Sharon Quinn Relates to AudiencesThis website is a way I share my transformative experience: SELFGnosis®. 

It translates into a teachable process, called, SELFGnosis®, that you can enjoy for yourself, as I did for myself.  We are from One Source and more alike than we could ever be different!

During this journey back HOME, traveled as a process  that was perennially being guided by my Higher SELF, as my sole reliable “go-to-guy” for the TRUTH, I gradually became what we call, enlightened! I stumbled into the TRUTH which made MAI * Soul Purpose #1, and Soul Purpose #2, apparent (of which we all have 2 Purposes, not destinies).

For many years, I thought I was just healing my woes, but I was transmuting the energy I had unwittingly put into motion that was the cause of those woes.  Amazingly, with each healing, more God/Christos-Spirit in me was being freed up from bondage to limits imposed by my ego-lower mind identification.  These identifications were my attachments unconsciously idealizing suffering, that I thought “was, just the way it was.”

I began to  realize how I was restoring my Essential SELF as Who I Am in my waking consciousness.  There was a Clarity influencing my perceptions and perspectives. It became an ongoing Awareness experience expanding my understanding of life-death and beyond life realities. I was recognizing a radical shift in my consciousness as I was becoming naturally a better person and more at peace.

My Inner Beloved, was communicating a Pure Spirit “perspective” that was educating my personal self with attuned-to-TRUTH understandings regarding all my life issues, while simultaneously healing all my mis-creations that transgressed from TRUTH.  A mutual relating TRUST was forged and blossoms to this day.

Wow, what a packaged deal I was benefiting from, and NOW, so can you, because I’m prepared to teach, what I NOW KNOW, onward to whoever desires to be free, too.  I think that’s pretty awesome.

I eventually realized I had nothing to lose by bringing all my issues to my Higher SELF for input because Spirit can only cast the Light of  TRUTH and Awareness upon it!

And, it wasn’t just info “about” my issues, it was integrally an energetic healing shift, a permanent solution, so to speak, as long I would ACCEPT and CHOOSE BACK , thus, healing it forever more!

I came to unerringly know that my Higher SELF was the Holy Spirit, was my Higher Power, was my Christ Mind, was the only consistent mentor telling me what I needed to grok (only thing that mattered for me to be made aware of consciously) at my personal level of being, in order that I could heal my breaks from the Unity of Oneness, which was my Divine Heritage, and re-memberance of Who I Am.

My Higher SELF was a persistent mentor mirroring Who I Am back to me for recognition and ownership.

But this support was so much more than I assumed it was in the earlier stages of its revelation and notable healing that I was experiencing.  Initially, it was the healing itself that kept me coming back to my Inner Friend who never steered me wrong.

In time, enough Spirit-God was being freed up within my consciousness for me to start grokking that the healing of my psychological pains and physical problems, while originally most prized by me, was the superficial side of something far greater than I imagined or even hoped for at that time:

I was redeeming my vibrational gaps from my I AM Presence, Spirit-God in me, and I was well on my way HOME, back into re-union with Who I AM – remembering and being awed, at once, how God-Great Spirit, our Creator, is elegantly Simple, direct, and Peaceful.  Yea, happiness is a word you can use for all of this. 

Today, I have more clarity than ever.  And as you’d expect from genuine attainment, it never stops expanding and encouraging deeper growth in Being.  Redeeming is now well understand by me as Spiritual rehabilitation leading us to our Original state of Being.  Thus, it is celebrated as what it is: our Soul’s Renaissance in consciousness.  Our Original I AM Presence is an Essence emanating a Light and Love energy, thus, enlightenment is more astutely understood as our HOMECOMING.  Both the underlined understandings  herein are integral to SELFGnosis®.

The Prodigal Son story, which interestingly, flows from all sacred lineages, speaks most directly to our Divine Heritage.  SELFGnosis® drives everything right down the center line to HOME, directly to your Christos-Spirit SELF – a bull’s eye without any deviations!  This makes the process, the outcome, and the intention into a simultaneous 3-in-1 Trinity (Oneness) TRUE to the way our Creator actually is and functions in manifested form.


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What Purpose Do They Serve for YOU, Dear Reader?


Clicking on either LINK  above will acquaint  you with unique approaches I use in writing as I attempt to simplify & clarify what I am sayingCommunication is how The Divine closes the gaps of separation created by our ego minds in order to reestablish our Unity of Oneness.  

Surely, we both recognize the value of  everyone “being on the same page”  and how misunderstanding can take on a painful life of their own.   

Intention drives the messages, so you need to have the opportunity to know what I mean, and not what I might mean.    I do my best to close communication gaps and ensure no meaning falls through the cracks, and that you don’t have to carry the burden of unanswered questions!   To this end, I’ve made COMMENTING as easy as possible without opening this site to spam attacks.


In Closing…

I am grateful for your presence and hope we forge a healing alliance ASAP.  What is there to wait for?  You’ve really nothing to lose, and SO MUCH to possibly gain – the potential is “off the charts”!  Transcendentally speaking, beyond the charts!

All to Love,
Sharon Quinn

*MAI* is “I AM” in reverse and indicates ‘my’ is being served and willed from the ground of  Christos-Spirit rather than from my personal ego mind filters.

*HU-manity*  This spelling convention draws our attention to the fact we are HU, Greek for breath which implies Spirit, in man.  Thus, HU-in-man = Spirit-in-man.



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