What is Your Orientation Point to God-Spirit?

In the most basic sense we can say that God resides in one of two places in relationship to you as a HUman being, either inside of you, or outside of you. In your heart of hearts, where would you say God is in relationship to you — inside of you, or outside of you?

You may be wondering what I mean by inside or outside of you. By this I mean, is God an integral part of you, as you, or is God an external being, not part of you, that you must forge a relationship with and apprise yourself of pleasing?

This is a pivotal question, one upon which all of one’s life is based, and your answer to this question determines pretty much everything for YOU. Your answer to this question determines where you place The Source of all existence, power and Awareness.

Separated Sections of an Orange are Still ONE Orange

You are either inimitably one with The Source of the Universe, or you are separate from The Source of the Universe; there is no middle ground because if you are in any way not completely one with The Original Source/God/Spirit, then you are separate: One is an undivided oneness, once it divides or separates, it becomes seemingly two or more. 

Yet, how can it be more than itself?  It is ONE, albeit parsed out, it is still the same ONE simply separated apart; it can be no other way.



Exploring the Big “IF” from the Viewpoint of
God Being One Within You


If you are one with The Universe, then empowerment comes from forging a conscious relationship with your Inward Spirit Self that is related and connected to this God-Spirit SELF*.

On the other hand, if God is external to you and separate from you, empowerment never resides within, and it must always be sought from an external source, making you essentially powerless in and of yourself.

Quite frankly, most religions teach that God is external to you, therefore, making you a powerless creature in need of gaining God’s love, protection, mercy, and intercedence.  The separation implication suggests Not-like Creator/Source/Spirit-God, rather less than in a negative fashion – unworthy, sinner, bad, beggar, ad nauseam.

As one with God, however, your Inward SELF* would dwell within the temple of your being making your sacred space the most holy of holies. Said another way, you would be a God-Spirit, an integral part of God, residing in a physical body for a time and a day experiencing this reality we call life as the person you are being.

This would mean that you are sacred being and in expressing your highest potential you would express only your Divine nature.

It would mean you are creating moment to moment as you could do nothing else because you are pure creative Spirit indwelling a mortal body for a Divine Purpose.

From a more mundane perspective, this would also mean that when you’re not expressing from your highest potential, but rather from your more unenlightened or lower nature, you are the creating source of all your pain, sorrow, and suffering, bedeviling yourself.

The good news this perspective brings is that you are empowered to make changes anytime you so choose, such as to redeem yourself, to save yourself, and essentially, turn your life around. Moment to moment, you are creating your life experiences and circumstances via your choices.

Of course, the harsh side of this perspective puts you face to face with the realization and reality that whatever is going on in your life is solely your responsibility because you are doing it to yourself as the creator of your life.

Now from your unenlightened and unaware consciousness, this can be a burdensome and intense thought. Yet, upon further reflection the promise of your vast nature and your essential power opens new vistas of possibilities that more than mitigate the perceived burden, but not your attendant responsibilities! Ah, with the gift comes the accountability, eh?



Exploring the Big “IF” from the Viewpoint of
God-Spirit Being Separate from You and Outside of You

Now, let us turn our attention to the opposite side of this question in which humanity and God are considered, thought, or imagined to be separate entities. While this is the most popular belief currently held on the planet, it is patently false¹.

This viewpoint presupposes that you, a HUman, are a sinner, flawed, and not worthy of Divinity. This means you are mortal, prone to evilness and disease, animalistic, shameful, filled with guilt, without conscience, powerless, and essentially, all around pretty bad stuff. This is a pretty glum viewpoint don’t you think?

Why are we, as a HUman race, so willing to accept such a horrible indictment of ourselves? While it is true that there is plenty of evidence of mean basal behaviors inimical to mankind, and at the source of our societal woes, there is a plethora of evidence that we are kind, generous, and of a loving Spirit. Notice how both sides of the coin can exist within our natures? Is it a contradiction or is it a paradox?

It is relatively easy to see how the majority of HUmanity is inclined towards fear and separation and, therefore, we find it easier to behold negative beliefs and identify ourselves as quite un-divine. The question that answers this seeming contradiction is one that haunts and underlies beneath our bellies, and it is a question of universal proportion that has been pondered by every civilization, namely, “Who am I?”


The Universal Quest to Know, “Who Am I?”

At the most primal level this question can have two different answers: one is Spirit, the other is a mortal being. See how this has returned us, ouroboros style, back to our original question, “Does God reside within you as Indwelling Spirit, or does God-Spirit reside external to you?

Everyone on this planet deals with this dilemma whether they are conscious of how they are dealing with it or not; they are dealing with it.

The urgency for an answer to this question beats our hearts, and the Infinite Universal urging to know, Who I Am, is the Infinite call compelling an answer for our individual True SELF* gnosis to be made conscious and known, actually, to be grokked, that is more visceral and complete as in At-one-ment!

Now is a good time to think over, “What is YOUR orientation point to God? Is it inner “Ye are gods,” or is it outer,” born in original sin?” Are you integrally Divine or mortal? Do you snivel and grovel, or are you glorious and essentially empowered? Are you fear-based or love-based?

Personally, I’ve grappled with this troubling and puzzling question from both sides of the fence for many years, and today I can honestly say, I have met and now know my Inward Divine Resident, and we commune regularly in Pure Awareness. My SELF* Gnosis brings me great joy, peace, and healing, and is hopefully soon to be your conscious SELF* Gnosis and joy. Why should I be imbibing all the happiness alone, happiness is a drink best enjoyed when shared?

Welcome to the web home of SELFGnosis™ where we can explore this potent possibility and assist many with birthing their SELFGnosis making this world a place fit for Divine gaming/playing and vacationing!


* I use all caps in this reference to indicate and emphasize the Higher Divine part of a personal self Who Is a Godly-Spiritual Being and is honorably referenced with capitalization, thus, SELF is the Divine counterpart as juxtaposed to our lower ego personality and bodily selves.

¹ The mere fact that we are deigned with free wills indicates that choice is an honor, gift, and/or obligation of Cosmic/Divine proportions. Use of free will gives us the opportunity to entertain separation from God as “IF” it were “real.” But, maybe you’ve noticed that as you play with the supposition of whether God resides within you or is external to you, how the separation concept has “fuzzy” aspects cropping up around it which belie its validity?

Again the question presents itself, “Is it right use of will or not?” Or, “What is the right use of will?” 


 All To Love,
Sharon Quinn







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