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We educate for Pure Awareness and discernment.

Last week we talked about the Unknowable and showed how the duality of the TAO came into being.  Life is a virtual reality game/dream that has a knowable exit strategy.   But first you must KNOW correct info about your Structure and How you Function (S/F).  Correct, in this instance, means what is actually fully harmonically resonant with Spirit-God, not what we “think” or believe is “correct”.

What IS, IS, all else is conjecture and make-believe.  This gap of info is essentially distorted info, and it is a major break with TRUTH-Spirit-God as Spirit-God IS, and therefore, it is our source of conflict.  THIS DISTORTION is what has most people on our planet in a seemingly permanent separation from SOURCE.

Yet, the separation & suffering thereof, is solely due to irreconcilable differences between beliefs, that are deeply cherished and never questioned as to whether or not they’re legitimate & valid, and What-IS TRUE.

If info is at-ONE, then it is harmonically resonant and healing, and if info is NOT, or deviates one iota, it is NOT resonant with SOURCE, and thus, it is the cause of continual separation which produces pain and suffering.  It is NOT fun, nor peaceful, nor does it feel safe to be separated from our Original Source-Spirit of SELF; it hurts, feels insecure and fearful, and we, our Souls, suffer in the gap.

In today’s show we’ll continue laying out the steps of our energetic descent from Pure Aware and No-form into HUman bodies so that  you can move permanently beyond all life’s pain and suffering by KNOWING/re-membering your S/F.

Clarity of knowing Who I Am and how I got this deep into the life dream/virtual reality of life is valuable information; no one who desires return to their Infinity can Awaken to the Reality of Existence without this re-memberance.  Tune in and grok what many consider the biggest mystery of this universe as revealed by Spirit Transmission.







Legend accompanying the above diagrams of Supernal Realm of HUman Existence into Causal or Christ Mind Realm:
1.  The TAO or Yin – Yang as a portal of entry into the Game of Life dynamics of duality, Free Will & Principles of S/F.
2.  Sparks of The ONE-Creator-God as Spirit, donning an energy garment and reflecting a Unity of Oneness of facets of Light & Love that are radiating a Holy (wholly) Unified field of One Divine Intention from unique angles, much like each facet of a diamond shines a unique angle of light, giving the gem a brilliance.

The metaphor for The TAO transition from Supernal into Unity of Oneness is a Portal into Multifaceted Brilliant Diamond:




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