTH because it leads AWAY from TRUTH.
  • I encourage getting reacquainted with Principle (“the rules of Universal Structure-Function (S/F)”) because Principle transcends ego, false anything, and opinion or guessing).
    • With Principle as your trusty guide, you can “sort the tares from the wheat” with considerable ease.
  • I teach within a Socratic and Montessori blended model because they beautifully draw-out from the learner what the learner knows, but has lost touch with; essentially, I assist you to plumb to your depths in consciousness, and, thereby, gently guide your ability to open and allow your treasure of Infinite Knowing to break through to the surface of your awareness. Pretty cool, really!
  • I teach from an InSpirited Point of View… Thus, God or Spirit is recognized from a more impersonal understanding as energy vibration of varying “layers” Who emanates a Universal Field of Light & Love that we can relate to and understand via Principles.


Would you allow a doctor who studied about removing your poisoned appendix take you under his knife, or would you want an experienced doctor to perform that surgery on you? Do you really think an avid sports nut who reads about skiing down glacial mountains with a bit of experience on the slopes would be the teacher to prepare you for Olympic ski challenges? Or, do you think you will be needing someone who has been there, done that with repetitive success to be your instructor? (Reading and study does not equate with hands on experience; we know that, too, yet sometimes we forget to add that into our equation.)

A great deal of Spiritual TRUTH is figured out with common sense, yet, we live a world that doesn’t encourage us to use it!

All to Love,
Sharon Quinn

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