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So You Think You’re a Mortal Human Being…But Really??

BlogTalk Show Title:  Airdate  Nov. 20, 2011

We will discuss more detail about the ego,  its function, and how this vehicle serves us.  Then we’ll continue how our Spirit births into physical body which will complete our Spiritual Anatomy. This model is accurate and true; it is delivered from direct Spirit Transmission making it a Spirit point of view from Pure Awareness regarding how you are made so you can make wise choices about your awakening to your Spirit SELF of SELFGnosis®. Once you digest this information and accept its reality, you will have a proper foundational understanding of how you are made without any missing information.  You need nothing less, and you REALLY NEED to have it clear without any filtered skews of misinformation or gaps of  required info to qualify as whole and complete to qualify as “TRUTH that sets you Free.” Successful enlightenment, that is permanent, depends on this quality of discerning comprehension without flaws or gaps, DON’T MISS OUT on these vital keys!! You can visit our archives or podcasts on our SELFGnosis® site to tune into our last four shows so you can have the whole picture. You can’t escape the dream of life without KNOWING at least this much TRUTH OF WHO I AM. Sincerely, Will and Sharon

As we complete our Spirit’s descent from Infinity into mortality as a living HUman being striving through life and dealing with survival, relationships, psychological, social, and economic issues coupled with varying degrees of Spiritual angst, we see that evil is NOT integral to human beings.  It is an ignorantly created energy that is more about conditioning to separation and being drunk on life itself.

Evil is an externalization of fear that has grown wildly out of control, but it is not natural, real, nor an entity.

Knowing  Who I Am and your complete anatomy – physical + mental/emotional + Spiritual – reveals you are accountable, response-able and able to end all pain and helps you have a realistic approach to rectifying “the mess you made”.

We could say, you need to sober up and make amends for blindly creating in a separation stupor, but this does not equate with being evil; Clearly, you are Divine!  Well, with proper understanding of your TRUE Spiritual Anatomy, many other pieces of a supposed mystery fall into place and how to, “COME HOME,” is much simpler than you’ve been told.
Spirit Anatomy continues in diagram- from ego triangle descending thru the etheric patterning grid into being born a human being

Legend accompanying the above diagrams of Supernal Realm of of HUman Existence into Physical  Life Realm:
1. The turquoise grid represents another transitional level of descent that serves a form patterning  function.  Here you are giving birth to a chosen physical “reality” intended to optimize your conscious ability to wake up and recognize your Spirit SELF as you.

  • We all set patterns up in hopes of  waking up to the  fact we’re playing a virtual reality game.  It is vital that you recognize you’re Higher aspect of SELF is encouraging  & guiding you to exit by virtue of returning your unified field back into harmonic resonance with your SOURCE.  This is a “job” that can only be done while embodied on the physical plane.
  • Once a Soul prepares to born, the patterns of previous creating are organized and chosen.  These patterns are coalesced and give structure to your body, mind, inclinations, your gender,  karma load, weaknesses, strengths, aura, your electro-magnetic energy, your intelligence available to you in a given life time, your physical DNA-RNA, your astrology yoke, fingerprints, all inclusive!
  • It is true to your current unified field that’s of your own making.
  • It is through this “patterning grid” that you transition in consciousness from the astral-causal reality into your physical body and circumstances as a “new” life “reality” – another chance to GET IT RIGHT.  This grid is often called the etheric realm.

2. Once you  are born, you deal with it!

3. Notice how we have 2 faces  comprising our consciousness or mind?  This is resonant and consistent with the duality S/F of TAO and manifests as 2 inner voices influencing our FREE WILL choices.  One is our Higher-Christed SELF or Brilliant-happy me who is great and responsive to our TRUE natures of Light & Love in all we think, say, and do.  The other is our lower-ego minded self or Petty-selfish me who is little and anti-Love & Light, thus, darkens our awareness with fear.

Again, let’s briefly notice our duality patterned physical body
>> A bicameral brain with left & right brain functioning mediated by a corpus callosum
>> A heart with 2 chambers, including vein & artery blood flow channels
>> Lungs with 2 lobes whereby Spirit breathes our breath
>> Pairs of arms and legs, etc.



The Metaphor of Parsing out THE ONE Energy Field into Various Forms
from our Initial Spirit Spark of Energy into Our Eventual Physical Personal Self

      Spirit as Spark becomes a part of collective unconsciousness of humanity and then becomes an individual human being.


Our Initial Spirit Spark  Becomes a Christed Higher SELF, Who Becomes a Separated Personality Self within the Collective Unconsciousness of HUmanity,  Who Becomes an Individual Human Being Named “____________”.


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