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From a TarotGnosis© Understanding, The Hanged Man is The Pivotal Card of The Tarot

Hanged Man Symbol Language is explored from a Spiritual perspective as a  Soul Key.

From an enlightening Point of View(POV), reaching The Hanged Man in one’s consciousness, signifies a Soul’s Grand Turning Point  whereby one’s personality within their Soul, consciously opens to a complete surrender of no longer needing to “be right” or “special,” as they are recognized as absurd motivations.  Why?

It is because the person, as the Hanged Man, a metaphor highlighting a prized inner state of awareness, releases his tensions of personal contraction as he births, from a personally recognized awareness, a progressive knowing that all defensive & narcissistic pursuits are of the mind (intellectual & emotional intelligences), are rooted in a sense & belief of being separate from The Unity of Oneness. 

Anything identified as being separated from Oneness is solely ego motivated and creates useless unless pain and suffering.  Is such Spiritual unhappiness the Soul’s experiential intentions?  Of course not, and so the mature Soul makes  all life goals secondary to Spiritual-God goals.  This shift is not done as a struggle, per se, because that implies resistance, it is done more as an understanding & recognition.

All such ego/life/ concepts and attachments are NOW recognized as untrue by the Soul and accepted by one’s personality, too.  Such an acceptance and agreement has been long awaited by the Indwelling Spirit Who gladly “dies to this world” while regaining immortality. The Hanged Man is a beautiful symbol for this process of awakening into pursuing one’s transcendence.

This is, indeed, a Sacred moment of consciousness shifting because the Free Will “gets sacrificed” (for those who are partial to this metaphor of personal atonement) on the altar of awareness, whereby the Divine exchanges the sense of separation back into a harmonic resonance with One Will. The words of Saint Francis of Assisi, “Not my will, but thine be done, oh Lord,” elegantly summarize this understanding as a joyful inheritance with no hint of loss.  This is the essence of The Hanged Man – Pure receptive, “perfected cup,” open mind, non-resistance, Soul as feminine.

It is a momentous occasion where one’s Soul meets with one’s personality, as one’s personality has gained the critical mass of humility to own that all their machinations cannot meet the wisdom & power their Higher SELF/God/Spirit.

And so, the personality or ego gives up its fight, might, and right to be whatever it was that got its Soul all fired-up in the pursuit of separation specialness that ended up in driving such an awful wedge between the Soul’s Spirit & personality, creating the wide gap of suffering & pain it devolved into over lifetimes.

Giving it up, is the empowerment of The Hanged Man.  It is the opening by which one’s Soul re-enters the transitional door to transcendence in Understanding The TRUTH of one’s Being as Spirit in a body. Beliefs are examined and allowed to be be revealed as erroneous or correct in their information.

It’s the KEY that unlocks personal fear or stubbornness into shifting one’s awareness, and more importantly one’s acceptance, of the part Free Will has been playing in creating one’s personal unconscious dilemmas of all that is NOT Spirit/God, namely, anything painful, harmful, suffering, ad nauseum.

Finally, the freedom of One Will is recognized, & choosing to live, “Not my will, but Thine, Oh Lord…” becomes the joie d’vivre. This is the lovely gift of The Hanged Man.

This is the same concept wrapped in different terms/words/labels as that of desiring to live life fulfilling and aligning with Pure God/Spirit Intention, or one’s TRUE Whole Soul Purpose, thus, One Will.

It is also reacquaints us with the lessons of how-to be ‘The Perfected Cup‘ of Pure Receiving

Essentially, this is the state of opening one’s mind to listening to Spirit (Inner Voice of Higher SELF) as the guiding informing Source of making decisions and discerning issues in striking balance, or in choosing how to align all choices back into congruence with Spirit Principles (not necessarily religious dogma).

Spirit IS beyond dogma and man-made laws, unless, of course they are totally congruent with Spirit/God.

Said another way, this is securing an actualized Direct & Pure orientation point or connection with Spirit Who is having your ear in a manner that has your undivided attention and cooperation for behavior changes & choices. It’s a shift from resisting to collaborating and cooperating with your Indwelling Spirit-SELF of SELFGnosis.

Such a focused attention engenders, without fail, an alive listening reconnection to your Higher SELF without any interference of separation ideations, confusions, dogmas, doctrines, beliefs, assumptions, opinions, ad nauseum.

I shall speak more of The Hanged Man because our Free Will is the sticking point of Humanity and our en masse inability to break from our entrenchment & enslavement to The Wheel of Life, thereby repeating untold birth & death cycles of karmic conglomerations

All of it so unnecessary when you TRULY understand and embrace your Hanged Man.

