The Quintessential SELFGnosis®

» “Physician, heal thyself”

» “Of all thy getting, get understanding (Absolute TRUTH)”

» “Ye are Gods…”

»   SELFGnosis® is being about your business of personally useful &
transcendent learning/healing by advancing your Awareness in consciousness:
“Know ThySELF”  above all else and you will know you are Christos-Spirit temporarily in a body-mind that is having a human experience in a consciousness dream called life.

»   The question haunting the HU*man Soul gets answered, and you know (not as an intellectual concept) the answer, “I, your name, Am an Infinite Christos-Spirit, an unique expression/experience (an aspect) of God indwelling a physical body…”   I am a Creator Being playing in the virtual reality “Game of Life”.  I am bound by my non-resonance with Source to the Wheel of Energy/Karma/Life & Death till I rectify the breaks by restoring my Original Renaissance.

»  SELFGnosis® is having a clarity recognition of your consciousness amnesia state making your lower mind’s ego self (identity of being a ‘me’)  ignorant of its Essence or I AM Presence. From this ‘visceral’ knowingness (Gnosis), you realize how you are a Creator Being and totally accountable and response-able for all you’ve created into your unified field of energy throughout all your lifetimes.  You are lovingly motivated and passionate about your rehabilitation in consciousness so you can empower yourself to heal and regenerate  your being into its original Renaissance and consequent return HOME to Christos-Spirit side of life. (See the picture below.)


 TRUTH vs truth

» TRUTH: Absolute; beyond relative conditioning and dependence upon situational “depends” factors. TRUTH IS What-IS and is the fundamental governing Principles or Universal Laws.  It is constant, coherent, & consistent; vertical REALity

» truth: personal truth; dependent on conditions, circumstances; is more opinion/belief than factual. It may or may not be harmonically resonant with IS; horizontal reality


Get to the TRUTH of what is often TRULY going on
In communication and relationships:

1. We often don’t have a conflict of interests; we have a conflict of understanding.

Asking questions to verify if you are both talking about the same thing, from different angle of perception, or other clarifiers can go a long way in ‘getting on the same page’ and having a productive conversation.

2.  You need to do in order to know.

Transcending Consciousness Awareness

illusion, beyond ego reasoning, Higher SELF

“Ah’, there is my Higher SELF!” 
“I knew it was close but couldn’t ‘see’ it; I could only sense its subtle Presence.”

Pierce the mind that creates beliefs in order to be aware beyond the illusion of life’s hypnosis that is defining you and your TRUE nature.  You must pierce the ‘smoke and mirrors’ barrier encapsulating life reality because you are required to get your ‘head’ beyond the life orientation and ego’s imaginings of what this part of  your mind constitutes as being ‘real’ and ‘unreal’.

 This picture nicely illustrates how you need to pierce your life orientations, beliefs, and ego filters/thinking in order for you to meet your transcendent awareness and Higher SELF that is Christos-Spirit in form. Spirit Presence of your Higher SELF is ‘what’ animates your  life with Intelligence and existence.  And, even though your actual Essence is very subtle and difficult to know with your 5 outer senses, it is the very aspect of you that literally is ‘not of this world’ we call life.  Your Higher SELF is your Godly-Creator aspect that imparts life into your body-mind.  Please ponder this picture for whatever it may spark into recognition for you and be so blessed by what reveals.

Another way to think of this ideas is to see that barrier the person is looking beyond as representing the wall of your ego mind as the barrier blocking your ability to see what is beyond its perceptions.

We can only point to this ability to pierce beyond its illusion as a crack in the wall of your consciousness exposing the LIGHT of your existence and the core of your actual need for awareness. This Light calls to your heart for your LOVE.

Your Love is expressed when you start taking a genuine interest and begin giving this informing LIGHT your attentions and considerations.  Then, you will begin to see the Light of day exposing your Higher SELF and its subtle nature as TRUE and your physical body-mind as the illusion… it takes time and baby steps…

This is a good starting point. Being as it is an ancient drawing, we are being put on notice, that this awakening has been beating at the walls of our collective and personal consciousness for a very long time! The pressure is causing cracks of Light to ray through… Let us enter that Light  and begin a consciousness expanding process allowing the LIGHT to broaden and nurture our awakening into being!

We’ll be discussing this at some length on the BlogtalkRadio show, Radical Shift from Ego to Higher SELF from the Archives of TRUTH”  airing on Feb. 9, 2014. 

Also,  This subject matter of how life is an illusion, delusions within your consciousness bubble, and your ego mind”s function of providing you with a sense of separation and isolation is progressively discussed in the blog post, “Bursting Through the Bubble our Mind Makes Real“.

Pearls of Wisdom   wisdom, wise guidance, spiritual harmony awareness,

  • Awareness drives and informs your thinking-feeling and ultimately your choices. We flow information and motivation along this FLOW: think ? feel ? do.  Remember, the think ? feel portion of this equation accounts for your perception that is informing and guiding  your choices. Your choices become the “what you do” portion of this equation.
  • The ego mind is separation from SOURCE oriented and essentially fearful to survive and ‘be special’ or ‘on top’.  This means competition is ego mind’s fundamental modus operandi and perspective.  This makes ego thinking interested in creating controversy, always contriving something to argue about and keep your attentions tied up in ‘being right’ so as to feel you have intelligence, smarts, worth, etc.
  • Consider how we are all apprentices learning our expertise of whatever, be it academia, parenting, technical, spiritual growth, etc., by our involvement and application repetitively being practiced over a long period of time.  Eventually,  our practice becomes an ability we can tap into as a natural and effortless concentration we call skill!  When our skill becomes honed to a high level of ability whereby our Spirit energy and SELF is not distorted by our ego function, we will have made our ego transparent. This transparency allows our Light and Love Essence to Flow freely and to be received by our body-mind without any resistance or ego taint interfering with our awareness and wholism viewpoints, thus, resourcing TRUTH rather than opinions, assumptions, beliefs, etc.   Such transparency rids your personal self of any ego fights and/or agendas.  Such is the way of harmony, the way of Spirit Being.

what reveals.

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