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Time & Space Do Give Us a Unique Experience:
It is Movement! 

Movement offers us many delights: Some we are aware of as they happen, such as in dancing, observing an inch worm doing “his thang,” or driving in a car, especially with the top down or our head hanging out the window.  However, there is so much more that misses our attention.  Watch this video and see what I mean…

Give yourself permission to merge with the movement of life uninterrupted by interference... and see IF you notice a perspective shift ? 


NOTE: The original YouTube video, authored by TimeLapseHD, shared a little of beautiful Canada from their corner in YouTube, was removed by the author.  I shall seek another to replace it.  Kindly, allow me some time to research this.  Meantime, c’est la vivre!


UPDATE – 10/18/2011:

Well, here is another spectacular find from the BBC filled with stunning info that reveals the splendor of life beyond our perceptions.  Alas, our bodily mechanisms, as wonderful as they are, do, indeed, lack in “telling the whole story.”

I hope this assists you in refreshing  yourself this day and contemplating how transcendence is not as “out of reach as we may think”, after all, does not a mighty fine camera and patience reveal more movement than we can see with our naked eye, opening us to experience something that is most decidedly there, & really quite beautiful, and moving (both emotionally & physically)…but not “seen”?  umm, a touch of transcendence, eh?:

…Now, that’s Movement!  

… do you notice or feel a perspective shift ?


Did you enjoy these few charming moments gifted by time-lapse photography? 

Technology does proffer Spiritual benefits, such as giving us an opportunity to see one of those passing joys of movement that our body perception tools are not too well designed to easily take notice of. 

I often think of stopping time so I can take in more, et vous (and you)?  Thank you, to David Attenborough for your thoughtful narration, and to producer Neil Lucas for sharing a peek into some mysteriously & beautiful  woodland life from your corner in The BBC!

Yes, we can notice the greater Good around us amidst the dark shroud tugging at our attentions towards a long list of urgencies “to do” this and that.  Distractions are the bane and stress of modern life. We can get utterly lost in achieving, doing, getting, and having.  

Care to Share  a few comments about your experience?  The Comment Box is OPEN and taking input!  “And your take on this is…”


All to Love,







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