Now this brings us to questions
Being asked of me :


“How can I not teach what I now know?”

I see people floundering around with false ideas, sincerely searching for their I AM Presence and/or God-Great Spirit of their longings and religious imaginings, and know what is missing or flat wrong. In Love, I remain mute? I say nothing?

TRUTH: Withholding is not within God-Christos-Spirit’s nature, nor is punishment, nor judgement for that matter. Why?  Simple. We are all the same SOURCE, simply expressing different angles of the awesome complexity and beauty of our our Creator.  We are ONE ESSENCE displaying God’s grandness, and that takes billions of HU *-mans to display God in HUman form!  Ponder this for recognition…it is a real game changer once you grok it from the thoroughness of Gnosis.

Some Reflections I’d like to Share with YOU About what I just mentioned:

Prior to my healing “at the hand of my Higher SELF”, I must admit, I never thought about it much. I was of the general mindset that God’s will was imposing some blocks to awareness and it was best to let it be. I also subscribed to the school of thought that I was here to learn lessons and when my time and lessons were properly digested, my awakening would ‘just fall naturally into place.‘ Whew, what a crazy notion I no longer subscribe to as “somehow” correct because I now KNOW otherwise!  It makes perfect sense from the perceptions of ego mind reasoning.  But remember, we’re talking transcendent reasoning is our REAL thinking perspective to have informing us.   Yet, finding myself experiencing genuine healing that brought about a radical transformation in my consciousness, in ways that were not only physical and psychological, but more so, shifts in Awareness, with unexpected levels of knowing I never anticipated, I came to a peaceful acceptance and attitude of listening to my HIGHER SELF daily.   *(What do the coloring of the words mean?) This became a process of continually allowing myself to experience a gradual critical mass of gnosis. This eventuated as my coming HOME into my SELFGnosis® and being Who I Am without resistance or disbelief interference. The question of, “Who am I?” is answered by being experientially known.  

From such a place of communion, I could not deny what was dawning upon my “radar”. Clearly, I am to teach, mentor, and be an exemplar and steward; MAI * Heart of Hearts hears no other drummer. I suspect, sharing onward is the sacred obligation every Soul feels as an Awareness within Light & Love. Love can only do and be what Love IS. Thus, Love can only reach back to the rest of The ONE in pain and suffering and share the Light, one has communion with, so others may see the error of their thinking and re-cognize the face of what constitutes Love, and set about their return HOME, leaving no Soul behind!

It always helps to have a guide who has already traversed the route with you, because they know the “drill” and meaning of the signs along the way. They also know the dangers and detours along the way so that you don’t waste time going in the wrong directions or meeting up with dead-ends. They know when things “don’t track”, and such a friend along the way is invaluable making your trek far less problematic, and potently more direct.


How can one meet, and embody, the answer HUmanity searchers for, largely in vain, and not feel a need to share it with others desiring this answer for themselves?

As a Unity of Oneness, “I am another you.” The answer is evident, yes?


Why Now?  It seem incredulous to be able to return to our Christos-Spirit in a lifetime! It seems almost unreal to be available to me?  Ending my Spiritual search because I found what others failed to find for eons, makes me feel uncomfortable/unrealistic.  How do I reconcile that?

That the flows of Aquarius are fulfilling prophecies most notably given a public eye in the Mayan Prophesies of Quetzalcoatl’s return at this time is all the more poignant.  They saw this god coming with a fire gift to unite humanity in Oneness and make peace on earth our near future.  Transmuting the ego mind’s separation proclivities by making it essentially transparent/non-actionable in functionality, fits SELFGnosis® amazingly well, to a tee. Quetzalcoatl is a God of transformation and fire transmutation. Fire can be seen from both sides of its power: destructive (wars) or life giving and altering (alchemy). Of course modern proclivity is to ramp up the fear factor and obsess over the destructive side of fire’s power.  But such myopic views are hardly the most reliable or insightful understandings to think about, are they? From a SELFGnosis® perspective, the fire Mayan prophesy saw coming as Quetzalcoatl’s return is the Alchemy wielded by your Higher SELF transmuting your unified energy field back into harmonic resonance with your I AM Presence and SOURCE.  This fire is either given an entry into your life or it is not acknowledged by your free will choice. It is available to anyone who wants it, too.  I try to remove all barriers to it access, and the internet opened a wide door of opportunity around the entire world.   Coincidence?  In Christos-Spirit terms, no such thing exists, it is pure synchronization and God’s symphony of One Will playing its music and inviting us to dance along!  🙂 Simply reading this article gives you adequate Awareness to know the very existence of this power of transmutation, that will set your Soul free from the wheels of karma and life/death, is here and now and it is accessible to YOU.   Further, this enables you with the power of choice to make use of  this viable way back HOME and to give this Alchemy fire a way into your life.


