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The Mayan Calendar predicting an end of time was sheer invention of modern man’s imagination running wild with either fears of impending doom or desires of what is idyllically hoped will happen to create a spiritually savvy world.

We were wrong, not the Maya.  We “read into” our findings a meaning solely or our own making.  Then, when it didn’t happen as “predicted” we blame then for their shortcoming and have the shallow but arrogant nerve to say things like, “The Mayan’s got it wrong.”

maya-vision-of-Unity-of-OnenessWhat a travesty of our sloppy thinking and self indulgent reasoning placing our rationalizations and immature spiritual and emotional selves on a pedestal we have not yet tired of prancing around upon its stage.  So much more can be said, but for brevity, I shall narrow the focus.

I noticed  a lot of quizzical and nervous dialog about the whole “Mayan 2013 calendar thing” leaking into conversations and daily chit chat.  And I’m wondering if it is an overwhelming topic or what.  Silence gets my attention as much as active talk, be it in-depth conversations or spurts of curiosity exploring others’ viewpoint – both are communicating something.

I’ll share some of my insights because there is a lot going on presently albeit the way people are coming to the bigger picture seems to be missing the “meat” as they go for the more “tasty fillers”.

Wow, the end of 2012 as it is has become tied to the Mayan Calendar has become one of the most misconstrued misconceptions of our time… (time joke) 😉

While, undeniably, there are many things in the cosmic weave happening about this time frame on our shared Universal loom, the wild conclusions drawn by many is something to note: It indicates valuable info re our state of collective consciousness, and that is the Bigger Picture we can rise to comprehend.

We can rise to the Big Picture that is a Universal fact of our existence and take our consciousness pulse, OR we can “rise to” another confabulation of our imaginings reinforced by denials, fears, positivity, uncertainty, self-righteousness, ad nauseam.

Do we want insight to expand our Awareness from a Spirit Point of View, or are we content to revolve life scenarios and dream more impossible grandiose  dreams or nightmarish dreams?  Always, we choose, albeit the choice is often made at an unconscious level while we tell ourselves we are coming from an ‘enlightened viewpoint’.  Pity, because so much hangs in the balance

woman lost in an arrary of too many floating ideas      And, that is the point- our collective HUman unconsciousness, while of ONE Spirit, is yet vastly separated and bouncing around like ping pong balls from one extreme concept to another, picking up a widening momentum of convictions that don’t have enough root in the balancing center-point of TRUTH. The absolute TRUTH of our Infinity is that rarefied mix of what is accurate within both extremes, that of positivity and of fearful negative expectations, while divested of all that is simply not so.

How can we sort out this relative mix-up? Principle and its dynamics is the stabilizing ground because it’s God-Spirit expressed as the Divine structure-function of this Universe ( or whatever terms are more suitable to you, I see it as all the same, just label differences).

Principle, is as consistent & constant as it has been since the beginning of time. It’s as resonantly aligned today as it will be forevermore with Spirit-SOURCE. Such constancy simplifies our way through such wild swinging times.

But I get frustrated by the dissemination of inaccurate & incomplete info in attempts to frighten or excite a new brand of believers. Many are confusing consciousness awareness with psychic experimentation or events.

What are your thoughts about this?  This blog ties into a short series, Genesis 2013 World View, that continues this thought.

Thank you for your time and interest.


All to Love,








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