A Terse Look at the Long Suffering Saga
of Becoming Ready?

(Do you see YOURSELF in any of these scenarios??)

Many people apply themselves diligently to the service of God-Spirit. They religiously do everything “they’ve been told needs to be done” to be “right with God/Spirit/Creator…

They desperately want to be ready and so they work very hard at it. 

They may pray incessantly, make holy offerings,  attend many worship services, read & pour over holy texts, study traditional theories about sages and the supposed meaning of their writings/teachings, make sacrifices of myriad sorts, deprive themselves of the desires “of the flesh”, feel they deserve punishments, confess sins on a regular basis, fight terrible battles of resisting temptations, and other various disciplines/rituals “guaranteed” to cleanse one’s slate or to redeem sins.

For some these are practices of fear, for others they are acts to “prove worthiness” or done to “make” oneself ” ready for Spiritual grace.  There ensues a sad relentless pursuit to end one’s wait and overcome their “not being ready” so they can and will realize their dream.  But when will all this suffering come to an end?

They are told to activate their faith and hold on to hope – they cling to it like its a life preserver keeping them from drowning in their zeal. Their angst magnifies.  They WANT to be ready and to end their relentless frustration because it is taking so long and taking so much effort to realize their goal of Spiritual attainment.

Their pain of disappointment tires them as they beg & keep trying harder in order to meet their “timing or quotient.”  They wonder relentlessly how much more unknown time is needed to” increase in God’s favor”?

The teachings that drive their resolve, revolve around an assumption that God-Spirit is withholding till some “magical” moment arrives. 

And with their salvation dangled like a carrot on a string, enticing them to preserve and prevail through the travesties of life because their “creator” has a plan for them even when they don’t see it… they follow the injunctions to just keep God in your heart, and the magic will pop, “when the time is right”.

Whew, I cannot continue writing this ghastly scenario out… While most who subscribe to these practices are sincere, they are practicing totally unnecessary and long suffering, because  it has NOTHING to DO WITH SPIRIT.  Nada.

This line of reasoning is born of man’s ignorance and willingness to own being unworthy.  The dynamics of Spirit are not as they are popularly taught, believed by the majority of mankind, or diligently adhered to by numerous innocent Souls who are hooked on external authority, and believing with all their heart & souls that suffering is required for Spiritual gain or communion.

My dear friends, it is difficult to witness how many people fuss & suffer greatly over their Spiritual disappointments, and in their angst over having so many nebulous experiences that seems to be “keeping their reunion with Spirit at bay,” they seek for answers,  as to why they just can’t seem to make this desired awakening to their Spirit SELF definitively happen.  They seek avidly, but in all the wrong places…

Now, all the dynamics that may be at play and responsible for this lack of success is not the point of this article, though many of those contributing factors are discussed at length throughout this site’s tome.


How Will I KNOW When I’m Ready?

Today, this article is to help you understand a popular belief and false teaching about this lack of success that causes a great deal of suffering. 

It is often addressed as an issue of “readiness” implying that you are not ready for the experience because you have more to learn, more to suffer, more sins to be forgiven, more time to spend in life to reach your pinnacle moment, blah, blah, blah…  The list of reasons is of no value, but the implications & inferences are immensely important and shall be the heart and soul of what I will address.

The only thing you need to learn is to choose back to Spirit and decide to exit the game of life , and thereby, return to your HOMECOMING.  All other choices need to take a back seat because they do not trump the return to Spirit and being at-One with Spirit.   Or, to say the same thing, from an other perspective of Spirit Awareness, is to be of ONE WILL.  

This is the same understanding St. Francis of Assisi is noted for drawing to our attention with, “Not my will, but Thine be done, oh Lord.”   He deeply communed with his Higher SELF and intimately understood the immense value of having your holy orientation on Spirit as your sole choice,  and not that your bodily-ego self.  His Spirit transmitted his peaceful Spirit as indicated with nature’s comfort in his Presence.


