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Before you find yourself turning around another corner to some life pressing issue, chore, event, et al…   Take a break from the rush and constant calls and enter the R&R Corner

These are videos of Spirit-God @ play.  Like a trip to a Cosmic resort, you will find Refreshing Soul food  providing Respite within your consciousness, that’s being funded from merging your enjoyment, into broadening a Grand Cosmic Smile of Pure enjoymentSensing our Unity of Oneness is comfort of an enduring kind, yes?

I found this Ponder the Deep on tumblr

The R&R Corner is open 24/7, creating a Refreshing Respite from life that’s filled with God-Good expressions for you to imbibe.

Drink up the inherent respect and beauty you’ll find here, and experience Spirit-God @ Play.

Reflect, and as you look back to your Inner SOURCE, ask why you find these videos Refreshing DeLights! (Then consciously, you will touch knowingness – a very God-Spirit experience!)

Why not consider this virtuality space to be a Resort God-Spirits come to be entertained, & make it one of your favorite Corners in the Universe to hang-out when you have a few moments & desire a temporary delay from externalizing ? 

  Oh, before you leave, 

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