This Pearl of  Wisdom is Epitomized and Most Easily Grokked by Translating the Symbols of
The Hanged Man of Tarot

Perfected State of a Person’s/Soul’s Ego IS Oriented to “…not My Will, but Thine”

For most, this explanation will leave you pretty much in the dark as to the essential value this pearl communicates; symbol language is not a tongue well respected nor spoken fluently in modern times, and this is unfortunate because symbols are native to our Indwelling Spirit SELF of our Christ Mind and comprise a holy language well suited to God-Spirit’s communication purposes.

Our physical self is rather attached to linear communication, as in words, for talking and labeling “things”.  Spirit communicates in wholisms, and that is the very nature of symbol language.  

While our personal self is petty oriented and entertains a large vocabulary for taking things apart, separating all the pieces, and getting involved in the minutia of picky details, our Spiritual SELF is continuously synthesizing, defaulting, and reveling in the Big unified Awareness Picture. 

Please be patient with yourself  and allow yourself the gentle pleasure of gradually re-opening to symbols, and allow what you do grasp via metaphors and examples to suffice for now.  No language is learned & fluent overnight, right?! 

I will gently unfold the beauty of this pearl gradually so that you can savor ALL it has to offer in wisdom, for that is plenty, indeed, albeit it’s richness of info is spoken purely in symbol language that generates from the Ancient of Days!

Together we will bridge the symbol gap easily, and in the process become acquainted with your amazing Soul-Spirit story as we open your awareness into learning precisely how-to reclaim your Divine Heritage without fail this lifetime, (not some unknown other lifetime that is way off into the future).

I could write a huge tome about the profound and penetrating symbols speaking within our beloved Hanged Man, and over time, I likely will in my communications to you!  But, I am obligated to undo a plethora of false info so you can experience the fullness of this pearl, and with all the taint cleared away, a clarity opportunity opens, leaving you with its magnificence of amazing memory recovery.

When it comes to Tarot, there is a lot of foolishness.  Yet, Tarot is an amazing unbound Sacred Text not well understood by people, due to the way it had to make its passage through time in order to remain essentially intact as Pure info Yes, it does “suffer” from some superstitious overlays, fears about it being of the “devil”, and misuse, albeit, Tarot’s heart is unscathed.

This heart is what I intimately have relationship with and understand as MAI abiding Spirit is ever expanding my Awareness of its message, guidance, understanding regarding its depth of TRUTH which is seeded or “written” within its “pages” awaiting our re-connection.  Thus, its seed will sprout and take root within our collective consciousness with its freeing empowerment of Divine perspective of life and all that it entails. 

[box] The important part you need to take away today is this ? The wisdom of our shared Sacred Language of Symbols beholds the providence of TRUTH, and you will learn how Tarot can help you remember what you have forgotten. The Golden Keys are awesomely encoded therein.

Important Note of TRUTH Clarification:

This encoding is NOT as in made secret; God-Spirit has NO secrets to keep from the God-Spirit abiding within HUman Beings. 

The encoding is as in symbols, and symbols is our forgotten native tongue. 

Just because we have become ill with amnesia, it does not make what we’ve lost touch something that is being hidden or withheld from us, now does it??  (I know many religions would have us think otherwise, but it is religion’s “thing” and has nothing to do with God-Spirit!) [/box]

Pivotal Key to Grasp for Enlightenment to Be Possible

This is the pivotal or master key for you to have absolute certainty and clarity regarding its eternal message that NEVER changes.

  • It reveals your dignity as simple, direct, and humble. 
  • It is your natural orientation to SOURCE-Spirit-God – as feminine-receptive/a Perfected Cup/open heart.
  • The Hanged Man is your way to grok appropriate forgiveness or redemption, sanity, & your turning away from your mortal experiencing back into your Infinite Presence of Spirit & Reality of The ONE. 

This is your personal self  freely choosing to return to your realization of how you are now & forever One without separation from SOURCE, & how your transcendent  Perfected Reality was always your Reality.  Any thoughts of conditional life or pain & suffering experienced were actually only parts of a game you got caught-up in where your imaginary experiments of playing with separation as real got TOO “real” – Where the Wild Things Are, indeed! 

Since the Hanged Man is your “ticket out”, you’ll want to master this skill.  And, it’s easier than it may seem upon the surface of “things,” because giving you a sense of difficulty is a powerful mojo of how ego delusion works.  Hanged Man is more about your Free Will choice than it is about anything else, especially initially, yet, this orientation is a must because it always keeps your eyes cast upon your BELOVED so the “motes in your eye” will be transmuted.


Free Will

Free Will is HUmanity’s providence to create in accordance with The Will of God/Spirit/SOURCE (The ONE WILL), or to create as we darned well please, whether that manifesting choice aligns with God/Spirit Principles, or it deviates. We’re talking about an intention and volitional factor inherent in all you think say and do, & how it is personally related to as your Choices or Decisions.

Whatever you choose to do, it will put some Cause into action which will create some effect or outcome.  You cannot escape that you’re a creator, therefore, it behooves you to learn all the ramifications of that power.

You are response_able and account_able for all your choices. That is why it is the pivotal key to your Enlightenment, SELFGnosis®, or SELF-Realization.

While Free Will is often spoken of as a gift, it is less emphasized as the BIG Responsibility it is, and this has not been useful. Rather this quiet ignoring has begotten a massive ignorance, that in essence, has flung wide open a door to creating blindly.

Look at the worldly messes, hatreds, ugliness, ad nauseam, & the pain, suffering, & struggles we endure to live, that as a race, we erroneously consider as “natural” to life.  Nothing could be further from The TRUTH or Divine Intention.

Free Will IS the Big IF at the heart of life, and that is why I make the effort to highlight it in RED, drawing to everyone’s attention this powerful awareness.  Waking up, change, shifts in consciousness – it starts with awareness, ALWAYS! 

And, when your awareness is completely PURE Awareness, you have entered ONE WILL, as well as your complete Enlightenment.   That means your bondage to life-death cycles will be done.  And, this is the holy essence of what TRUTH sets you free from – the illusion, the bondage to death, suffering, separation from your Beloved Creator.   You are free to exit the game of life or TAO, now..

Considering all you have read and are getting acquainted with here that has been rendered with Simplicity and forthrightness,
Ponder the value of the amazing opportunity SELFGnosis® brings to your table
: exiting the game of life this lifetime, NOW

If this sound incredulous, that only means you don’t yet understand enough about Who I Am to realize how such is not only possible, due to an early Aquarian gift opening it’s door for you to walk through , but it is being made available to you, NOW, and most vital, you are worthy of engaging the potential and making it YOUR REALITY. But, remember, only you can make it yours because that is the way free will works.

I hope to hear from you sooner rather than later!  

All to Love,







Hanged Man is The Pivotal Card or Lynch Pin of The Tarot
The TarotGnosis© Viewpoint of Tarot 
SELFGnosis Primer & Thumbnail Sketch

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