Time to Wake Up: We ARE ONE

Time to Wake Up: We ARE ONE

Here’s another video that adds to our conversation.  It includes an experiential sharing by Jim Cary and some quantum scientists discussing their profound and unexpected discoveries.  It has a quite a thought provoking quality I felt powerfully compelled to share.   Sharing is caring an...

Is God Within You or Is God External to You?

What is Your Orientation Point to God-Spirit? In the most basic sense we can say that God resides in one of two places in relationship to you as a HUman being, either inside of you, or outside of you. In your heart of hearts, where would you say God is in relationship to you — […]...

Your Inner Voice – Real or Imagined? Does Everyone Have One?

Yes, to me, not having an Inner Voice would be saying a person has no Soul or Indwelling Spirit, so, CLEARLY, it’s possible to be HUman & not be innately “Voice instilled.” I wonder, how anyone lives without the comfort of communicating with their Inner Voice of Companionship & Guidanc...

MAI Orientation or SOURCE

First: Why do I spell, the word “my,” as “MAI”?  This spelling is due to a shift in perception accompanied by an inner understanding of how my lower mind, which identifies with time & space and a separation world, relates to my Higher Mind Who is rooted in the recognitio...


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