Why do I spell, the word “my,” as “MAI”?

 This spelling is due to a shift in perception accompanied by an inner understanding of how my lower mind, which identifies with time & space and a separation world, relates to my Higher Mind Who is rooted in the recognition of Supernal Spirit as MAI essential Being WHO IS Indwelling a body-mind-soul set of vehicles that functions as a unit, & that we deem to be a “regular ordinary person.”
[learn_more caption=”Some would call this too much info…OTHERS will WANT it”] MORE Precisely, here is a concentrated cogent concision of info accurately (enough) delineating how Infinity resides in a physical mortal body, imparting it with aliveness and reflectively-aware intelligence.   Essentially, What-IS regarding Who I Am:

My lower mind, which identifies with time & space and a separation world, relates to my Higher Mind Who is rooted in the recognition of a Supernal Spirit, in the rarefied form of Christ Energy, as MAI essential Being, WHO IS Indwelling a Unified Consciousness configuration, Who Is En-souling a body-mind set of vehicles that function as a unit, & that we deem to be an “ordinary person” or human being.

Thus, Who I Am is integrally part and parcel of our God Presence – A Oneness, in which I Am an emanating “sector, so to speak” within a Unified energy field of Intelligent cohesion that comprises all HUman Beings, often related to as our collective unconsciousness of Humanity.

This TRUTH of Being is expressed herein, as one pure concentrated cogent concise intense summary of Being HUman with its Divine Structure/Function in bottom line terms, stripped of distracting details so we can concentrate on the foundational structure, or bare bones.  The details can come later as they build upon that structural foundation revealing more complexity via the clarity a solid foundation will make possible/provide.[/learn_more]

When I spell “my” as MAI, I am expressly relating to you that my ownership & communication is being deferred to Higher SELF expression (also known as our Inner Christ energy field of Higher Mind or Higher Power), & that I recognize & accept responsibility for being personally responsible in Present time, & I am relaying a Spiritual-God Perspective from a Big Picture Point of View (POV) that transcends my personal ideas.

NOTE:  The Big Picture POV is of an all-encompassing nature in which I re-cognize Unity of Oneness as integrally Who I AM, and how I AM another you, too.  We are not separate, despite our having uniquely different bodies.  This is NOT a conceptual acceptance , NOR is it a belief for me, it is an integral gnosis.  Also, this is not a physical oneness, per se, rather it is a Consciousness of Oneness of same Spirit-God which is our only REALITY, thus, physicality is not “real” except in a virtual sense, and, yes, it mirrors Oneness much like a jigsaw of millions of pieces is still one puzzle!

Notice, too, that “I AM” is the reverse read of MAI indicating how the word is beholding a shift in aware conscious of how I AM resourcing my Divine authority and response+ability from MAI Heart of Hearts of Spirit SELF Who is ever consciously beholding to our Oneness in a unified consciousness.

When speaking from a Spiritual Perspective, it translates oddly into words because Spirit-God is Pure Verb, and noun is a contrived creation that was made in order to make the sense of separation seem so “real”, giving some “meat” to the idea of “things” & the option of free will choice,” in a way that it would not feel virtual or fake to the participants/us.

In other words, nouns are things and are dependent upon a relationship to a verb for its life, to make sense or to give animation to the nouns/things.

Nouns without verbs are nothing more than a list of objects, static, rather bland, finite and unexciting >> cat, peas, rain, grass, jar, dirt, hair, pencil, boy, etc.
Verbs alone without nouns are action, movement, or existence and are more interesting alone >> run, sit, eat, bleeding, is, are, falling, jump, etc.
Nouns require Verbs to make sense and ‘to give life’ to them >> Cat runs. Finger is bleeding. etc.

I say all this because Spirit & Principle translated into concepts or words requires nouns to have them make sense to our bicameral brain minds, yet, Spirit does not TRULY have noun qualities to it.

This makes for some odd sounding sentences when attempting to talk about Spirit matters without imparting erroneous ideas.  It is a challenge, not an impossibility! 

Spirit-God-Creator-SOURCE (already I’m using nouns so you can relate to what I’m going to say about our Divine SOURCE) IS PURE IS; PURE Aware; Pure Bright-Brilliant; Absolute God-Good; Absolute ONE; IS Infinity; Is No-“thing”; IS formless… The transcendent ONE IS & be-comes the BE in “thing” as Being (Be+in-“thing”-noun or body).  Pure Bright-Brilliant gives us Intelligence & Reflective Contemplative Reasoning/Light.  Pure Aware gives us Presence and Awareness, et al.

