Yes, to me, not having an Inner Voice would be saying a person has no Soul or Indwelling Spirit, so, CLEARLY, it’s possible to be HUman & not be innately “Voice instilled.”

I wonder, how anyone lives without the comfort of communicating with their Inner Voice of Companionship & Guidance? Even as a child, I was “talking to myself,” for that I am grateful. 

Essentially, I’m not much different than you.  HUmans have the same basic Structure-Function (S/F) in how our Spirit enters & our mind-body vehicles. 

However, the influence we grant to our Higher SELF (or God-Spirit Indwelling us) via our Free Will coupled with our conscious Awareness varies greatly

This variance factor accounts for our degree of separation that we’ve individually created from our Beloved Source/Spirit/God/Holy Spirit/Higher SELF, et al. 

PLEASE NOTICE: I’m not saying we were aware of creating a separation gap from our Higher SELF, I’m saying we created it.  And, it is TRUE, that for the most part, we created this gap unconsciously or blindly.

Healing has taught me that whether I can hear my Voice or not depends on Simple but deliberate choices:

   Accepting I have an Inner Voice, 1st,
(choosing to be open about a potential value within myself that I desire to communicate with for my greater good)

   Deliberately turning my attention to Listening, 2nd,
(a conscious choice is made to apply myself to the process of listening)

    Discerning the source of my voice, 3rd, and
(even children are aware of two inner urges calling to them: one is toward my innate greatness & goodness while the other is toward my petty and selfish nature)

    Learning to still my inner airwaves of chatter & enturbulating waters of emotion, 4th.
(this is noticing and owning that which is-NOT-Spirit-God, or my emotional baggage or “trash on the path”, so to speak.  It’s what causes me to engage in dysfunctional behaviors, have unhealthy psychological responses, be reactive, have negative self referencing and emotions branching from fear, and produces my diseases/pain.)

I think of this as a Trinity of actions laying my ax at the root of how I exercise my free will in rising to the challenges of growing mindful Spiritual skills to live an aware, sane & reflective life that gets grounded in reality of a Spiritually infused behavior changes, blessing my life and those I have relationships with as I work and play.

Daily, I choose-back to be informed by this Wisdom Voice, thus, making life & all those I come into contact with consciously sacred, without ritual, by relationship – more powerful & enjoyable in every way imaginable.

I’ve come to stillness & recognition by transmuting the energetic field of my being (body-mind) by an alchemical forgiving process, thus, purging all that was NOT Spirit or God in me, and thereby, freeing my Indwelling Spirit to be an active rather than passive presence in my thinking, feeling, saying and doing.

I now understand that which use to be mysterious and esoteric.  Having the bottom line recognition and understanding that whatever isNOT-Spirit-God energy in my field of consciousness IS the ONLY interference to hearing & listening to my Sweet Voice, changed everything because I now have a specific route to follow, no more stumbling through practices and teachings hoping and praying for result.  Basically, I didn’t find the hoping route to be very productive toward enlightenment or permanency of healing, do you?

Incidentally, this healing, that begot dynamic behavior changes and consciousness shifts I’m speaking of here, was brought about by diligent efforts on my part, over 25 years or so, with the powerful SELFGnosis “tool” that can be learned by anyone desiring to establish communion with their Higher SELF/Voice that’s permanent and everlasting, as opposed to sporadic, delicate, and/or temporary.

Also, I’ve come to recognize brainwave activity, breath & heart beat, the signs of life, as evidence of an Indwelling Voice.  So, is there a separation or difference? I sense not; my Voice is the answer to that ever elusive question haunting HUmanity, “Who Am I?”, and is my Trusting ever present Source of Wisdom and existence to this day.  Actually, it keeps evolving and expanding, and that in itself, is in absolute harmonic resonance with the way of Infinity, Divinity or Spirit-God, right!?

For 57 yrs, this Voice, silently, ever relentlessly, has been breathing my breath, beating my heart, and oh, yea, It’s now thinking my thoughts without ego-fear interference

I did discover 2 voices: one Edging God Out (ego, as Wayne Dyer so astutely calls it), & one Beckoning God-Spirit of Oneness in all I think, say, & do.

They’re both my voice, so discerning which was which was a bit of a sticking point, but I’ve got clarity on that difference now, so, I simply defer to the Wisdom Voice & ask the other to sit quietly in the back seat while WEi drive our way back HOME via the life I live & share with others that’s in service to Divine Will of MAI Soul Purpose #2.

SELFGnosis led me to my TRUE Voice by directly dealing with the 2nd & 3rd & 4th choices which required the most healing attention.

This was achieved via listening to my HS Who directed a forgiveness process that transmuted all that was not-God/Spirit in my energy field. With that energy out of my being, only Love/God was left. Makes sense doesn’t it?  While it is not a difficult process to learn, it does require effort and priority on your “to do” list.  

Do I listen? You bet! Turn down that wisdom? I’d have to be insane, and I was, but I’ve come to my senses, and listen, I surely do! Do I have regrets? Nada! 

While some may think that by Listening as I do, I may have given up some of my free will, my experience bears out the opposite. My life has changed, dramatically, blessing all I come into contact with & flowing, as long as I listen and respect the Wisdom offered.  

So for me, this is “my better half”, & it is a sober Voice of reasoning guiding me in ways of kindness, compassion, boundary setting, healthy lifestyle choices, imbibing the delicious moments of life, et al.

I guess you could say, I’m aware that I’m now intuiting my way HOME since that little Voice is my Big Higher SELF personally calling me back to God-Spirit, & I answer by listening & responding. Others around me notice the difference as a positive shift, so it’s more than my imagination.

And, there’s an abiding Peace even during life’s rougher patches. Who can fuss about that, eh?

I invite you to explore the SELFGnosis possibility for yourself by email. 

It is a way for more mature Souls, but when we grow up, we’re ready for more than what traditions can offer.  SELFGnosis is an Aquarian outpouring accelerating the process of enlightenment  (entering+Light + into mind).    

All to Love,







Updated: 9-16-2011
Original Post: 2/6/2010

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  1. I. Stroll says:

    An excellent read and some important issues made. I truly do still think about the subject of your blog post (‘Inner Voice, God, Spirit, Higher Self, guidance, comfort’) in some ways misleading though. The fact that merely a modest percentage of people will likely be affected to my mind doesn’t cause the measures used here.
    10/03/10 @ 11:59

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