All To Love ,





Hanged Man Symbols Explored as a Soul Key

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5 Responses to “Hanged Man is The Pivotal Card or Lynch Pin of The Tarot”
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  1. Kime says:

    The Hanged Man represents a state of limbo, or sonagatitn basically, no changes and no growth. Judgment reflects the balance of wrong and right, and how you are viewed in your actions. Death means a sudden, unexpected change. So, you are not experiencing much in your love life, your mood is one of contemplative balance, and something will change drastically in your career. I haven’t read Tarot in 15 years because they are just cards, not a tool of divination. Interpret them how you like, it’s the power of suggestion that causes the influence.

    • Sharon Quinn says:

      Dear Kime.
      Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts about a few of the Tarot cards & I agree they absolutely are NOT tools of divination. I noticed that the interpretations you offered are typical of how people have been viewing them- from a very superficial understanding that is more like sitting on the tip of an iceberg and being quite unaware of the massive ice you are upon because it is buried deeply into the waters where you have not explored, yet.

      Once you digest the information I have presented about the Hanged Man in this article, you will realize that it is anything but limbo, however, from an ego standpoint, keeping the SOUL from engaging this commitment to open one’s heart to the Divine and to receive only the will of Divine-Spirit-God Intention as your personal willing choice, well, that is exactly the choice the ego does NOT desire for a person to make, EVER.

      Why? Because once a person “gives it all up to Spirit”, as indicated by the passive state of the person facing toward ABOVE-God-Spirit, then the limbo is broken, and the ego’s spell is broken. This is clear by the halo of Light and the Peace that surpasses all understanding we see on this Hanged Man. This is why the Hanged Man is a pivotal card because it ends the lower mind’s control/ego over your Spirit SELF or higher mind, setting you free to shift your attention toward your reunion with God-Spirit!

      While Death can be about sudden changes, the more important thing DEATH indicates is that the change will be profound, as in turning your heart away from crime to caring and sharing for people. It is less about the ending and all about the beginning of the new way of being or relating. Hopefully, you are ending your confusions and healing your mind back to TRUTH that is authentic, and that is what led you here to this site. I’m an eternal optimist for one’s greater good!

      And, Judgement is more about facing yourself with absolute honesty so you’re taking an honest assessment about your actions, your choices, etc. This empowers you to take a good long look at yourself so you can make powerful changes to bless yourself and/or others.

      Of course, my understanding of symbol language, our native Spirit-tongue, is from a Spirit thinking point of view and that will never line up with the type of thinking that is from an ego identity. Why? Because Spirit sees the wholism of ONENESS, and human ego mind sees everything externalized, including our relationship to Spirit-God. Besides, I never advocate using the cards for a readings because I see that as profane and useless, much as you do from your comment that tarot is a matter of a power of suggestion… such suggestion is the spell the ego casts upon our memory of our heritage as Divine.

      I only find myself interpreting a card when the Higher SELF has specifically directed my attention to that card as the insights I or another need to consider IF WE desire to see our issue from a Spirit point of view , and ponder that wisdom in relation to our healing causing a radical shift in our awareness from a microcosm into a macrocosm level understanding — such as our God-Spirit is always leading us to think about…

      Thank you, I appreciate you taking time to think about the deep end of life… so few care to do so. All to Love, Sharon

  2. Steve says:

    Hows it going

    Awesome Blog, I love this information.

    • Julia says:

      It is the spirit bhiend the Tarot (demon) which is LOL because of the nature of the subject matter, fornication = death and judgment, fornication the hang man. Most often people go with the gratification of sinful sex instead of heeding the commandment of God, the boast of the demon being out front, is the mockery at your ignorance, innocence or unawares.The tarot card is demonic luring an inroads to emotions and felling in type invasion into the soul to erect strongholds. The lure is enticement, a feeding of the Lust, in a person to lead them into fulfilling their Lust and passions, hangman speaks of sudden gratification facilitation, to promote and take captive, the one indulging into the tool and vehicle through satan uses to oppress the captives and their families

      • Sharon Quinn says:

        Dear Julia,
        Where do you get your interpretation? I’m amazed at all the sexual assumptions and condemnations because, frankly, I do not see such meanings of these symbols from the Spirit’s viewpoint, which is quite extensive. Frankly, Spirit-God-Universal Mind of our Beloved Creator is anything but judgmental, too. SO, I am curious as to your resources because they appear to be fearful and confused – way off the mark. Your comments feel tormented. All to Love, Sharon

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