How Do Flowers “Speak” &

Why Should I Care to listen?

The nature of transcendent God (specifically, not the dogmatic renditions most know as a God of beliefs or imaginings as proffered by most religions), our Spiritual Source, is Love and because it is Unconditioned by ego filters,  all its beautiful expressions find their freedom to be what reflects Spirit-God qualities back to us & our Maker without any deviations from Divine Intention. 

Thus, we see the beauty of nature and it’s amazing displays of synergy as we savor Unconditional Love along with its vibrational affinities.  We get to observe how free Spirit energy translates into matter as a Flow of Unconditional Love manifesting magnificence and bounty.

Consequently, you will see, IF your eyes are attuned, your consciousness is “awake” enough, and you’re choosing to be in communion with your inherent Intelligence,  myriad symbols speaking Love and TRUTH to you from all around you. 

Nature, being particularly reflective of Divine Awareness, is ever communicating, through her forms, a marvelous display of stories for you to read and know your essential nature, too, because we are One. 

Essentially, we are always being instructed, or more correctly, reminded of what harmonic resonance with ONE WILL or Divine Intention looks, feels and behaves like.  This is to say, nature beholds a template or guideline of how to re-cognize Unconditional Love in a relative world of form.

 Unconditional is properly understood to be manifesting while not resisting or deviating from the creative forces of our Beloved Creator.  Thus, unconditional is a flow state that is Aware of both sides of the TAO, while choosing to be in harmonic resonance with Spirit-God “side” of the TAO.

Flowers are the quintessential height of a plant’s expression. People are enamored with flowers because of their beauty and the pleasantness they bring into our lives.

We purchase them and share them for the pleasures they impart from the wafting scents they emanate, to the delicate charm they lend to our tables, to the sense of emerging expectancy of life’s special moments as when a bride carries her bouquet or when we lay a precious bloom upon the casket of a loved one as we bid them adieu from this life unto the next.

We know flowers are lovely and touch our souls and inner sensibilities of tenderness and beauty itself. This is so much so that many people earn a wonderful living in the flower business.

Now, let’s move from this intro about how they add enjoyment to our lives on a practical level, and into how we honor and are nourished by flowers in a relatively unconscious manner.

Let’s have some fun with this, shall we?  I invite you to CLICK on the picture below which will enlarge it so that you can really dive into the details, revel of its nature, and see what you remember in symbol language… 

Please, engage this little experiment, I suspect you’ll be gland you did.   Spend a few minutes and really take in the colors, shapes, textures, and complexities of the many expressions of this flower.  Then, we’ll explore this plant’s world and see what you “picked up” and how that translates into information about YOU!

SELFGnosis® Resonates in Nature as Hoya Carnosa.
This flower tells a very HUman story that I shall translate from its symbols, so you, too, can enjoy & benefit from its beautiful telling!

Did you enjoy your moments with the Hoya Carnosa flower?  What did you notice?

Are you consciously ready for the message your Soul is attuned to that is adding unto your attraction at a subconscious level of listening to the dialog this flower is having with your Spirit abiding in your Soul?  Remember, the language of this dialog is symbols, your native Spirit tongue, and the grace it imparts nourishes whoever is so attuned.  Do you want to CLICK BACK to the enlargement for one more look before I reveal the translations?

After you read this, and you will never look at a Hoya Carnosa the same way again. This is, by default a mini lesson in reclaiming your native tongue of symbols. Symbol Speak is our Spirit tongue of an unspoken language that communicates in volumes. Tun- in and be informed, and maybe you’ll be one of the souls who will spark an epiphany!

CLICK HERE (PICTURE) to reveal the Hoya Carnosa flower’s message, its nature, and drink of its wonder.


When living from the Presence of your Infinite SELF or your Divine nature, which means from your SELFGnosis, you see with the “eye that is single” often spoken of in the bible.  This  implies a Pure receptive state of  NO RESISTANCE to Divine Intention, doesn’t it?   It also signals, “Not my will, but Thine be done, and of course, seeing what is there to be seen from the Spirit side of your consciousness.


An  important aspect of living from Presence is that you will have natural affinities directing your attention and inclinations toward that which IS Spirit-TRUTH-God, and natural aversions to that which is anti-Spirit. 


From the state of mind in which you are immersed in communion with Presence (your unique fragment of the whole that is One with Spirit-God),  as represented by each sparkling facet of the diamond or as a fully opened star bloom, you will be inclined to relate and communicate with life, and that means nature is recognized as a neutral informer of TRUTH itself when you know how to recognize the language of Spirit pervading life.

Enjoying a natural relationship with nature is one whereby a person drinks up the natural beauty all around his/her self and is keen about the messaging that is silently speaking without ceasing in our universal native tongue. 

Spirit of God never stops communicating! We may not have the “ears to hear nor the eyes to see”, but that in no way negates the continuity, constancy, and consistency of TRUTH being communicated to us.


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2 Responses to “First, Things First… “Welcome!””
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  1. Kathie says:

    Do you have the archive from 1/29 for Blogtalk? I called in that day and it was a bad connection and when I called back in you said I could listen to the archive , but I can’t find it on Blogtalk.
    Thanks, kathie

    • Sharon Quinn says:

      Hi Kathie, I remember your call. So glad to hear from you!

      When you listen to the archive, you’ll hear in the first few minutes of our show how it was airing some intense interference that Will and I were getting. It was making our conversation interrupted and unclear.

      To help you not have to wade through that noise, I made a few show notes that may help you out when listening.

        As you listen to the show, after the advertisement passes, you’ll hear how the airtime was cutting in and out along with other echoing sounds up until about 9:40 or so on the player’s counter. From about 9:45 to about 18:08, I continued the dialog with your Higher SELF (no time & space issues on that level of our REALITY), so you’ll want to listen to that for sure.

        Then, again at about 33:40 on my player’s counter, you called back in and we talked more about what your Spirit SELF was communicating.

      Here’s the LINK if you desire to go directly to the archive page for our Jan 29, 2012 show, Ask YOUR HIGHER SELF a question: Amazing Opportunity!

      If you’ll join our email list, I’ll send you a copy of the image chosen by your Higher SELF that we were discussing on the air. Be sure to note that you want the picture on the contact form; that will alert me to the fact that it is you.

      Did you know that your Higher SELF = Who I Am = Your Complete SELFGnosis?

      Also, you may want to visit our Spiritual Anatomy Blogtalk series page on this site which is organized with additional notes and diagrams not available from the BlogTalk site. The notes and diagrams are helpful in understanding how your Infinite Spirit became a mortal HUman being.

      I hope this delights your Soul and is helpful to you. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

      All to Love,

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