SELFGnosis® flows from core values  which are rooted in the very Essence of Absolute TRUTH.     Absolute TRUTH is ever constant, consistent, congruent and harmonically resonant with our Original Creation/Creator and defines our very Being.  Unlike relative truths, Absolute TRUTH never waivers, fluctuates or is in conflict contradicting itself.  Thus, SELFGnosis® creates a space for honest open communication that is always in the bull’s eye piercing the reflections of life illusions with the Essence of WHAT IS As IT IS because it flows from Pure Awareness.

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The mission of SELFGnosis® is determined at the highest arc or level of consciousness. This means SELFGnosis® flows from Christos-Spirit whereby our Unity of Oneness, commonly known as the realm of our Higher SELF and Higher Power’s existence is At-One.  At-One means no gaps in willingness, communion, and choices/expressions, thus in total harmony, with our Beloved Creator.

SELFGnosis® VISION flows into our MISSION and our MISSION flows back into fulfilling our Vision. It is a beautiful circle of Oneness.

The Vision:

Our vision looks to the horizon and sees a world making peace on earth a reality by virtue of people returning to their Higher Christos-Spirit SELF in their consciousness, thereby making our natural ability to collaborate and co-create not only our motivation and priority, but our sole choice to live in harmony, honoring TRUTH as the unifying Principle of humanity.  You see, when people are Christos identified, their egos are transparent and no longer creating fear and competition. Higher SELF cannot do harm, and building rapport is its forte and joie de vivre.

The Mission:

The mission is to make our VISION a present time reality by anchoring  The Purity of The WORD in people who will become an ongoing Alive Legacy of fully attained SELFGnosis® preserving and  maintaining the integrity of The WORD-TRUTH in its constant revelation. This legacy with be present time Christos-Spirit leadership collaborating Oneness rapport wisdom and guidance, thus proactively co-creating Peace, mutuality, and Goodness without ego taint.


Pondering the Significance of this Mission:

The WORD, will be present time alive, no longer having to endure the the vagrancy of how written words degrade over time and translations when NO  alive oversight is accessible to maintain and verify original Purity.  A continuity of Completely stable Fully Enlightened People living from their I AM Presence will ensure integrity as well as leadership in how to live The WORD without deviations.

Just think about how an embodied Legacy of alive SELFGnosis®, actively collaborating Oneness rapport and thinking,  will be capable of raising HUman consciousness to our innate ability to co-create Peace on earth and preserve the clarity and integrity of The WORD from becoming skewed, misunderstood, and misleading.  All breaks in HUman relating and gaps in our consciousness will be healed, not by persuasion or ‘forcing’, rather by attaining our Divinity natures.

Such an unbroken chain of alive Pure Awareness and One Will provides a stability to TRUTH, not leaving it vulnerable to misinterpretations because there will be embodied people alive to challenge upsurging errs before they can take a significant root in our collective psyche. This is a beautiful thing to ponder and encourage into manifestation as our present time reality.

What Can You Do?

Can you actually and practically be part of such a vision and mission?  Of course, you can…your SOURCE  Heritage invites you to participate, and the sooner the better for all!

TRULY, it begins with you. Of course, you need a way to back it up with a solid how-to do it, and that NOW exists.  What’s left to do remains in your hands. It is a choice with tools, track and guidance now available in making this mission a reality. Attaining your complete SELFGnosis® is how this mission initiates, and how it will become fulfilled when no person on earth is left behind living in the deceit of their ego filtering its separation and fears as legit.

Enroll in SELFGnosis® Rehabilitation and Renaissance Program and start your involvement in making this mission HUmanity’s dream come TRUE.

Remember the song…”Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me…” ?  🙂

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