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Your HOMECOMING Will Deeply Satisfy Your Higher SELF
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Enlightenment is a process of a soul healing its amnesic state of mind & taking accountability & responsibility for whatever the Spirit-SELF, Who is a creator, gave energy into being while creating in a blind stupor, so to speak, as a human being.  Thinking you are a mortal is to be living your life in a blind stupor.

While suffering amnesia, you will focus and identify with your imagined-mind me-myself  tenaciously.  And, life will serve you a continual buffet of enticements, entertainment, and survival problems to keep you out-focused and busy with life.  This life enchantment and preoccupation is the wild ride of the Prodigal Son’s wealth spree to its eventual dissolution and realization that he desired and valued HOME.

Being more concerned about life issues having value and importance than your Infinity Gnosis and your Higher SELF’S need for intimacy with you, is the epitome of distraction.

The Return of the Prodigal Son is one of the most instructive stories ever told. Every Prodigal son is Spiritual Reunion HomeComingamnesic soul is a prodigal son who has lost his way in life, and remembering Who I Am and making it your business to return HOME, to your Spirit REALITY is YOUR STORY.

Call it your hero journey, your quest for the Holy Grail – they all speak to the same issue from more complexity than the original parable. Think about how it is your personal story and how you have a decision to make about your return.  What are you  waiting for???

Your redemption and being saved allude to the same outcome but they rob you of the one thing you cannot remove from your HOMECOMING equation, and that is how you have to initiate, decide and take the steps necessary to get HOME.  Yes, you save yourself when you decide it’s time and choose to return HOME; destiny has nothing to do with your timing or  pacing of your return HOME and freedom from pain and suffering.

It will never “just drop in your lap.”   To believe such a disempowering idea is to keep you cycling through life-death till you finally give up your attachment to the “just happen” shortcut philosophy.  The Universe has an order and dynamics, to deny them is to keep you in a stall.

YOU owe it to your self growth to continually ask probing questions:
1. How can you be a God-Spirit Indwelled Being and not be accountable for whatever you created?

2. Is Spirit able to align Itself & rectify anything the self created, without the help of external forces or machines, etc.

It’s a wonderful imagining to dream that you will JUST “walk into the light” because it’s time, but to know Principle is to know it doesn’t’ work as you wish it did. It works within Principle because that is our Creator’s design and Principle is Universal Law. Our job is to humble our penchant for “my way” and open to receive The Spirit Way.

First hand I can give witness that enlightenment is NOT a psychic event. It is an awakening process to Who I Am, Why I AM here and the Will of our Creator’s Vision to my purpose through the eyes of our Creator, not my ego imaginings about it all.  😉

I recognize You are Prodigal Son and would like to assist you to recognize this TRUTH for yourself with great clarity… What are you waiting for?  It’s the best story of any person’s life for it’s the one that brings the greatest joy to our Creator!

Thank you for your time and interest.
All to Love,








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2 Responses to “Return of Prodigal Son is YOUR Story!”
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  1. Boris Nunez says:

    and “spirit” can also have the sense of ” ghost “, i.e. a manifestation of the spirit of a deceased person.

    • Sharon Quinn says:

      Yes, Boris, this is another use of the word, “spirit”, and it is astounding how many words have more than one meaning and people still can discern the differences and meanings. Well, usually, anyway. lol. 🙂
      This is why I tend to capitalize Spirit to help people realize I’m addressing the most vital and valued aspect of their beingness which is their very Source of existence and capacity to Love, their Heart of Hearts, and not the more mundane or trivialized aspects often encountered with this topic.

      It is interesting to note, however, that the spirits of deceased persons are the part of their SPIRIT SELF “trapped” (for lack of a better word at the moment) in the lower mind because the person didn’t realize they we Divine Prodigal Sons.

      Thank you for sharing and patience with my response, that is the heart of caring because it opens communication… the heart’s favorite expression.
      All to Love, Sharon

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