A Story of a Friend’s Message
from His Higher SELF
Regarding the Issue of Spiritual Readiness…

Not too long ago, I was chatting with someone about their inner questing and struggle with the calls of life’s distractions, work, getting and having a family, etc., versus the strong beckoning of his Spirit that he felt.  This person was young and full of life wanting more life, as is common with people in their early twenties.  They think they have to do certain things to have a good, wealthy, and happy life.  They get all caught up in making their life dreams come true.  (AH, to be 20 with the maturity of 60 under your belt would be  pretty cool,…I can dream for the best to be! )  

At one point, this person was weighing the possibility of whether or not his Spiritual urgings to quest were the “right time” in his life, and that maybe it was not “God’s plan”, and that timing was possibly an issue he needed to consider.  Someone had put a bug in his ear about this because they felt that his Spiritual focus was “getting in the way” of enjoying his life, and maybe some pretty important stuff might be “slipping away.”

Upon his desire, I asked his Higher SELF to shed some Light upon his quandary and comment regarding the voracity of timing and his pursuit of SELF realization – Be it now? Or later in life?

WOW, I was amazed at how his Higher SELF articulated the timing/readiness issue:

Essentially, his message was centered around exposing the common misconception that God-Spirit is in any way concerned with time, and people having a Spiritual need to be “sequestered to life” per se, as a validlearning/rectification requirement” based on something “time would heal” or based on a Spirit “agenda” of proper “Soul preparation with a waiting period“.  

Time has no REALITY in the Absolute, it is a functionality of relativity in life virtuality.  Time only has importance to man; Spirit is NOW or Present.

Time has no power to impact or influence Spirit, and, from Spirit perspective, is a malingering we choose in order to avoid our response-ability.  All, “Coming HOME” is done in the NOW.  “COME HOME NOW” is the ever present call of Divine Intention.  So, Truly, we’re all ready NOW, but how many are choosing this, NOW?

This erroneous timing/readiness concept encourages our Souls to passively “ride through life” with the idea of stumbling into a “right place and right timing” as deemed by destiny; it removes or negates our responsibility of accepting that the onus for timing-readiness falls squarely on our shoulders, via free will choice.  

Thus, timing is our issue; it’s something we CHOOSE, with our free will, at the personal level of our being, meaning, readiness is solely by our determination, when we decide to choose and follow through to meet Divine Intention without deviations, distractions, doubt, and/or delay.

In summation, think of this like sobriety.  Is it ever to soon to sober up?  Only the addict wants to keep waiting for a “better/right time.”

Any other way of viewing Spiritual timing & readiness ABOUT waiting for your Awakening to happen, rather than the immediacy of engaging your COMING HOME, ONE WILL, or Awakening to Spirit, is a pet story you tell yourself, in order to feel better about your choice to put off your HOMECOMING, for yet, another day… 

Of course, you can be buying into one of the popular myths or traditional thoughts, and sincerely believing in the value of need-to-learn theories, but then again, while your reasoning differs, the outcome AND remedy remain the same:  Your go.


AH, the Paradox:
What About the Sense of Urgency to
Wake-up to Spirit that Implies Timing?

You see, a certain sense of urgency exists to wake up sooner rather than later to our Spirit SELF because that is WHO we are, not the role of whatever, that has us all wound up & preoccupied as  being mortal men rather than HUman Beings.  Urgency is about Love&Light ending needless suffering, not timing, per se.

We, as mortals, are all hung-up with timing issues because linear relating dominates our perceptions, but our Spirit is NOW, always NOW, not later for TRUTH.  The simplicity of that direct  bottom line point struck me with such clarity that I’ve never entertained the notion of God desiring we endure the tortures of surviving a minute longer “so we could learn our lessons.”  Remember, these “lessons” are all virtual, NOT REAL.

Lot’s of people rather cavalierly toss out the dictum, “IF things aren’t coming together, the time is not right for you, it’s not God’s will, it’s not your time yet, be patient since all good things come those who wait, blah blah, blah…”

Yet, our lessons are more of an ego dynamic about dealing with our stubborn mind-set being given a dose of understanding so we will choose to loose our grip on being right, needing to get more stuff, enjoying our drunken spree, or whatever drives our neurosis in separation.  Our lessons are about relinquishing our pride, hubris, greed, resentments, hates, attachment to life, ad nauseam that are identifications with ego and “specialness.”  Learning to be Good is remembering lost Awareness.

Waiting in order to gain more of God’s favor is a ludicrous idea, because it indicates God-Spirit has “a bone to pick” with us and that we have to satisfy some “cooling off period”, or some “mercy period”, or “earn some goodie points or whatever, so we can be in Spirit’s good graces again.