Can such a process be taught to others with the same successful result?

Excellent question. Current students I’ve been assisting are clearly making progress. Thus, the answer to this question seems like a, “Yes,” is likely. They’ve nothing to lose, either, as traditional methods (with many years of practice as their track records) have not netted the types of shifts their SELFGnosis® study, to date, is making apparent to them. I’ve seen others start their transformational process with the methods that “worked” for me, and they are changing before my eyes in manners so similar, now that I am observing this process outside of my personal subjective experiences.  This fills my heart with the warm joy of a wide inner Cosmic Smile. It is wonderful, because they notice for themselves how gradual transformation is, indeed ,simple. They are not ‘forcing’ any changes either with mind control or repetitive affirmations. Their healing and shifts in consciousness, heart, communication, behaviors, and other skills are spontaneously happening – clearer thinking, more intelligence opening up to them, abilities to respond in healthy manner, and so on. Their recognition is more powerful than anything I’ve shared yet.

My Proffer >> MAI SELFGnosis® can be Your SELFGnosis® If you Choose; Your Free Will Choosing cannot be Removed from the Equation. Period.

Let’s laugh. Let’s learn what is worth learning and dismiss that which is interfering with your enlightenment.

  • Let’s leave the collective linear consensus consciousness more Enlightened for our time together. You can’t heal yourself without impacting the whole.
  • Let’s pursue your HOMECOMING and make it happen this lifetime because you can, IF you choose to do so, because, TRULY, it is not likely to happen any other way, or your progress would be different than it is to date.
  • Sit at the Edge of TRUTH and enter the TRUTH Zone and relearn lost knowing of your Divinity and HOW you are made to be a Divine Expression.
  • I’ll soon be offering classes and such as I am technically able to rise and meet the challenges of internet skills. Now, that is a mastery of a virtual kind, not the Spiritual kind!  


  • This membership site format is how to become proactively involved and learn what you need to know, as well as how to heal your breaks/gaps with Source. It is “the teacher coming” with a student outreach program for your Soul rehab and Renaissance.  YOU have to learn, heal and apply or it will only remain something you’ll continue to dream about and keep searching to find… 🙁
  • IF you want to be sure to be on the waiting list, Contact ME with your email and details of interest and time constraints, etc. Or, better yet, JOIN and become a MEMBERMEMBERS of this site are those who are proactively taking the next step to break through whatever stuck cycle they’re experiencing. They are actively ending ‘the life drama’  and going HOME.  (see the green buttons below)



How can you know Who is living In-Presence from those talking about it and claiming to be Enlightened?

(Students, please see the scale of enlightenment for clarity about this that is powerful and will lift your discernment skills up to a higher arc of functionality.)

Excellent question with no provable answer on ego or physical terms; this is the “can of worms” question! You see, “the walking on water” is not part of an enlightenment “evidence package”, nor is going through a state of non-functional and addictive feel-good bliss state, nor is seeing inner “light shows”, nor is having active psi factors, nor is having an ability to see auras, nor is talking to ‘the other side,’ nor to produce stuff out of thin air, nor any paranormal activity, nor any star-seed notions, etc. These are almost always astral mastery or the ability of controlling the mind in order to direct its intention and make something extra-ordinary happen on the physical plane of existence. Seems extraordinary and an advancement beyond what we know.  That it is, but the beyond is not much beyond, it is still in the territory of the mind and not BEYOND into the realm of Higher SELF Oneness of Christos-Spirit. The enlightened Soul has no compunction to play with astral energy, and less of a desire to “show off” gifts of the supernatural kind. This is highly suspect, actually, because it is ego satisfying its need to be “special” by proving itself to you with a show of specialness of powers. It is proof of astral skills, but not so much a guarantee of enlightenment which is far more subtle and service oriented, and decidedly more humble. Worship, adoration, idols, retail therapy 😆 , and pedestals are not the domain nor actions of Spirit SELF. Seeking such things, begs a very human call for proof. I say forget the proof stuff and pay attention to what is taught for its clarity, its affinity and resonance with Principle, its constancy and lack of contradictions (not to be confused with paradoxes), “walking the talk,” ways congruent with Harmony and Balance, and practicality.


All to Love and Light without Borders,


*HU-manity*  This spelling convention draws our attention to the fact we are HU, Greek for breath which implies Spirit, in man.  Thus, HU-in-man = Spirit-in-man.

*MAI* is “I AM” in reverse and indicates ‘my’ is being served and willed from the ground of  Christos-Spirit rather than from my personal ego mind filters.

* (What do the coloring of the words mean?)* : The colors coordinate with an emotion identification tool that Higher SELF regularly uses in identifying the controlling emotions in consciousness that a person needs to be made aware that lie at the heart of their issue being healed).  I color code to assist the students in making connections more readily.


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