HUmanity’s Unity of Oneness
Is Experienced as Our
Collective Unconsciousness
(A Grid & Web Out-Picture Our Interdependently Connected
Relationship Well)

This goes directly to the wisdom behind The Golden Rule of “doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”  At the level of personality & separation illusion of people being distinctly different from others, this injunction seems like a lesson in kindness, but it is MORE, because you are being reminded of two essential aspects of your being a HUman being:

  • How harming others is being felt intimately by you, even though you may not be consciously awake and aware at the personal level of this part of your experience, your Higher SELF is acutely aware.
  • And, on another level of your consciousness, one that is always awake and aware, you carry the responsibility of mitigating its harmThis higher arc of your consciousness or mind is your Spirit-God SELF Who is PureAware, thus, always awake and attuned to how you are an integral part of the Unity of Oneness in HUmanity’s collective unconsciousness.
    • Think about it: You are One.  Anything you do impacts the rest of the HUmanity on a consciousness and energy level.  Quantum physics speaks of this dynamic interactiveness of all life with the “butterfly” effect, by suggesting that how a butterfly moves it wings in one place will play a part in making something occur at another place in the world.  (That speaks to a gentle, yet powerful and far-reaching relationship impact!)

Summation of Golden Rule reminder is that your lower mind is part and parcel of your Higher Mind.  Said another way, your personal self cannot be separate from your Higher SELF. 

You are accountable & response-able for all you think, say, and do, either to/for yourself or to/for another person because you’re integrally a part of a magnificent Unity of Oneness that has Divine rootsEven if you don’t believe it, you cannot change this fact of being a HUman, it is hard-wired into beingness.  Thus,  Accepting this aspect of yourself, opens a door to TRUE empowerment. 

The lower mind aspect of The Unity of Oneness was addressed by Carl Jung when he spoke of the collective unconsciousness of HUmanity. His viewpoint was that of psychology and the functions of the psyche, yet, as his years progressed, his theories began to include Spiritual recognitions. 

This interconnecting integral interdependence in our minds is ever in communication, albeit it is largely  an unconscious type of awareness, meaning few notice or understand it. Yet, it is ongoing 24/7.  Think it might behoove you to tune-in-with this?

Yet, it “leaks out” in seemingly random experiences such as precognition, getting a sense that something is “not right,” intuition, knowing what someone is going to say before they say it, telepathy, deja vu, the global brain, etc.

From a Spiritual viewpoint, it is very useful to “think” of our collective mind’s S/F (Structure/Function) like a grid or web where each one of us represents a nexus point within the web.   A beautiful understanding of equality is made obvious by webs lacking a hierarchy, like a ladder would depict.

Each piece of the web is vital to the health of its structure so it can function as a unified net.  Even a net with a hole becomes useless for its purpose indicating how our Unity as Oneness is not fanciful, rather it is how it is, thus it’s an integral integrated inter-connectivity of integrity of the same level of Oneness!  Whew!

Also, it NEEDS continual communication to function properly. (Consider, too, the ramifications and implications of this because they are amazing…)

Further, this indicates that no part is more valuable than any other part. It is a wholism of interrelatedness, of energetic cohesion, creating a unified field of consciousness, impacting all other aspects of consciousness… 

A Shared Viewpoint Across Multiple Disciples and Time

Quantum physics attempts to address this budding recognition with the idea of butterfly’s wing flapping here impacts there, as was noted above.

The Mayan’s had a phrase for this, too, which I am most fond of repeating because I resonate with its intimate expression, “In Lak’ech,” which loosely translates as, “I am another you.”

And, Aadil Palkhivala states in a reply to a query about the meaning of the Indian Namaste greeting, “ The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. “Nama” means bow, “as” means I, and “te” means you. Therefore, Namaste literally means “bow me you” or “I bow to you.” 


TRUTH Has a Constancy that’s Witnessed as Consistency of Patterns & Behaviors


We see Absolute TRUTH repeating because it is constant. This means it is consistent and has deep roots in our psyche, despite the cacophony and debris minefield it meets our helter-skelter fast paced lives with conflicting information, as we’re multi-tasking our way through one distraction after another, before we lay our stress riddled bodies down for what is often, a fitful sleep, and not the deep regenerative sleep meant for our body-mind.

In sleep, we attempt a mini reunion visit with our Essence to enjoy a sip of the nectar of our happy peaceful state that is the TRUE nature our Spirit SELF within our minds, despite our outer careering in separation, largely out of control.  And our dreams, when remembered, often education our waking mind with the concerns of our Inner wisdom Higher SELF. 

Further, I’d like to draw your attention to the droplets of water upon the spider web that accompanies this article.

  • Imagine that each droplet is a person and that this web is all encompassing with every HUman being included as a glistening droplet reflecting their Bright Inner Higher SELF who is the essence of  Who I Am in each person.
  • Now, look to my signature at the close of this article, and notice the drop of water about to emerge in a contained cup of crystal clear blue waters.  Imagine this is a metaphor reminding us of our original HOME before we donned a HUman form– each of us as a glistening droplet of God-Spiritual Essence undifferentiated in an ocean.
  • Now, imagine this cup, a Divine ocean of universal containment within Itself, pours its waters of ONE DIVINE Spirit-God SELF into the Universal matrix we call life.  As the water of Spirit-God Flows forth, it is birthing “perceived individual selves” as droplets upon a unified network or web,containing all that originally was into one grand unified web of life with with seemingly separate drops attached to that web.

    It’s a metamorphosis of sorts ? from the drops merging within an ocean contained within a cup into the same dynamics but with a new perception added, whereby those drops maintain their separate “identity” clinging to a web, & glistening Light&Love from their unique angle as provided by their web placement.

  • Can you see that reality?  I encourage you to sit with in your Heart of Hearts and allow your Heart, Inner Higher SELF, to speak to you about this Unity of Oneness of which you are a glistening part, with your angle of expression desiring its fullness thereof.

It is important to grok the information presented here because it is a foundational understanding that will provide a valuable component in establishing a stable platform for more complexity to gently build upon its base for your eventual Enlightenment.



I’ve deliberately punctuated the sentences heavily with commas so you can pause at each one, and take in the idea thoroughly, before progressing further along into what the sentence is unfolding. 

Here’s to the joy of your understanding expanding in a clear manner delivering the joys of clarity to  you…

All to Love,




Original Article: Jan 2010
Updated Article Sept, 9, 2011


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