This site is dedicated to everyone’s SELFGnosis® Having realistic expectations is always key to having satisfaction, motivation, tenacity, mindfulness, patience, and encouragement.  You need a proper framework of what you expect to have to do as well as what you are aspiring to accomplish as your goal/outcome.

expectation responsibilityYou need this so you can have focus and deal with your emotions of disappointment which will surface from time to time while going through shifts in your consciousness and healing .  Otherwise, you’ll jump ship the moment the ‘going gets tough,’ or you’ll be entertaining a wandering eye seeking a ‘greener pasture’ that will only cause you further delays.  It’s common knowledge that you must be brutally honest and open with yourself or the ‘winds of time’ and the fickleness of life will distract you from your intentions.  

SELFGnosis® is unfiltered learning, thus, The TRUTH Zone.  This means expect to have the Light of Awareness cast upon your darkened shadows.  You can’t be freed from your folly if it never gets exposed to the Light of Day, right?

SELFGnosis® is learning to know TRUTH (as opposed to beliefs/ assumptions/myths/opinions/agendas/knowledge ‘about’) regarding yourself.  Expect a few surprises.  Nothing is hidden from your Higher SELF Who your direct  Source of growing your SELFGnosis® into your conscious awareness, slowly but surely.

It is genuinely getting re-introduced to your Authentic Infinite SELF via present time conversations (not prayers) with your InSpirited SELF, aka Higher SELF, Christ Mind, Buddha Mind, Higher Power, Spirit-God within, Soul, Monad, Atman, et al.

Essentially, the same you think is different, is The One. And, with your SELFGnosis®, you no longer linger on each refracted aspect of yourself that you imagined yourself to be in your mind, you are content to return to Christos-Spirit of SELF and the Pure Awareness thereof.

Of course, this means you are no longer bound to die and have no need to be re-born to learn any-“thing;” you’ve re-turned, reconnected, and you’re at-One in knowingness again.

SELFGnosis® Is Knowing Who I AM as Christos-Spirit, or as God So Created Me to Be…

SELFGnosis® is a Spiritually Mentored Soul/Consciousness Rehabilitation Program for sobering up one’s ego self from its addiction to separation in consciousness by reconnecting lost relationship. Thus, it is a Spiritual Rehabilitation & Renaissance Program comprised of healing, directed learning, apprenticeships, and information all woven together in a way that generates inner power leading to transcending consciousness. This is accomplished while still living life – no need for the caves and austerity any longer. Expect to invest heavily in yourself because like any rehab program, the work is all on your shoulders, the program is your track and support system that works.

We meet on the internet airwaves on the road of life. All you find here will reveal a certain unique quality and consistency that you will come to realize is so the way Great Spirit IS.

build trustI expect you to be mindful, and for TRUST to be forged in our relationship, instant trust is a give-away of yourself and not wise, albeit is asked for by many a “guru/thought leader/coach/expert” by laying scarcity and urgency at your feet, thereby triggering your fear of loss, which is a poke into your assurance wounding. I call that a RED FLAG (more on this and how-to spot them and learn their meaning so you’ll have massively improved discernment skills protecting your choices)

I’m attuned, and I desire to teach you how-to be so attuned, too, to healthy processes via your Higher Self in a process called, Sacred Intentional Listening.

Yes, I am inviting you to start laying a foundation for an enduring healing TRUST with me that will allow us to safely open doors of communication with your Higher SELF in ways few think is possible.

In this manner, you will be learning how-to be about your Great Work of healing back into your SELFGnosis fully and completely.

The world needs Soul’s so At-One because their gifts to HUmanity are most potently expressed from their Higher Self connection that is grounded, stabilized, balanced, non-deviating, certain, and consciously abiding in their conscious minds. Thus, their Divine Presence is active through their personal self without ego interference.

Useful Insight Tips:

1. The mind is an endless “territory” to get lost in “never-ending” stories to tell about one’s “specialness”, albeit, being lost means resourcing fear within those tales, whether they be for striving to overcome, be a hero or a villain of greed, or whatever anti-love notion is the fascination.

2. When we enter a mindset, we lock-down on a premise we imagine is real or right. From there, whatever we say “it is”, and, it is going to that for us because we are creators, and we create our “destinies”. Most often this plays out as a wound being covered with a controlling bandage of “I am right,” and whatever does not agree with me, is against me, or doesn’t like me. And, so the evidence rolls in, and we “get to be right,” while being so wrong from the Awareness of Spirit-God.

