game of life movieHitchcock Got It Right!
Life is Nothing More Than
Cosmic Entertainment –
Call It a
“Virtual Reality Game,
Movie/Play, Matrix or Dream”
It’s All the Same: Pretending, Experimenting & Having Fun
(Albeit, It is One of High Stakes)

Yes, this virtuality game is of Divine proportion & being played-out by Infinite Christos-Spirit (namely, YOU & I, both individually & collectively) within the collective unconscious of HUmanity as a multifaceted Being Who is an integral Unity of Oneness.   The Intention was to co-create and blend our different expressions, thereby, we would harmonize as One Unified Field of Non-conflicting Purpose & Awareness.

This Oneness has become distorted, as in files becoming corrupted, infected with viruses or other bugs and, consequently, is no longer functioning as Originally Intended or Imagined. 

This is to say, from many angles of perception, our HUman consciousness has been infected by religion, fear, greed, ignorance of Absolute TRUTH, drunkenness on separation, mindlessness, apathy, glamor, con-fusion, lies, misconceptions, assumptions, beliefs,  “motes in our eye,” ad nauseam.

Here’s an apt metaphor – It is one chosen by Infinite Wisdom of Spirit in order to communicate, in the most simple of familiar terms, what has devolved into a tangled complexity.

Spirit’s cherished desire is for all people is to have an honest clarity of understanding regarding our current condition in life  from a God/Spirit/SOURCE Point of View (POV), and in its utmost Simplicity it goes like this:

Our Universal Creator imagined or invented this game, creating a
virtual reality of
seeming separation & dualism juxtaposed to
moment-to-moment CHOICE
appearing & feeling “real,” and called
it Life or TAO. The parameters of this game
are written
in a ‘binary-duality’ code we can call, “In the beginning was The WORD…”


Or More Complexly Stated:
Our Universal Creator imagined or invented this game (aka, one of the trees in the  Garden of Eden), creating a virtual reality (aka, images or inverted mirrored reflections) of seeming separation & dualism (aka, space with 1+1=2) juxtaposed to moment-to-moment CHOICE (aka, time & free will) appearing & feeling “real” (3-D sensory input of a body-mind vehicle with a bicameral brain perceiving  physicality as real), and called it Life, TAO, or The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil  (aka, forbidden fruit eaten by Eve in Biblical terms, aka, a duality of choice conundrum).

The parameters of this game are written in a code we can call, “In the beginning was The WORD…” (The TAO for duality life choices)

The TAO Choice would be meaningless unless there was an unconditional ability to choose either God-Good or evil, and so, the inclusion of the wild card of Free Will (aka, TAO Choice).  Herein, the danger of the game of Life became apparent soon after “playing” began.

Today, we are so deeply immersed and lost in the virtual identification we can’t ‘get beyond’ thinking we’re the vehicles and ego sense of being a ‘special me’ that is needed to play in this realm. We’re lost  in an amnesic consciousness filled with a slurry of mortality “rules” and personal ego + our body + our roles as our core self that we deeply identify with as who we are.  We identify with external imaginings because we have lost conscious touch with our Divinity, our I AM Presence, that’s intact within the wholism of our shared Christ Mind vehicle as a Pure Aware Christos-Spirit.

This code is akin to what we are now familiar with as computer language codes generating computer or gaming programs, emails, web pages (like this one), etc.

This Brilliant code created a virtual type reality with a Structure/Function (S/F) whereby all players would enter a pretend linear time-space continuum of relativity, don a body-mind “costume/suit” & play-out a role an an individual with a free will agenda whereby their ego personality identification could seek its own individual expressions and reject the Authoring or Creator’s Will/Intention or Purpose.

Of course, we have a code reading decoder component called Mind-Brain, so we function via a body-mind-Spirit (S/F) structure interpreting all that this matrix transmits as images of our world of life for our mind-brain to interpret as what is “real” or considered not real.

SO, this amazing code “makes real”, a virtual reality, via sensorial input that our MIND/computer analyzes as valid or fake input, thus, comprising our stage or game board; our beliefs are the imagined (& accepted) “rules” determining our magnetic attractions, interpretations, or analysis guiding our choices of what we think is possible or impossible.

However, the fun potential of this game has become an inextricable nightmare with unforeseen and unintended consequences whereby pain & suffering reign. This has taken the fun or De-LIGHT out of it.  Playing has become struggle/striving/suffering.

This unholy turn of events has shifted Spirit/God desire from continuing to play to one of devising a swift effective exit strategy called “Come HOME NOW” – re-turn to your transcendent SELF of SELFGnosis.

SELFGnosis®, an Aquarian tool, is a powerhouse of this strategy, accelerating our ability to “sober up from separation” and return to Unity of Oneness.  When no Soul is lost in this  matrix, then this “failed experiment” can be halted and the game shelved, ending the pain it is producing once and for all.

It is important to not ignore the damaging power of corrupt files or debris we’ve generated resourcing those infected files. Corrupt files generate gaps of breaks in the communications between  the innate clarity of your remembering Higher Mind aspects of yourself  and the “drunken” lower mind parts of yourself. 

This spawns cascades of skewed information from ego commands reversing the Natural  individual expressions of Oneness into machinations of separation-ideation such as

  • “specialness”,
  • idol worship,
  • devotion to getting & having “things”,
  • extremes of wild pendulum swings,
  • imbalances & disharmony producing trauma and chaos,
  • the personality inclined toward either ruminations of unworthiness & self loathing or hubris,
  • narcissism of self over others, and
  • proclivity for external authority or experts,
  • ad nauseam…

And, whatever is not vibrationally, harmonically resonant with our Creator, Spirit-God, cannot be merged with Spirit because its very vibration is anti-Spirit-GodIt’s an energy that repels Spirit-God; Spirit-God does not reject the energy.

