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Hi! My name is Sharon and I’ve been through a lot to get to where I am today.  I guess you could  consider me a progenitor of SELFGnosis because, due to my pain & convoluted life, meeting with a certain tenacity of spirit to overcome being a victim, led to the type of giving-it-up that’s total, because, literally, I had nothing to lose and so, as people like to say, “a gift was born within me.” 

I was so broken; I even had to withdraw from life itself and lost everything I thought I had, including “my control” over my pitiful and painful existence. My life was about clinging to the side of an ever sinking ship upon enturbulated waters – exhausting, sickening, and disappointment riddled.

Get this–

I endured each day, and was comforted by imagining Pain as my friend, sitting by my side, and holding my hand!??  Yikes! 

Today, that seems an absurdity to me, and stands as a sad indictment of quiet desperation, I see so common to life and typical of personal suffering.  I am compelled to give back, and compassion and  teaching are my forte. 

I hope my breakthrough will be your breakthrough, too, for that would make the price I paid well worth it!

SELFGnosis™ (SGn™) never was, is not, nor will it ever be defined by me, created by me, organized by me, etc.

SGn™ is not some ingenious brainchild of Sharon Quinn nor a reinvention of yourself  type of process, because that would mean you have not transcended your ego, and that your ego-separation mind will still be at the helm of your life, filtering your perceptions and controlling your being.

Even though SGn™ was birthed, evolved, and given a “test run” through me as a gift for HUmanity, it is from the heart of Spirit-God, to my lips or pen, & to your heart.

See, it is a circle…begins and ends with GOD-Spirit, initiating from Above, bridging temporarily through me (till you re-learn the skill), to YOU below, and back again!  So now, Spirit-God can reach you through MAI voice and hand, DIRECTLY. 

And, in our work together, you will discover how I ALWAYS connect with your Higher SELF for you to have a personally direct flow of info pertinent from YOUR Spirit’s point of view. Yet, that is only a potential possibility until you choose it with your free will, for that IS the way it IS.

I was born to be part of a Divine “pilot observational and feedback adjustment experiment”, so to speak, albeit, I did NOT know this till well after the fact. Our Beloved Creator, Spirit-God, designed me with a wad of flaws and confusions so that I’d be perfectly “sick enough”, confused enough, hurt enough, doubtful enough, and tenacious enough to be willing to “try anything” to relieve my desperation.

While I will joyously be celebrating my 57th birthday this year (2009) and am feeling and looking better than I have most of my life, a victory made real by SGn™, my life story reads like a melodrama.

It is a litany of pain and sorrows from alcoholism (mine and family’s), unrequited love from my dad, childhood molestations, date rape, battles with bodily sicknesses/issues, and a compression accident that killed me (After Death Experience-ADE).

All these life experiences led to a creeping gradualism of angry tension that built into a crescendo, often coined as having a “nervous breakdown.” (How good do you think I felt in sharing that!??)

SGn™ came to me from a very personally broken space within my psyche. I was desperate, the snot had been beaten out of me by life, and my desire to “greet a new day” was non-existent. Rather, I’d wake up each morning disappointed that I was still alive.

I honestly thought, “How can God love me, and not take me back during my sleep??” This infuriated me, depressed me, and confused me more deeply than you will ever know.  Yes, I did seriously contemplate suicide at various times thinking it might be sweet relief.

And, so the crack in my psyche cleaved wide open, and my Spirit emerged from that canyon with a vengeance for health and TRUTH. I began to attract, the “weird ways”, the unproven ways, the ways mainstream medicine would coin, “quack, quack.”

Simply, I gave it all up (including my precious intellectualism that thought it “knew all about things”) and gave my Higher SELF, The God-Spirit Indwelling personal me, the healing reins/reign.

I returned to my Infinite SELF. You can call this SELFGnosis – an outcome/result, an accomplishment, a realized goal; I consciously know/feel I am Spirit in a body, and I know that what THE FATHER/Creator asks of me, is to teach onward what I learned so that not only am I freed, but all who shall choose to free themselves, can be free.

I now know that because we are ONE same Spirit-God, what works for me, WILL work for others, including you, albeit, your free will can hijack that outcome. 

My dear friend, what I’d like to get across to you in an undeniable manner, is that YOU are immensely empowered but separated from its reality by what you don’t know, because you don’t remember enough about your Essential SELF.  Neither did I, and all my illness evidenced that gap.

You’ve got to see how you lost precious & vital touch with the fullness of the correct answer to your Soul’s question, “Who I Am?”  Free will is a choice, meaning your empowerment begins with wise choices atone in Principle. (And, yet, I wonder, do you even know what this Truly means? I wonder because I was quite sure I had a pretty good idea what this meant, but I came to realize, from a Spirit-God Aware perspective, I was really clueless; I didn’t have the pieces I needed to Truly know…it amazes me, to this day, to reflect upon then and now.)

No one can’t alter the Law of Spirit-God because that would mean we alter the way God-Spirit IS.  Such is not possible: What IS, IS.

Yet, we can Get-with and align with What IS (but only once we KNOW What IS)!  And, then, I discovered, everything changes, and our Higher SELF is absolutely at-ONE with What-IS.  Who can top that??!

SELFGnosis™ is intended for YOU to LEARN so you can do the work of saving yourself- be saved by your own hand/efforts. Why would an Indwelling Spirit-God Being want to do it any other way??

I live to serve your swift and safe return to SOURCE.  Let’s call that HOME…

Updated:  Sept. 2011
You can read more about my life story & its challenges, highlighted in Chapter 3, in the book, The Speaker Anthology: 101 Stories That Have Inspired and Motivated Audiences from Coast to Coast (Vol 1), available from Amazon.  See the footer at the  bottom of this page for more info about this wonderful collection of inspirited living inspiring hope.

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