Reflecting Our Divine S/F -Structure & Function- in Spiritually Aware Diagrams

Admiring Natural Beauty & Seeing Our Selves As a Unity of Oneness,
in a Story Told by Nature

We Can Be Comforted when we See the Same Patterns Keep Emerging!


Here, There, and Everywhere
God is Consistent, Making the Message Easy to Learn
And, Symbols Impregnate it ALL


Do You Know Why??


Because whatever is at-ONE with SOURCE-God-Spirit spontaneously reflects and rejoices its creation of  inherent God-Goodness.  You see, (as demonstrated herein) symbol language is an Unspoken Language transmitting impressions we can translate into words for our bicameral brains to speak spoken words.  Symbols are wholisms and translate the transcendent into the mundane without any deviations when the creation is in absolute harmonic resonance with its Creator.


Of course, symbols exist and inform us about the quality of life – its resonance in balance with the Divine, or, conversely, about the gaps and breaks from Divine resonance that will reflect its lack of at-onement.  Either way, you are being informed; it behooves you to brush up on your symbol speak and get clarity about this ongoing Spiritual Transmission, so you will know what your Creator is saying to you, eh?!  How can you tune-in when you don’t know what to tune-in to or you can’t understand it?


Various Pictures of a Hoya Carnosa Flower with snippets of info showing how it beautifully symbolizes HUmanity as Divine Beings


Did you see these symbolic messages honoring
How you are a Divine Man as a 5-pointed star, joined together in a Unity of Oneness?
How we are at differing levels of being awake?
How the process of Awakening is a revealing and unfolding process, more than it’s a learning “in school of life” process?


The Hoya Carnosa flower is shown up close, exposing its 5-pointed star shape as in DaVinci's Divine Man diagrams
And, did you notice how the bud of the flower is a pentagram opening into the 5-pointed star of a HUman?  Opening slowing, thus, revealing, just as TRUTH reveals…






And, did you notice how the flower is actually a set of seemingly independent star flowers all joined at one converging tip, and giving an visual impression of an umbrella or a diamond?







For more understanding from a Spirit point of view regarding a deeper depth of recognition and understanding, contemplate the following diagram and connect the dots of  all the insights revealed herein,  and open your mind and heart to SEE the many relationships with Your “eye that is single”.  This means to SEE the TRUTH of Spirit Awareness by penetrating beyond what your ego or bicameral brain-physical eyes are wired to notice.


 Diagram illustrating how a diamond of ONENESS is transformed to a grid of interconnected collective unconscious minds. It is then paralleled with the Hoya Carnosa flower


  I invite you to study the diagram with the diamond, grid and person taken from the Spirit Anatomy sequence so you can benefit from the entire context presented because it will gift you with a certain grace of awareness connection with WHO AM I?  This diagram is a synthesis that unfolds throughout a 5-part series to ensure it is CLEAR and delivers CLARITY.  It is from our BlogTalkRadio show, The Edge of TRUTH.


Drop me a note and I’ll send you your own absolutely free copy of everything in the 5-part series as an e-book, as it is my pleasure to help you set yourself free!  This e-book contains more info than is presently on the site, too, (just in case you were wondering about that).


This info is PURE AWARENESS, and is pregnant with potency capable of unfolding profound insights into how your legacy of Infinity became a mortal experience.  You must come to this information with an open mind and free will, and choose to see in a way you’ve not allowed yourself to see before.  That is Principle or Divine Law.  It is very interesting, makes sense, and answers a lot of questions removing much of the mystery surrounding your Soul, Spirit, and personal relationship to your Beloved Creator!


There’s more to these connections, and we will talk about them later. I’d like to hear what you see and the insights this lovely flower of nature sings to us each day when blooming.  This article, coupled with your attention and contemplation, ignites a spark of remembering, yet, it is our interactive conversations that make the sparks ignite into the passion of flames that will quench your thirst for knowledge of TRUTH.


Please feel free to comment, and let’s get an En-Lightening conversation going!

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2 Responses to “Hoya Symbols Revealed”
Read them below or add one

  1. Syn Zyn says:

    Namaste and Merry Meet! My first impression of the flower was that the unopened petals represented the 5 senses that form a veil around the antenna in the center. Perhaps meaning that moving beyond the limitations of the 5 senses opens the connection with a higher truth within.

    Brightest Blessings All-Ways,
    Syn Zyn

    • Sharon Quinn says:

      Thank you Syn Zyn for stopping by to visit, and more so for your insights!

      As is the way with symbol language, it is holographically a wholism speaking to us of 360 degrees of perception at once. We all tend to tune in to varying angles of that marvelous wholism. What a thought, eh?!!

      Again, that speaks to communication as our way to close all gaps and have all the angles available to us at all times. I like to think of this as the joy of our Unity of Oneness sparkles by virtue of its differing angles!

      Light and Love and Awareness without borders, Sharon

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