See what I mean?  The above paragraph sounds like I have a speaking impairment.  And, I had to compromise with nouns and adjectives, and such.  lol…

I have lived an After Death Experience in my early 20’s and, clearly, I live to tell about it!  (ha ha, a little surviving death humor) This consciously aware experience gifted me with conscious recall of my Infinite nature beyond my temporal body. Many lives in one continuous life-death cycle was no longer a wondering belief for, it was an instant knowing of recognition after this “incident”.

It is hard to believe in a one-shot dogma when you clearly touched the other side with awareness.  You don’t forget such a poignant event- ever! Overcoming death and remembering, wow, eh?

[learn_more caption=”Some would call this too much info…OTHERS will WANT it”] Death is really an exit door from the living side of the Life Game back into the Spirit self side where you can re-collect yourself, albeit it most generally is in the astral vibration realm. 

Why is this so?  It’s because you can only ascend to the highest vibratory rate you have given creation-into-being while living and “playing around” with energy during your life.  See how we arrive back at your choices, and how they create energy you are accountable for being given form?

Once those dynamics are dealt with, then you are shuttled back again into the physical game board to continue this death/birth revolving door process until you wake up and effect your exit strategy out of the game, which spontaneously “gets you back” into eternity of Christ Awareness again…

The Christ energy realm of your Structure/Function is free from separation. It is HOME where your forgotten anchor to your Divine Roots or Heritage of HOME exists.  You are eternally beheld in Light & Love by your Beloved Higher SELF.  This is the SELF of your SELFGnosis.

Your Christ SELF is beyond life and death in, IS. (See the funny sentence I talked about earlier?) Remember, transcendent means we don’t have a clue, not really, we only have vague senses of potential that we remotely imagine from our current “set-up” in the TAO of Life. [/learn_more]

Whether you are comfortable with the words, God, Allah, Brahma, Jehovah, Infinite Light&Love, Love, Universal Energy, Infinite One, The ONE, Creator, Nothing, Creator, Elohim, Great Spirit, The Sun, The Moon, The Father, TRUTH, Goddess, et al, is perfectly suited to me because I realize all “versions and names” of our Indwelling  Spirit are One and same SOURCE.

Our styles of relating may differ, and our comprehension &/or beliefs may differ, but LOVE is LOVE and Infinity is All-inclusive Universal Compassion Unifying Peace Equally for All.  This IS TRUE regardless of how we may like to default to separation and redefine our inner urge to Unite in Love & Peace worldwide as not “being on the same page” with the same Spirit/God because we are “drunk on separation” in our consciousness vehicles.

Our propensity to cling to specialness, being right, and having uniqueness is so indicative of separation thinking and relating.

Yet, despite our insistence on “not being same,” & devising ways to hate/harm & reject/shun, we are absolutely impotent in fragmenting The One SOURCE – no matter how hard we try to force this notion upon our Creator. Hubris &/or ignorance do not negate What-IS & loss of peace becomes our painful/rigid companion of arrogance.

If pain weren’t the terrible outcome of all this separation ideation with its narcissistic core, it would be funny.

But, we are living the nightmare of how anti-SOURCE we have become, and all this warring, pain & sorrow is rooted in separation thinking.  We live in the only hell we’ve created into imagining we “need” to suffer through. It’s all quite insane and Spirit desires one thing: COME HOME and end this charade which has gone beyond silly into absurd pain.

With our amnesia & free will to choose away from our Beloved SOURCE of What-IS, we have ignorantly created the inherent innocence out of life and created an ugly greedy hell of what-isNOT (not God-Spirit) into existence.  And, with religions guiding us deeper into our ignorance, we point the finger to an imagined “God” and blame or beg for “things” to change.

The only cure for this rent and insanity is your sobriety with WHO I AM.   SELFGnosis lands you back in communion with your HIGHER SELF who is your SELF of gnosis.  Absolute TRUTH  info + healing/understanding is required, not one or the other, BOTH.

It is TRULY that simple in Principle, but IF we reject the Principle, we doom ourselves into complications of the nth degree of which we are deeply entrench in present time.

Why? Because, Ye are Gods“, and we are creating an awful madness in our drunken stupor.  Drunks do notoriously stupid things.  If you doubt this, check into an AA meeting and get informed!

Hopefully, through the ensuing years, The TRUTH will gently, or suddenly, pierce through the armor of fear that has been the long enduring legacy of Humanity’s history – our history that we have created tells tales of wrenching horrid stories.   Wake up and embrace your sobriety achieved rather rapidly with SELFGnosis.

All to Love,







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