The only “problem” we have have with God-Spirit, is that we choose to be separate, not at-ONE.  It’s our issue, & as a popular saying goes nowadays, “my bad.”

HUmans operate this way, but Spirit does NOTWe keep imposing our pettiness upon our Creator or Spirit with the assumption that is a fact, and it is NOT.   It is not so.  What more is there to say, eh?!

SO, this waiting, because it is not your time to Come HOME, is flat out false, as we tend to interpret its meaning and value.  In our confusion, we are attached to life as real, and doubt Spirit is the ONLY REAL.

End of that story along with the notions that fall from the reasoning it sets into motion that creates a commotion in our being, namely, suffering as a sacrifice of required appeasement.  Geesh, petty is quite obvious, and Spirit is NOT petty, so this must be another of those imaginings we foisted on God-Spirit and expected it to “stick” and become so.  Well, that is insane, and the ego is duly insane.

We position & explain what we don’t know or understand about cause-effect relationships with drivel we make up, and then we use it like encouraging platitudes to keep us keeping-on so we can endure the long and winding road of “tests” and striving we set into motion, until, of course, we’ve “earned” better days as our “due” grace.  As, if this sounds like the ways of Light & Love!!?

A Point of Clarification about What Our EGO  is and isNOT

I want to mention that ego is not a separate being inside of us that we have to battle or make peace with.

Ego is a vehicle that functions like a car, only this vehicle is designed to perceive a sense of separation that doesn’t exit, but it very adeptly gives the illusion it does, so we can play with the notion of it. 

As part of its function, ego distorts whatever it reflects back within our consciousness, and, thus, it is totally unreliable as a resource for accurate info without the info having some kind of filter or taint, as our picture above so cutely depicts. 

It also functions as a mask, giving us a sense of having a role to play within the game of life that we identify with as being who I am.  Yet, this identification is nothing more than a temporary persona Spirit has donned, with its script in order to play a certain part, but Spirit has fallen under a “spell” to its influence – over-identified.  “Oops, we think  the role is our person!”

Problem is that we have forgotten that we were playing and wearing an ego, and now most people refuse to even consider removing this garment/mask so that they can think clearly without its’ separation impressions.  We are duly hypnotized or drunk.  Both are good metaphors to help us relate to this whole ego thing with more accuracy.


Knowing When You’re Ready for SELF Realization


Summation NOTE of GREAT IMPORTANCE Re “Readiness”:

Readiness is a function of your free will choice. Period. It is NOT due to some unknown nebulous “timing” issue of Spirit-God indicating ” when your time has finally come.” (We discussed that at great length above.) THAT notion is pure BS, a patently false idea that’s neurotic; it’s a totally imagined slavery of sorts fantasy made up by man, and made quite popular by many religious zealots.

It’s neurotic because it assumes “God” has some willy-silly control freak agenda whereby your destiny rests outside yourself & is subject to an externally commanding hand, or some other such none sense!

Empower yourself with TRUTH. Get over blaming God-Spirit for anything that is of your doing! You are ready, WHEN you say you’re ready. Period. All else is an excuse to linger in the game of life and avoid surrendering your story of ego importance/identification that you still want to be more real than Spirit.

Clinging to a nebulous unknown timing factor as a yoke you have to endure that is not of your choosing, is to kid only yourself, and so, your Soul continues to be dragged through the sufferings of surviving and extended separation from HOME.

YOU can end your dream enslavement and wake up to Spirit at any time. YOU simply have to make that choice and be about the work of transmuting the energy that keeps you attached to the virtual.

It is akin to grades levels of preparedness from kindergarten to college, whereby we grow and mature, and this funds our readiness, either by nature of being wiser in connecting the dots, becoming bored with the repetitive nature of life that becomes glaringly evident to us, or via reaching a climaxing state of “being sick and tired of being sick and tired of separation.” Either way, we tend to finally motivate ourselves and shift our focus to an exit plan out of ego driven life, and back to our Immortal Spirit.  Bottom line, is YOUR free will CHOOSING determines when.

Are you ready to accept that YOU choose when to wake up and engage your SELFGnosis?

All To Love,








Updated: 11-17-2011

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