“Whatever happens in virtuailty stays in virtuality,”
and nothing that happens in virtuality enters or alters the Supernal,
Infinity, SOURCE, Creator, The ONE, etc.  Games are like that!



NOTE:  The Aquarian shift gifts us with more sophisticated tools than meditation, rites, prayer, rote disciplines, or chanting to meet this strategy.  It incorporates Sacred Intentional Listening Communication (SILC)™ with alchemical energy transmutation that’s totally handled by your Higher SELF.

All to Love,







Original Article:  Jan. 2010

Updated Article:  Sept. 9, 2011
Updated Article:  Jan. 2014 

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3 Responses to “Life is a Virtual Reality Game”
Read them below or add one

  1. Mary Eve says:

    Excellent way of explaining this topic. I love what you did!

    I write too on this topic, and you’re one of the few websites that that about it. But to me it is very crucial to our existence. Congrats for explaining it to a lot of people.

    If this life’s just a game, and all seems to point to that, it puts a lot of things into perspective, what matters in general. It’s a slap in the face, but we better learn it sooner the better. And the goal of the game is not oppressing everbyody, but the respect for the creaation, advancement of the soul and sharing love.

    If you have books on this topic that you loved I’d love to hear about them.

    Love, peace and joy,


    • Manikham says:

      The greatest surtiipal goal a human being should have is getting back to Godhead, back to the surtiipal planets, where we originally fell down from. But what is the road map to get back home to the surtiipal planets? How, where, when? The easiest way to insure that we can get a ticket to get back home in this lifetime, is to do devotional service to the Lord every single day until we draw our last breath and ask Him to forgive and come get us on our deathbed.But, but, but, this is not logical you may say. How do I even start and by the way, what is devotional service anyways ..Before we rebelled and were forced to fall down’ into the hellish planets, (of which Earth is one)we served God in splendor, bliss and unconditional love day in and day out in our true home the surtiipal planets. We couldn’t wait to serve Him and His Associates when we got up in the morning, in the surtiipal planets. We had all wealth, and opulence and food and exquisite shelter while we were at home with Him. Somehow, someway, we started to question why we ourselves couldn’t taste what it felt like to be a lord of all that could be worshipped. We felt slighted to just have to spend all our time worshipping and adoring the Lord. We wanted to lord it over others on our own and have servants and our own money and our own families and do it by ourselves.We started to think of getting out of here and seeing other worlds. As soon as we started to think in this way, our Sweet lord, granted our desire and we were sent downward head first to land in a womb for 9 hellish months in darkness and getting acids burning our baby flesh and getting who knows what kind of parents. Now that you have an idea of how we came to this planet with our original sin firmly in place, we can start to talk about how to reverse this mess we find ourselves in and get back home to the loving waiting arms of the Lord. Original sin is just this it was our sin of wanting to separate from the Lord and be our own Lord and master of our little lives. Thank you

      • Sharon Quinn says:

        Dear Manikham,
        I sense your passion, but your beliefs have me concerned about you having a deep devotion to hoping you’ve prayed hard enough, sincerely enough to have God “forgive and come get us on our deathbed” and this is definitely NOT HOW IT WORKS… God loves you as you are, always has & always will because you are a portion of our ONE Infinite Creator Spirit, you call God. In all your weakness you are beloved to our Creator.

        Spirit does not condition Love ever, but we do with our beliefs and fears, and such. This planet was not created as a hellish place except by those of use who created it in blind ignorance of our being microcosmic creators. We don’t understand ourselves correctly nor completely, and consequently, we suffer so much in a misery of our own stories that we “buy into”.

        Our HOME is not on a planet somewhere, either, it is beyond all form and transcendental to what we relate to as even being possible.

        MY dear, Original sin is one of the MOST diabolical lies ever conceived of by man. Religious leaders desiring a faithful following – made this absurd idea up which fills believers with a debilitating sense of unworthiness and shame, and then foisted it upon our dear tender souls as a “teaching of truth”; it’s a bold faced lie, and an awful one, too boot!

        It is NOT even remotely true! I’ve connected with that SOURCE you desire to be at-one with again, and I know for a FACT, the original sin dogma is utterly wrong – not an iota of truth of it can be found in the Heart of our Creator.

        PLEASE, Consider how can you be part of our Creator and not be innately pure and as good? In your essence, you are born innocent, that is why the face of infants elicit a softness from people, and that is why, too, infants remind us of our TRUE SELF and we want to embrace and protect their innocence.

        WE ARE BORN INNOCENT, not in sin, but unfortunately, we teach our babes false ideas that have been indoctrinated into us by others and we pass it on. We do this because we don’t know otherwise. We are guilty of amnesia, not original sin!

        I can tell that you love the Lord deeply and religion has tainted that love with a fear. YOU have nothing to fear in Spirit-God because eternal love has nothing in/about/within it to fear! Nada! zip! Nothing! Zero!

        SO, you can take a deep breath of the life of Spirit-God within you, and you can CHOOSE with your free will to see Spirit-GOD with kinder eyes now that you’ve found this site which is inspired and inspirited with unwinding the tares from the wheat, so sweet Souls as yourself can see a new Light at the end of the tunnel of your life, and see how it is YOUR Beloved Spirit-God welcoming you HOME.

        Learn about how you can enter your SELFGnosis and be assured you can be HOME via your own volition this lifetime. It will take some effort, but it is a sweet surrender of fear that you learn to heal, not a fake made up original sin you need to dig out our yourself (because it never existed)… that is hooey!
        All to Love, Sharon


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