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heartfelt information, transparency,My correspondences to you are personally impersonal. Why? and what does ‘personally impersonal‘ mean? Essentially, I am committed to telling TRUTH as I connect with it & to maintain a transparency that I hope you will find refreshing and invaluably instructive, initiating and supporting your growth in a Spiritual Awareness that is both valid and Pure, thus useful.

Secondly, ‘personally impersonal’ expresses from both sides of  The TAO: One speaks from personal relative experiences about transitions & info, while the other speaks from Spirit-God absolute viewpoint.  They are both important and compliment each other; they’re NOT opposing viewpoints or relating.

FIRST Issue I wish to Clarify Regarding transparency:

As a Spiritual “News” website & learning center, I accept certain response-abilities in reporting & teaching TRUTH, such as transparency, honesty, full disclosure, privacy, integrity, and accountability based on MAI (my) personal and impersonal awareness of God-Spirit.

This entails a relationship with Christ energy/mind in which I do not grant (my free will) ego distortions in translating info through the communication process from symbol language into verbal or written word.

Further this requires that I have a steadfast commitment to vigil for certainty as to the Source of all info; I do this by paying attention to Inner vs outer feedback, so I know when it is personal, and I know when it is universal. And this takes us to the

SECOND Issue I desire to Clarify Regarding Transparency:

By transparency I mean without ego filtration of separation consciousness.  Oneness is the only REALITY there is, all else is virtual, thus, imaginary or a dream state. How, The One/Our Beloved Creator, can look like many (everything around you, including millions of people) is not a mystery from your SELFGnosis.

If you will commit to yourself , the Simple, yet Grand gesture, to sit at the Edge of TRUTH and diligently absorb info, you’ll be keeping yourself informed from the TRUTH Zone, and, given enough time, the mysteries will become your insight, awareness, knowledge, and reliable motivation to make SELFGnosis your daily state of mind

Mysteries are more about lack of info (or false info) than anything else per se.  No Universal Spiritual secrets exist, except as people horde them and decide to hide them from others. Why would God-Spirit hide essential info/TRUTH from God-Spirit abiding in you??

MAI Soul Purpose (2nd) is intrinsically tied to teaching forward what I’ve learned, what continues to unfold in a revealing way on a daily basis, and to give Spirit a Free Voice via MAI hand or voice.  That is The Way of Spirit in form relating. I do not interfere with the thrust of Spirit delivering messages and instruction to you for your contemplation and motivation. 

Your benefit, freedom from limits of separation-based upon beliefs, is my care and delight to serve!  This equates as SELFGnosis being all about your acquiring rapidly the benefits of Spiritual SELF discovery of Who I Am.

All the IF‘s in red, are a reminders that moment-to-moment, you are creating via CHOICE. It behooves you to accept this because, denial doesn’t negate the function nor the power of WHO YOU ARE, but it does open the gates for inadvertent negative creating amok, and that usually translates into stress, problems, losses, suffering, pain, striving, diseases, ad nausaum.

It is my fondest hope that you will find between the pages of this site, TRUTH that will touch your heart with remembering and ignite your capacity to feel and weep with joy, or to feel a Grand Cosmic Smile within your being, for that is Spiritual relief, opening & recognition of a very high order.

Reconnecting with your Higher SELF and eventual Enlightenment is a deeply natural, moving, memorable experience, and not necessarily a distracting “light show,” because the intimacy of SELFGnosis is the essence of the experience of your Divine SELF-Spirit-God as at-one with you, not separate, and that is priceless, indeed – an intimacy of “in-to-me, must see”: To KNOW Thyself IS to Heal Thyself

Until we chat again…

All to Love,
Sharon Quinn







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  1. spiritual says:

    This is a topic that is close to my heart… Take care!
    Exactly where are your contact details though?

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