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Discerning Delusions, Illusions, & Confusions… where and when does it all end in getting understanding?

Spiritual propaganda machine … why limit it  to a political abuse… The practice runs the  gamut of our life arenas – education, social  media, news, social issues, talk shows…  where doesn’t this practice raise its ugly  mind-controlling head?

I get frustrated by the dissemination of inaccurate & incomplete info in attempts to frighten or excite a new brand of believers. Many are confusing consciousness awareness with psychic experimentation or events.

This is dangerous because conclusions are being drawn on assumptions which aren’t well informed; they’re blind faith experiences more so than generated from Gnosis itself.

The astral notoriously makes our delusions of the physical plane seem non-existent, meaning we can’t discern our way through the illusions of physical existence, and we are opening our precious body-minds to forces way beyond our awakening in consciousness to safely comprehend while we naively traverse this other realm more subtle than our physical.

Subtlety itself requires a higher more evolved and learned order of recognizing vibrational discernment rooted in Pure Awareness.  It’s great folly to think we can’t discern the more obvious physicality issues, including our psychology and spirituality, but we can be masterful of a realm requiring more rarefied abilities than we possess… “Danger, danger!” as the twirling robot would cry out to Will in the Lost in Space television series.

Caution is blatantly being cast to the winds, and I see lots of souls destined to awaken now who are being lassoed into the astral rodeo show distraction.

It’s enticing, exciting and promises the impossible dream of instant gratification with activation keys, ‘ascended master’ interventions, and other such silly notions that have NO connection or ground in Principle. It simply doesn’t work that way.

But, I have to say, it is intoxicating… and it alluring beauty light-shows and glowing promises are attractive to our instant gratification world.

We’re vulnerable because we want quick answers and we entertain a certain kind of invulnerability feeling based on “feel good” feelings.  What we want to hear dominates our listening skills and limits our discernment notably.

We aren’t inclined to TRUTH, we want what we want to be ‘true’ and this is how infestations of manipulation are free to enter our system unknown to ourselves until it is too late to spare us from having to deal with some unintended ramifications.

We open the door by means of our ego choosing and drawing our lines in the sand… and so, we must ride the thrill and allure till it evidences its harm to us. But, once we’re burned we have another wound to heal and often this has left us less vital in our thrust forward… the more baggage we are lugging around, the more drag we have to contend with and it always increases our sense of burden.

I’ve been knee deep into an enlightening process and it is NOT what we’ve been told, or what studies led me to believe it was like, or what it would entail, for that matter!

But I don’t desire to get too far off point here. I only mention this to give a wee bit of context that I’m not just flipping off my comments from my opinion or study or beliefs. You, and everyone who reads this, deserves an honest frame of reference – my Heart of Hearts is witnessing this time with a Grand sense of what is meant to be juxtaposed to how people are sincere, but straying from the Road Less Taken that will actually takes us HOME.

It is less traveled because so few stick with it, they enter in droves, and trickle off all the detours. Ummm… This makes it more of a path and not a highway we can make it be!

Enlightenment is a process of a soul healing its amnesic state of mind & taking accountability & responsibility for whatever the Spirit-SELF, Who is a creator, gave energy into being while creating in a blind stupor, so to speak. Thinking we are mortals is a blind stupor.  Concerned about life issues over your Infinity Gnosis is the epitome of distraction.

What are your experiences with this?  This blog continues this thought in the next installment of the series, Genesis 2013 World View.


All to Love,







Vibrational Awareness

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