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Today I spent most of my day writing a blog entry and being inspired by a Question and Answer of the Day at a Spiritual community I like to visit for the in-depth conversations the people at this site are willing to engage.

Today’s blog was entitled, How Does an Infinite Spirit Get to be a Mortal Human Being??!  I encourage  you to drop by and join the dialog.   In the Q&A section of today’s comments, this conversation continued and intersected in several significant ways, enhancing understanding of how we are both Infinite and mortal at once.

All to Light and Love without Borders,


I’ve reprinted it below for those who prefer this material onsite:

Sadly, most people consider it a mystery that cannot be answered. But, the really good news is this: It most surely can be answered, but the ego is NEVER going to be able to figure it out.  Why?

How Spirit becomes a Human being

From Infinity into Mortal Body-form

Because the answer is not about the virtual world of the ego mind.  The answer lies BEYOND (transcends) the realm of virtual consciousness comprising lower-ego mind and physical reality of HUman beings.

Only by reconnection with your Essential Spirit SELF will the answer be recognized as KNOW and remembered. This regaining of our initial Awareness is our only destiny, too.  All else is a virtual ‘something or another!’  Our actual or genuine existence is transcendental to this physical world we call life, and yes, it is a parallel universe IF you want to think of it in such terms.  But what makes the Spirit SELF realm different, is that it is the only aspect of our virtual reality here below that has existence integral to it.

How can I explain this??  OH, let’s use The Matrix as a metaphor because it will take us to a quick grasp of what I desire to share in understanding with you.

  • In the Matrix, we are introduced to a radical idea.  Neo and the crew, with the help of the ‘right pill’ would realize they had 2 realms of experience.  One was actual, and one was a figment of their imagination.  Their actual physical real self was in a ship and they would have to enter a ‘hookup’ machine to re-connect them with the dream reality.  This interface was needed in order to re-enter into their perception as a self in the virtual game and join with the rest of humanity perceiving this life image being generated by the machine intelligence that created the virtual reality in order to preoccupy human consciousness.
  • We learn too, that this supposedly “real” life was nothing more than a virtual computer code being created by the machines giving a convincing impression to all the players within this contrived life that they were living/existing an actual life.
  • This code was made to preoccupy the human mind’s consciousness so that the computer machine and its consciousness could tap into the energy of the human body’s biology encased in pods that were ACTUALLY generating “fuel’ for the computer and its virtual dream which was keeping the thinking-feeling consciousness of human “fuel” engaged and distracted from its actual enslaved condition as a fuel generator.
  • In the Matrix, when Neo and the crew needed to shift realms of experience from their actual physical real self in their ship back into their perception as a ‘self’ within the virtual life game  that the machine intelligence created to preoccupy human consciousness, they had to devise a method to exit and enter this code by will. ON the actual side they hooked-up to a machine that gave them an entry point.  From within the virtual, they had to connect with a phone call “from the other side” which would exit their consciousness ‘out of the virtual head and back into their actual head’, so to speak.

Using this analogy, we can think of our Spirit SELF/realm is actual and knows itself as Infinite and recognizes HUman/life experiences as part of its virtual playground. Life is known to be a game, a finite dreaming experience no more real than any virtual game we’d buy at the store and play in our modern times on a computer.

Our “phone call” is also a phone call, I call Sacred Intentional Listening Communication and not dependent upon “things”.   It arches OVER the very tricky, very seductive astral or ego mind territory directly to Spirit and that is as clean and clear as you can get in connection! 

ALSO, and this is GOOD NEWS, anything within our Unified Field of Consciousness that vibrates in harmonic resonance with our Spirit SELF is already our direct link up… it flows out inspiration, intuition, insight, and intelligence!  YEA!  Understand this information and let it ignite those connections and free up the flows to reveal more Clarity to you.

Back to the question in this blog’s title. The answer to this question is answered in a 5 part series of podcasts Will and I discussed on our blogtalkradio show, The Edge of TRUTH that I loaded up on the SELFGnosis website. You can listen to them, download them and listen in your car, or read the write-ups I made for our listeners to make it easy to grasp this answer with a clarity that will make you weep with joy once it sinks in.

The series is made of five simple 1/2 hour shows  It gently, by BABY STEPS, progresses from Infinity of Great Spirit as it progressively descends into form, from the rarefied Infinite Higher Spirit SELF within the Unity of Oneness consciousness, to donning the finite ego mind and its sense of individuality/personality, to its eventual physical birth and convincing perception of “reality of life”.

Please bless your yourself and tune-in. Exposure to this information excites many a Soul, and it gives your being a chance to dream on this, as well as to open a consciousness door to see how deeply it may consciously resonate with you because it is NOT tainted information.

It dispels the mystery and the complications of philosophy, metaphysics and just about any explanation I’ve seen touted by “experts’ trying to answer this question that turns out to have a relatively profoundly simple answer.

What is MOST important to keep in mind, is how this progressive entry is our Spirit into Body Anatomy. This is vital and basic information no person should be without!

This is how we are made, how we shift awareness in consciousness, how we lost our memory and became amnesic, and how the vulnerability of that amnesia is being dealt with to this very day by you, every you, on this planet.  We all did this; this is everyone’s TRUTH because we are all ONE.

I hope with my heart afire for you to close some amnesic gaps within your lovely consciousness that I’ve been able to construct a safe bridge back to what you’ve always known, but you had lost touch with.  I hope you begin to feel some peace and sanity as you ponder how this can ACTUALLY be!  It is a beautiful thing to remember!

Also, I’ve joined the live conversation at Q&A of the Day for 5-22-13 dealing with this question, and that has opened to more information on this grand topic.

All to Light & Love without Borders


PS. HU in HUman points to the Greek etymology of “HU” indicating breath breathing in man, which is the evidence of existence, often pondered as Spirit.  Thus, Spirit in man is what makes for HU-man, and elevates the reasoning consciousness and obligations of this animal to be accountable, and responsible for all choices.

Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thank you for it.

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  1. Liara Covert says:

    Love the blog. Every discovery has perfect timing.

    • Sharon Quinn says:

      Thank you Liara. It is always a joy to know how my efforts have meaning that helps others and how it touches someone’s life in interesting ways. 🙂


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