3. God-Spirit never punishes, condemns, or demands/expects we give worship. We (religions, I suppose) made that up and we accepted that, it is “how it is,” and, thus, fail to question whether this is a valid belief or not. This acceptance lies at the root of untold pain and suffering, too.

4. No one is unworthy, irrelevant, or evil per se. Many play with those energies and accept them as traits, but all that is self-induced masks or roles due to amnesia of Who I Am. We tend to define ourselves terribly because separation is fear-based at its core.

SELFGnosis® Is Knowing Who I AM as Spirit, or as God So Created Me to Be... and that means as an In-Spirited body-mind, you are an Infinite Creator Being Who is a Love and Light essence being.

All else is a lousy script of “specialness” that keeps one on a trip though an ungodly, yet ego, creation of hellish experiences and expressions. As you mature, you become willing to leave such toys and striving behind, and you begin your return HOME.

Our Divine Heritage tells our TRUE story as that of the Prodigal Son. SELFGnosis is for Prodigal Sons who are done with the detours and experimenting, and are ready to go straight HOME, at an accelerated pace, too, without a forlorn nostalgic attachment to the past… backward minds look back to the past and remain stuck, not entering the empowerment available only in the NOW.

5. SELFGnosis® is a sophisticated tool for more advanced Souls who are ready to accept, “Ye, are Gods,” and to act like it. It is akin to reaching a readiness to enter college and be about the serious business of what you need to (re)learn, so you can be free from the debris you created and start going HOME, instead of continuing to be going nowhere fast, because you can’t get off the central stage of playing roles in your life game. Most people are afraid to leave the lower levels of learning that rely on expectancy of predictability. It is much like repeating Grade 2 repetitively with its “locked-in” systems of familiarity, and therefore, they cannot avail themselves of advanced healing tools/methods that require a developed foundation of skills that would support expanding their growth ? SUCH AS:
  • patience
  • tenacity
  • persistence
  • setting priorities and sticking with them
  • taking responsibility and not blaming others
  • willing to forgive (albeit, the forget part means you abandon the learning)
  • willing to be open
  • brave enough to be willing to give up their linear approach and enter the Unknown Flow
  • willing to give up the game of life and achieving success
  • willing to be humble and face their “stuff”/”motes in their eye”, et al.
6. Spirit-God changes this world & you through your own hands…wake up and start wiggling those Divine fingers…

It is about readiness to be willing to set priorities and be consistently self motivated and able to pick yourself up and continue after seeming setbacks. It is not about worthiness, that is a ridiculous notion with no ground in

TRUTH: everyone is worthy, everyone is worthy everyone is worthy everyone is worthy everyone is worthy… AND, everyone is worthy. Any questions???

Presently, I am giving FULL-ON permission to MAI Spirit SELF to run “my show” in time and space till MAI Soul Purpose #2 is fulfilled, and so can you, if that is your intention & you will accept nothing less either! Collapse #6: Spirit-God changes this world through… content goes here.

7. SELFGnosis® is a gently radical change process whereby you keep shifting your GROUND from ego perception/filtering to Spirit perspective. It is not about clinging and preserving status quo because that is what’s generating suffering conditions rooted in pain and fear. Ascending Spiral of Awareness in Consciousness Rather, it is about entering an ascending spiral of growth that keeps adjusting its ground for stability, balance, and centering in your Heart of Hearts, which is re-orientating yourself to your Indwelling Spirit as your comfort zone and “identification.” You pace yourself from your Higher SELF “perspective” as you gently merge your consciousness with the awareness of the Unity of Oneness of our Collective Christ Mind At-One with SOURCE, thus becoming your Immortal SELF & returning HOME. This is accomplished gently by baby-steps that gradually create critical mass shifts of change – effortless effort becomes your natural evolving state in consciousness.

*HU-manity*  This spelling convention draws our attention to the fact we are HU, Greek for breath which implies Spirit, in man.  Thus, HU-in-man = Spirit-in-man.

*The colored words in the section below TRUST sign*  These colors key-in to an emotional tool used by each student’s Higher SELF to indicate an issue’s bottom line emotion that is important to be aware of and notice its dynamics in their consciousness and life.



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