How Does Infinite Spirit Get to be Mortal Human Being?

How Does Infinite Spirit Get to be Mortal Human Being?

Good Day, Today I spent most of my day writing a blog entry and being inspired by a Question and Answer of the Day at a Spiritual community I like to visit for the in-depth conversations the people at this site are willing to engage. Today’s blog was entitled, How Does an Infinite Spirit Get [...

9 Signs of an EnLightened Mind

9 Signs of an EnLightened Mind

When living from the Presence of your Infinite SELF or your Divine nature, which means from your SELFGnosis®, you see with the “eye that is single” often spoken of in the bible. This implies NO RESISTANCE to Divine Intention, doesn’t it? It also signals, “Not my will, but Th...

So You Think You’re a Mortal Human Being…True or False?

So You Think You’re a Mortal Human Being…True or False?

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Spiritual Anatomy So You Think You’re a Mortal Human Being…But Really?? BlogTalk Show Title:  Airdate  Nov. 20, 2011 As we complete our Spirit’s descent from Infinity into mortality as a living HUman being striving through life and dealing ...

YOU Need to Know This about YOUR Ego

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Spiritual Anatomy      What You Want to KNOW about Ego Mind, but Don’t Know How-to Ask BlogTalk Show Title: Airdate   Nov. 13, 2011 [learn_more caption=”Original Show BLURB”] Know how your Ego Mind functions and its relationsh...

Our Spirit Journey from TAO into CHRIST MIND

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Spiritual Anatomy    We are laying a bread crumb trail from presupposed beliefs and guesses about the mystery of life and our relationship to God-Spirit. Last week we continued our visuals and information from how each of us moved from our Transcende...

First, Things First… “Welcome!”

First, Things First… “Welcome!”

  How Do Flowers “Speak” & Why Should I Care to listen? The nature of transcendent God (specifically, not the dogmatic renditions most know as a God of beliefs or imaginings as proffered by most religions), our Spiritual Source, is Love and because it is Unconditioned by ego filters...

SELFGnosis Primer & Thumbnail Sketch

Expanding Upon Enlightenment/SELF Realization & the Waking-Up Process Within the Framework of Realistic Expectations:  What Would I Have to Do?   Today, I like to talk about being realistic in regaining your SELF Realization State of Mind that I often refer to as your SELFGnosis™ and man...

Welcome: Site’s Purpose & YOU

This blog & spiritual learning website is written for people who have lost their zeal for the maddening pace of life and the mindless habit of trusting “everything they have been told”.  One thing being proffered here is a website manual that’s being written in present time as...

Golden Rule Dynamics Simplified

HUmanity’s Unity of Oneness Is Experienced as Our Collective Unconsciousness (A Grid & Web Out-Picture Our Interdependently Connected Relationship Well) This goes directly to the wisdom behind The Golden Rule of “doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”  At the...

Life is a Virtual Reality Game

Hitchcock Got It Right! Life is Nothing More Than Cosmic Entertainment – Call It a “Virtual Reality Game, Movie/Play, Matrix or Dream” It’s All the Same: Pretending, Experimenting & Having Fun (Albeit, It is One of High Stakes) Yes, this virtuality game is of Divine propo...


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