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Let’s Look at the Symbol Language and What It Is Telling US
Hanged Man Symbol Language is explored from a Spiritual perspective as a  Soul Key.  I shall make the impersonal, personal as I outline the foundational symbols speaking to us from this allegory.

As a Golden Key, there is much to say about this page of our Sacred Text, the Tarot.  And this tome/website will build a powerful archive teaching you at great depth of its pertinent Spiritual message of marvelous insights and instructions about How to COME HOME.

The Hanged Man is the Soul seeking from an authentic place in his/her heart a serious application of successfully returning HOME to Original SOURCE-God-Spirit or Pure Awareness.  This action consistently chosen marks the beginning of a TRUE re-turn, capable of succeeding, in attaining the harmonic resonance of at-onement, often considered Enlightenment or Awakening to TRUTH.

Thus, the ardent seeker of TRUTH on their Spiritual path will invariably become The Hanged Man, facing Source-Spirit-God and accepting their Higher SELF as their informing and trusted source of Spirit-God-TRUTH.

This page, linearly assigned the number 12, of our Sacred Text, is both utterly Simple and Complex at once.  Simple when you comprehend Principles and are willing to “kick your arrogance, your need to control, your need to be ‘right’, to the curb, and you’re willing to see/accept ‘the motes in your eye’ once and for all!” 

These behavior choices reflect turning our attention away from ego/separation and re-turning our attention and intention to that of Divine Will. 

Most Obvious


  • Peaceful & Golden Glow Around the Head

    If thine eye be single, your mind will be filled with Light.” This person is focused and tuned-in to their Inner Higher SELF Voice for their orientation of information about what is TRUTH and what isNOT truth. Enlightenment is a state of mind in which there is One Divine Intention informing & influencing all choices in thinking, feeling, saying, and doing, making all creating harmonically resonant with Spirit/SOURCE/God.  Thus, a mind filled with Light & Love is a Peaceful mind of, “not my will, but Thine be done, oh Lord,”  that naturally revels in the Grand Simplicity of Spiritual Happiness which flows as Pure Awareness gradually Enlightens one’s mind, thus, one’s being immersed in SELFGnosis.

  • An Upside Down Figure Who Looks Comfortable & At Ease

    This is unequivocally a passive receptive mode of listening to the Higher SELF as the Indwelling Voice of Divine Reasoning in all daily affairs that reflects the balance & harmony of Spirit. This is the receptive cup that “runneth over” and serves the intention of ONE WILL of Spirit/God that’s the Source of all Spiritual Happiness.  This speaks to the metaphor of being a “perfected cup” and the Principles of non-resistance, as well as feminine/yin/receptive aspects of self and relationship of personal self to Higher SELF or Spirit-God.  When being The Hanged Man, there’s a diminishing sense of struggle, because one’s natural inclination is grounded in growing experiences of how relieving it feels to be a Spirit in a body, and not the bodily mortal self. This is ease, comfort, and general contentment, is it not?!

  • The Triangular Look of the Legs & Arms

    This 3-in-1 triangular shape addresses how our re-alignment with SOURCE means re-communicating, with our inherent 3-fold relationship of integration, with that which comprises the essential aspects of our Unity of Oneness.  This is a Trinity reference of the Supernal realm, reminding us of our Spiritual roots in a  HOME beyond life and energy.  The Trinity symbol clarifies how the personal self is committed (more than interested) to closing all gaps of separation from Spirit-God and self.  As a perfected cup, the Soul humbly opens to receive, in total trust (NOT blind faith), back to the flows of  Innocence/Love and Intelligence/Light of our Creator, Who is the Soul’s Spirit and Divine nature.  Free will, in the Hanged Man state, is NOW being re-Sourced, from a Spiritual existence that IS Pure Aware, for present time information regarding Divine Intention.  The enfolded legs indicate that this Soul is now willing , in a collaborative (not placating) style, to move forward and make choices that are Higher SELF guided.

  • Blue Shirt

    This shirt has a watery appearance to it which draws our attention the to qualities of water such as flowing, open, needing a container to contain it, as well as it being of a blue hue which is gentle and clear. This indicates a clear sense of serenity within the emotions as well as a conscious choice, coupled with an ability, to contain its flow & expressions via the triangular shape the arm positions give to this shirt.  Notice how the shirt is not drooping in response to the pull of gravity?  This tells us that the physical laws of nature are not the priority laws at-play, nor are they the ruling laws governing this person who has given up their attachment of physicality along with its dependence upon linear consensuses reality and its beliefs, as they deliberately turned their conscious attention to the Spirit bringing them into alignment with Spirit Principles.

  • Red Tights for Pants

    Red is the color of fire and passion and is the color of Intention or Will power. As tights on the legs we are informed that this will is sure as skin with nothing to hide or withheld.  The legs are free to move this lad forward aligned with Divine Intention.

  • Notice the 2 Triangular Shapes >> One is Pointing Downward, while the Other is Meeting it & Pointing Upward    

    The meeting of the tips indicates an inevitable merge is pregnant and meant to birth into a Star of David, indicating how our path to reunion with our Christ SELF is TRULY begun from the Hanged Man Our Higher SELF is our Christ SELF and the at-onement reunion is our SELFGnosis!

  • One Foot Loosely Lashed to Tree 

    This man is not hanging there by the force of others; he is freely “giving it all up” and he makes this choice of his own free will with mindfulness of why and how.  He is deliberate with this choice and aware.  This is not a “white flag” surrender of defeat giving up reluctantly because of No Choice. This is self chosen as a wise mature action, NOT as a capitulation to losses or via victim consciousness of dis-empowerment.  This card is the force of empowerment and wise choice of humbly acknowledging, “I of myself can do no-thing.”  Myself, of course, being the ego mind or petty me of personal life preferences to separation in consciousness.

  • Vertical Tree Trunk with No Top Growth But Some Sprouted Greenery

    Vertical is Spirit, thus, Spiralic; MST (Mass+Energy+Space+Time) is Horizontal, thus, linear. Vertical is having an Inner Orientation to Spirit/SOURCE/God and speaks of the Absolute, and all that is beyond time & space, limit, cycles, and thus, is transcendental Being. The miraculous state of this tree is further emphasized by active growth upon un-rooted limbs! Notice I mentioned miraculous, not magic!  These limbs are the WANDS of the minor arcana of The Tarot deck which are the Magi’s tools of Spirit, Intention, and thrust of creating in manners resonant with Spirit-God.

  • Horizontal Wooden Bar Seemingly Magically Attached & Stable

    This is the realm of time & space of life/MST.  Again, it is WANDS emphasizing how One Will is at the heart of this message to our Soul wondering IF free will is best returned to SOURCE.  Clearly, the guidance encourages a, “Yes!” This bar gains its stability from the knowingness inherent in the Vertical bar upon which it rests and is supported.

  • The gray background
Being as the background is neutral, it is un-conflicted, offering a clear foil for our Hanged Man to reflect his Divinity without interference, static, or distractions. Our Soul finds this informing key most attractive; this is often felt initially by many as an odd allure or fascination.

All to Love,







Hanged Man is The Pivotal Card or Lynch Pin of The Tarot

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    Wow!!! You are awesome. So in tuned, and so accurate!

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